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Pfefferkorn Family Website

Pfefferkorn Family Website

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Hi There! If you are researching the Pfefferkorn Family, please visit my website which has a database of almost 900 names (Pfefferkorn ancestors and descendants only) at:

There is also another link here to our Eurpean Pfefferkorn cousins!

Please sign the guestbook while there!


Jim Foden (View posts)
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My wife's father (Carl Pfefferkorn - approx 1887-1953)died when she was eight years old in an automobile accident in San Francisco. He was in his 60's at the time and had just retired from Standard Oil - he was an engineer who had worked on the Aramco pipeline. Prior to working for Standard Oil, Carl had been an engineer with the Packard car company. Carl was born in Denver, CO. His parents were professional musicians of Prussian descent.

I tried to log onto
"", but could not access the page - does it still exist?
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Hello! Yes, the page is still there at:

or you can access it through the homepage at:

and follow the Pfefferkorn link in the name index. There is also another Pfefferkorn database called "All My Family" (the link on the Pfefferkorn page does not work, you can access it through my "Links" page, located on the homepage, Pfefferkorn Links).

The "all MY Family" Pfefferkorns immigrated from France to Missouri. My Jean (John) Carolina Pfefferkorn immigrated from France to Ohio, settled in NE Indiana. After comparing databases, our Immigrant ancestors turned out to be cousins! They had the same grandfather. The area of FRance is Alsace, along the Rhine River bordering Germany.

If you still can not access the sites, email me directly at:
and I will send you a direct link.
If your Pfefferkorn's are listed on the web somewhere, I would like to add their site to my links page.

Good Luck! Karl

Missouri Pfefferkorns

Sandy Pfefferkorn (View posts)
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My husband's family comes from southeast Missouri near Cape Girardeau, MO. He has traced the Pfefferkorn side to Schirrhein in Alsace. He also has relatives in Indiana.
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Hello Sandy!

There is a great chance that your husband I are very distant cousins! If he is descended from the Missouri Pfefferkorns whose immigrant ancestor was Andreas Pfefferkorn, son of Joseph Barbara.

My immigrant ancestor, Jean (John) Pfefferkorn's father Joseph) was brother to Andreas!

You may find more info on BOTH families, and on Schirrhein at my website, listed previously. You may contact me at


sherry simmons (View posts)
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My grandparents were from southeast Missouri. They were from Oran, Mo. just south of the cape. Their names were Joseph and Mary Pfefferkorn. They had four living children, Eugene, Virginia, Alma, and Mildred. Their grandchildren were Richard Tarpley, Robert Tarpley, Mary Beth Pfefferkorn, Mary Catherine Holmes, Sherry Simmons, and Mary Lee Jetton.

Pfefferkorn genealogy

Mike Pfefferkorn (View posts)
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Dear Sherry,

I have the following information on your branch of the family. As you can see it is quite limited.

Joseph H. Pfefferkorn (b.Nov. p, 1884 - Feb. 5, 1972) was the fifth child of Louis and Catherine Thomas Pfefferkorn. [My grandfather was his older brother.] The 1900 census states that he was 15 yearsold and in school. Joseph married Mary Halter (b.____________- d.___________), the daugghter of John David Halter (old country prounciation = Holder] and Sophia Beavis (b.___________- d._____________). They ran the farm owned by his father, Louis Pfefferkorn. According to the Hixson plat of c.1917, he owned 230 acres in Section 10 and additional land in Section 4 of Sylvania Township. He was a partner with his brother, William, in 197 acres of land adjacent to the northern Chaffee city limits. Joseph and Mary later moved to Oran.

They had five children. See below.

Eugene Washington Pfefferkorn (b.February 22, 1910 - d. October 7, 1977) on __________
married Esther Schoop (b._____________- d. January 7, 1978) of Mexico, MO. She was the daughter of ____________ Schoop (b.________ -
d.____________) and _______________________
b.____________-d._______________________) He was empl;oyed by International Harvester in Cape Girardeau in 1945 and later in Fredericktown where they lived at _____ Marshall St. Their only child is

Mary Elizabeth Pfefferkorn
(b.April13, 1940) who married and
divorced Jack Eggiman (no dates).

