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John Garrett (View posts)
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Looking for anyone whose last name is Piergue?
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Yes, I am. Albert Emil Piergue was my fathers step-grandfather. The real mystery is Albert Emil's wife; my great Grandmother, Marie/Minnie/Mary. I have narrowed her location to Council Bluff's IA in 1926; and she is listed on Albert Emil's death certificate from IL in 1929 as his widow. Any leads on this? I have a picture of him from around 1920.


T. Hostbjor (View posts)
Posted: 981141982000
Dear Mr. Hostbjor,

Its good to hear from you. My original name was John Lawrence Piergue. My biological father, Ralph Gotch Piergue, was originally from Iowa. He went to school there and was a varsity wrestler in college. His dad, Lawrence Piergue, died in the 1940's. I will have to do some looking to find all the dates, names and places. After my step father, Hu Garrett, died in 1979, I reestablished my relationship with my real father and remained very close to him until he died in 1981. His sister, My Aunt Virginia , and his half brother, My Uncle Richard, are living in California and commuicate with me often. A relative of my father's still lives in Fort Dodge and corresponds with me by mail and e-mail. I will send him an email about your great grand parent and see if he can add some more information.

Kindest regards,

John Garrett

Albert Emil Piegue

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Amaziung the way all these things have a way a touching someone, isn't it? I have more information on Albert Emil; in fact, I have his death certificate. He died in his hometown of Ottawa, IL 20 Oct 29. He is listed as a widower, which leads me to believe my great-grandmother Mary/Marie pre-deceased him. That is, if they ever married. I am pretty sure my dad is named after him. The biggest mystery is Mary/Marie. Anything you can provide would be great! My dad spent the day with me yesterday and helped fill in more spaces; but sometimes it just created more! Take care, thanks for the information.

Albert Emil

John Garrett (View posts)
Posted: 981745992000
My grandparents, Lawrence and Emma Piergue, were from Fort Dodge,Iowa. They have relatives in Cedar Rapids, one of whom I correspond with often. His name is Frederick Miller and he is my cousin. He keeps me informed of the family news in the area. He lives less than 150 miles from Ottawa, Ill. In fact, he just sent me a picture of my great, great grand mother, Mari S. Juhl (1830-1925). Her husband was Hans C. M. Juhl (1815-1892). He said he saw their graves in 1993. I will contact him a see if he knows of Albert Emil. Do you live in that area?

Kindest regards,

John Garrett

Albert Emil

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Took me a few days to get my notes together on what I have on the Piergues: Here goes:
Piergue, Laurent
Born: 17 Dec 1815
Birthplace: Luzelhausen, France (This is in the Bas-Rhin region near Strasbourg, France
Died: 3 Nov 1872, Ottawa, IL

Married to:
Strouble, Mary
Born 1819
Birthplace: Alsace, France
Died 1892, Marysville, KS

The information above was provided by: in July, 1998. He indicates the last name Strouble is very typical Alsatian name as "Struble"

Next on my list:
Piergue, John Lawerence
Born: 03 Aug 1844
Luzelhausen, France (known as Lutzelhouse in Bas-Rhin region near Strasbourg)
Died: 1 Dec 1930, Ottawa, IL

Married to:
Deuschade, Victoria
Born: 22 Dec 1849
Ffay Billot Ste, France
(Fayl-Billot region of Haute-Marne, France)
Date of death: Unkown She is listed on 1900 Census, though

Albert Emil Piergue
Born: 6 Sept 1869
Ottawa, IL
Died: 20 Oct 1929
Ottawa, IL
Buried in Ottawa Ave. Cemetery on 22 Oct 1929
His obituary listed the following relatives as survivors:
Father: Lawerence Piergue (aka Lon)
Mrs. Katherine Wadsworth of Saginaw, MI
Mrs. Louis Reed of Chicago, IL
Mrs. Lee Uhl of Ottawa, IL (could be Juhl?)
she was also listed on death certificate for providing information indicating Albert Emil was a widower and his wife was Marie.

