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Looking for ALL Puszerts

Looking for ALL Puszerts

Barry H. Puszert (View posts)
Posted: 962124105000
I am doing a Family tree and would be very interested in finding and contacting anyone with the last Surname -Puszert-

Re: Looking for ALL Puszerts

Posted: 1008623018000
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Are you limiting your search to the above spelling? Or are you also including POSSERT and POSZERT ?

I've Germans from Hungary with these two spellings.

Re: Looking for ALL Puszerts

Frank Puszert (View posts)
Posted: 1164689375000
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I know a large part of my family here in Buffalo if your still responding to these.

Re: Looking for ALL Puszerts

Posted: 1166645992000
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Frank this is Barbara Jean Puszert, Wife of Gerard Stanley Puszert (Jerry) My son posted that some time ago and at one time I was in contact with some relations up in Watertown, I also know there are some in California.
But thanks for the reply.
Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas,
Barb and Jerry

Re: Looking for ALL Puszerts

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Me and my cousin recently began researching our family again and were wondering if you could help us out. Im curious as to how were related. I found something about a Ferdinand Puszert and that he had a brother named Gerard, but im not sure if it was true. Im also curious as to who Gerards father was and if he knows any of his family beyond that. My family are descendants of Walter Puszert son of Frank and Anne (i think) and Helen Klizak

Thanks alot,
Frank Puszert

Re: Looking for ALL Puszerts

Posted: 1172687611000
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Hello, Barbara Here again, ( the geneologist in the family) My husband Gerard Puszert is the brother of Ferdinand Puszert of Buffalo NY, Ferdie was married to Jean (nee unknown) they had two children Paul and Julie, Paul drowned, Julie is married to Al Danazewski in Buffalo. Jerry and Ferdinand's mother and father were Phillip and Stella Puszert, there was also a sister Alice who married Joe Bogdan, they had two daughters Kathleen and Judy. Alice passed away in child birth. Frank was Phillips brother as to the Klizak lady he doesn't have any idea who she is.
What kind of info. do you have I have much on my side of my family not a lot on the Puszert side.
As to others, there are some in Watertown NY and some in California have not had any responses other than yours and one inquiring about the spelling asking if it included Possert and some other spelling.

Re: Looking for ALL Puszerts

Posted: 1172722066000
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wow, i didnt know Frank had any siblings. I havent been able to trace it back that far yet but if phillip was franks brother then our familys are further apart on the tree than i thought.

Its understandable now that Gerard doesnt know Helen because she would only be a distant aunt to him.

I'm Frank im 20 years old, i have a father (42) and grandfather (73) by the same name. My grandfathers mother was Helen Klizak and his father was Walter Puszert. Walter had three brothers and i thought Gerard was one of their children.

Franks side of the family is quite large and i have alot of gaps that im working on figuring out. I plan on calling some of the Puszerts in California soon and see what they can tell me.

The things i want to know most now is whether you can tell me if Frank and Phillip had other siblings, or if you know anything about Frank and Phillips parents (who i think was also named Frank). I also read in Ferdinands Obituary that he had a grand daughter, tammy, and great grand kids, Mike and Matt. What the obituary couldnt tell me is who their parents are.

I know you have a son named Barry but i dont know if you have any other children or if you have grandchildren... considering i dont know how old you and gerard are.

Sorry if this seems like alot but im just interested as to how far back the family goes and how it branches out

~Frank Puszert

Re: Looking for ALL Puszerts

Posted: 1173210541000
Classification: Death
Surnames: Pietrowski
Okay, Have to make a correcrtion here as I was flying blind and on a poor memory, Jerry (my husband) Gerard and Ferdie's Dad was named FELIX Puszert (not Phillip) , his wife was Stella Pietrowsky, They had three (3) children, Ferdinand F. and Alice and Gerard, Ferdie was married to Jean (maiden name unknown at this time) they had two children John Paul and Juliann. Ferdie died August 13, 2000. Paul Married Barbara McDevitt, they had one child Tammy Lee, Paul drowned in 18 mile creek August 9, 1980. Tammy married Todd Carter and they had two sons, Matt and Mike, they were divorced and Tammy has since re-married. Juliann married Al Danazewski and they have no children, Alice married Joe Bogdan, they had two girls, Judy and Kathleen, Judy married a Jimmerson and I have nothing on Kathleen.
The only brother of Felix my husband can remember is Frank.
He seems to remember long ago when he, his mom and dad would go for rides and he seems to remember them talking about "Not having any papers when they came here" and he thinks it may have been his mother Stella's parents. If this is the case the line does not go that far back of native born, he also thinks he remembers that the name was changed when they came over from poland. so there are many spellings it could possibly be, posser, pozzert etc?
Hope this helps
are you the Puszerts from Watertown or there about?
Barbara Puszert

Re: Looking for ALL Puszerts

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Alrite its great that i have your side of the family now and that youve mentioned an alternate spelling of Puszert.

Since ive posted last week ive signed up for this site and did alot of research. Even though i havent found anything on Felix's brother Frank im just going to assume he existed. Ive traced the Puszerts back to about 1850. There were two Puszerts that i found in the 1900 US Census, Anton and Agnes. The file said they were born in Germany or Poland and had 4 children who were born in Erie, NY. The oldest was Mary who was born about 1884. There was also no record of a maiden name for Agnes, which means they were probably married in poland and travelled to America between 1870 and 1884.

Anton and Agnes had 4 children, Mary (1884), Wladislov (1886), Bronislav (1888) and Felix (1892). Since Felix and Frank were brothers then thats where our families split. Im the great great grandson of frank who is brothers with Felix who is Gerards Grandfather.

I went to to see if i could find record of the Puszert name but there was nothing. One of the first names the site suggested was the similar name "Possert." After reading through the Posserts i found an Anton and Agnes Possert who arrived in the US in 1905. Im not sure how accurate and are but im pretty sure that anton and agnes puszert were originally Possert. The only problem is the date at which they arrived. If they did arrive in 1905 then all of their children would have been born before they arrived in the US.

There is also another problem. My grandfather Frank and his brothers were born in the early thirties. That puts their father Walter (assuming he had kids young) born around 1910ish. Now assuming his father had him around the same age then Frank and Felix would be born around 1890, even though their father is listed as being born in 1892.

I also found a census list dated 1920 saying that Felix and Stella had Ferdinand and Elsie. Does your husband remember her at all?

Well thats what i got so far. Its a work in progress.

My family is mostly from Buffalo. I have relatives in North Carolina and cousins in Indiana. My uncle Jim i think moved to watertown or lived there at one point, but no one else.


Re: Looking for ALL Puszerts

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Puszert, Puchard, Possert, Piotrowski. Bogdan, Novikowski,Schapaniak,Klizak
Walter had brothers Danny and Eddie Jerry says he seems to remember another but he isn't sure and can't remember a name.
So you are
Frank Puszert, your father is______________________42 yrs old, born? Where?
your Mother is?_________________________________ yrs old, born?
(ages, dates?)
Your Grand father is_______________________73 yrs old, (FRANK??) dates?

would love it if you would share, am fleshing out Your side of the family, do you have any pics you could share? Stories? I have found a Rick Puszert in Guilford County NC which is not too far from us here, also a Virginia Kapaniak Puszert but needs more investigation, hopefully tomorrow.
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