Their daughter is
Mary Carolyn Eggiman (b. April 13,
whose son is
Joshua Eugene ____________
(b.June 6, 1979).


Virginia Catherine Pfefferkorn (b. November 17, 1916 - d.____________, 1968), on _____________________married Norman Seabaugh (no datesor parents). Norman is listed in the Cape Grardeau city directories as a shoeworker in 1932 and 1939 and as an employee of International Shoe in 1935-1937 and 1945. About 1952, he opewned Sebaugh's Shoes, Inc. at 111 N. Main in Cape Girardeau.

In 1932, Norman residedf at 1130 N. Main (1937), 121 S. Lorimer (1949) and 5 S. Lorimer (1954). Norman was retired by 1972. They had no children.


Frederick Ludwig Pfefferkorn (b.September 19, 1922 - d. June 2, 1923) died in infancy.
(Any know reason?)


Alma Marie Sophia Pfefferkorn (b. January 26, 1925) She married Richard Tarkley. Their childern are



She later (___________________) married Harold Holmes (no dates etc.) Their daughter is

Mary Catherine Holmes (no dates)


Mildred Frances Pfefferkorn (b. April 25, 1929) on ___________________ married _____________ Simmons (no dates etc.)

Their daughter is

Sherry Simmons (no dates etc.)

She then married (on ___________________)James Jetton (no dates)

Their daughter iis Mary Lee Jetton.
(no dates)


Any connection?

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I am a descendant of (Wilhelm) Martin Pfefferkorn and his wife Johanna Strasser who came to the Manitowoc, Wisconsin area in the spring of 1856. They were from the village of Neuenberg, province of Brandenburg, Prussia. They sailed to Quebec and traveled by rail to Wisconsin. They had six children: Emelia, August, William, Justina, Otilla, and Ferdinand.

I hope to:
* Update a genealogy produced for a centennial reunion in 1956;
* Make a gedcom available;
* Establish a website; and
* Find out more about pre-immigration ancestors, not necessarily in that order.

Happy to exchange what I have by E-Mail or postal.

Wisconsin Pfefferkorn's

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Hello Robert!

There is a possibility that SOMEWHERE back, our families are related, however I can not add anything at this time.

The earliest I have our Pfefferkorn's is Pierre Pfefferkorn, born 1730 in Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin, France (the Alsace area along the Rhine River in SE France along the German border.) I only have a few direct ancestors and descendants until we came to America.

I have in the last few months discovered that the Pfefferkorn's of Missouri are related to my line. Both of our Pfefferkorn immigrants were first cousins. The families had lost contact with each other during the French Revolution, and both families had moved (elsewhere in France) during this time.
The cousins eventually packed up their families and sailed to the US and settled, not knowing what ever happened to each other.

Our Pfefferkorn families have been found in Schirrhein, France from at least 1730 to the late 1870's , and possibly still today!

If my memory serves me correct, I believe Prussia was what is now parts of modern southern Germany, Austria, and Poland.

I once read somewhere that the German government, or a king, or someone (after France lost a war) once paid Germans and Swiss to move into the Alsace region in France to inhabit the dwellings, so as the French people would have nothing to return to! (I don't remember the time-frame, and France has a long history!)

So MAYBE this is another story of where the families split up somewhere!

You may contact me directly at

I would be glad to share with you some tips on uploading your gedcom, making a website, etc.

It's actually very easy!
Good Luck!


Missouri Pfefferkorn's

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Hi Sherry!

I believe that we are very distant cousins!
contact me directly at:

I will help guide you back to 1730 in Schirrhein, France and guide you to another website that may help you with closer Missouri relations!

I look forward to sharing info with you!

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