Trying to work Ralph into the picture and not sure if he is the nephew of Albert Emil?

Do you know anyone named Charles Sanders in Ottawa IL? He is listed as somwone who may have Piergue listed on family tree. I have sent two e-mails, but no reply to date.

What relation would Juhl/Uhl be to Albert Emil? I think just by marriage. Not sure, though. Unfortunately, I do not live in that part of the country, or I would have this solved tomorrow! I live in the Pacific Northwest and my access to Ottawa is limited. I was hoping to make contact with someone who could go out to the cemetery where ALbert Emil is buried and look around for maybe his wife's grave; whom I suspect is my father's grandmother.

Let me know if this is helpful. I am encouraged by the contact we have extablished; maybe I can solve this before Dad's birthday! What a great present that would make! Take care.


answer to Teri's post

john garrett (View posts)
Posted: 982851129000
I am so sorry that I have not replied sooner. Aside from my work load, I am my 87 year old mother's full time care giver and am sometimes not able to respond right away. However, I am trying to coordinate things so I can be a little more active on the web.

I tried to contact Frederick Miller but his email address is not responding. I will send him this material in the mail.

I believe I have a copy of the armed service discharge paper for Laurence Piergue. Also, the name John Lawrence Piergue scares me. That was my birth name that I had for over two years before I was formerly adopted by my step father. He was exactly 99 years and 8 months older than me. Very interesting!!! I think that there is bound to be a connection. Have you seen my web site? I have a family tree that has a lot of the Juhl decendants on it. It is the white copy which is a rough draft of one that I am still a long way from finishing. Lots of mistakes. It is also hard to read thanks to my limited talents in web uploading. I am looking for the Army discharge paper now and will let you know when I find it.


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Thanks for the response. I can empathize with having demands on your time and appreciate you taking the time to keep the link going. Although my Dad is well, I am concerned about the amount of time I have left with him. My mom passed away 27 years ago, so he is my only link to lots of family history.

I had tried earlier to get into the family tree on your website, and was unable; I'll try again. Strange how dates play such an important part of our lives. I have discovered my grandmother (Albert Emils step-daughter, Vesta was born on 30 May 1899 and my sister was born 30 May 1947. Then I found my dad's grandparents were married on 24 April, which is my mom's b-day! Were any of the names I provided earlier new to you?

I will take another look at your web site; can you give me the link? I am certain there are some connections.

Hope your mom is well, and you don't work too hard. As for me, my two girls are grown up, my husband just finished his masters in Project Management and I work full time for the Coast Guard in Seattle. We also have three former racing greyhounds we rescued from the track, and they are pretty demanding with time!

Take care, write soon.

web site

John Garrett (View posts)
Posted: 982914844000
I just got your message. My web site is It is one of those make-it-as-you-learn type sites that I am sure needs much improvement. When you get to the home page, click the big icon in the middle, then click commercial art, then calligraphy, then click the next big icon and go to the family trees. I did these trees in 1984 when I was asked to do the program for the Frederick Gotch family reunion that was held that year in Minnisota.
I did not attend but I have been in touch with Federick Miller who went to it. He lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. If you want I will give you his address. He is elderly and seems to know everybody onnected with the family. Both of the family trees have numerous errors, that I have found over the years. I just never got around to correcting them. I am now planning to completely redo them and add more names to it. If there is any names you might think ought be be added I would certainly be glad to include them.
Incidentally, I have a first cousin who lives in the Seattle area. She is an artist and her name is Diana Harris. She lives on an island south of the Seattle area.

Got to sign off for now, but I hope to find a little time later to send you some more info.

Kindest regards,

Harris a

Piergue Information

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Is everything all right? Haven't heard from you for a while. I am getting an opportunity to come out to Chicago next month, and I plan on traveling to Ottawa, IL. Can you give me some suggestions on what I should look for? Anything I can look up for you while I am there?

Plan on visiting Emil's gravesite. May finally determine who is laying next ti him.

Take care; respond when you get a chance.
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