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Looking for any information about parent or birth location of Lyman Clark Perrigo
born September 20, 1832 (location unknown), died April 14, 1910
in Allegany, Cattaraugus Co, New York. July 04, 1853 he married
Mary Ann Bessie.

Lyman Perrigo

Marybeth Perigo Nagle (View posts)
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In my search for my family I came across a Lyman Perrigo listed under Livingston County, NY. Livonia Cemetery Records: It says under Lyman Perrigo: Union (center section) Livonia 11791 1854 War of 1812, (Capt. Allen's Co., NY Militia) Legion Post #283. Now, I know the dates don't quite match what you have, but this is what I have found. Plus there is a Lyman Perrigo born 2 Feb., 1882 and died June 1962 last Residence New York and that is also where he was issued a Social Secuity Card which is : 117-16-3865. I don't know if this is of any help. But, it is what I have come across. I haven't connected him with my family yet.
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I have a Lyman b ca 1763 in CT that my be the f of my Elias b 1780 CT and rem. to Orange, VT. The Perrigos went to both VT and NY from CT and the Lyman family was tied into the Perrigo family in the 1700's. I think they all came from the New London area.
I also have a Lyman b 1796 in Oxford, Chanango Co., NY. but as a ref only with a source.

Lyman C Perrigo

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Thanks for responding, and I apologize for
taking so long to reply. I think the CT - VT
family connection is a good possibily. It is worthy of some
further research. I am aware of the Oxford Lyman (That is the same
one MaryBeth refers to in her post) and there
doesn't seem to be a "direct" connection.

Perrigo family

Sharon Root (View posts)
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I am also researching Perrigos from New York. My ggrandmother was Lillian Mae Perrigo,Franklin H., Albert E., Ebenezer, David, Joseph, David, Ezekiel Sr, Robert Jr and Robert Sr. From Lockport New York to Ct to England in the 1600's. Any information you may have I would be interested in. Thank you. You can reach me at my e-mail Will look forward to hearing from you.


Sharon Root (View posts)
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Dear Marybeth
I am also searching for information on the Perrigo family. I have from my Ggandmother Lillian mae Perrigo to Franklin H. Albert E., Ebenezer, David, Joseph, David, Ezekiel Sr, Robert Jr and Robert SR, that is my line. They come from New York , Ct. and England. I have other Perrigos, Aunts, Uncls and cousins. Would love to shhar information. You can e-mail me at


Rene Perrigo (View posts)
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My Father who is deceased. For some reason distanced himself from his family. I am interested in tracing line back some.
I have little information other than a few names. My fathers name is Nickey Perrigo possibly Nickey Bland Perrigo Even my mother his wife doesnt know for sure. He never used a middle name.
His mother was Midian Gene Perrigo. My father was born in Washington D.C.. I think his father would be Elmer McKinley Perrigo. He had a brother Elmer McKinley Perrigo Jr. and a sister Jeanette --- Perrigo (Anderson).
Any information you could share with me would be greatly appreciated.
Nickey Rene' Perrigo

Perrigo (View posts)
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Rene I am sorry but I can't find any of your names in my data base. Wish I could be of more help. E-mail me any other names you may have and I will be glad to check.

Re: Perrigo's

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I have just started researching the Perrigo/Perrygo name so I just found your message from 3 years ago. i am not familiar with the names of Nickey or Midian Perrigo but my father was Edgar Perrygo and he had a brother, Elmer Mckinley Perrigo, born in Washington, D.C. in 1896. I don't know the names of all of his children but I do know that he had a son, Elmer Jr. and a daughter, Jeannette, both of whom are deceased.
I hope I have been able to help. The spelling of the name was changed somewhere along the line. Some spell it with an "i" and some with a "y". I have some info on other members of the family if you are interested.

Re: Perrigo family

pam tatman (View posts)
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My maiden name was Perrigo. My grandmother did a lot of research on the family name. It is french, was spelled Perrigeux, and originally our tribe were the visagoths in northern Greece, our name was Pericort, meaning hard hearted. I have a Ebinizer and many others in your ancestory in my ancestory, and can share my grandmothers work with you. We are a large family, and have an era named after our family, as the first cave drawings ever found were in Perrigeux, France, the town where our family comes from. There is a Perago,Italy, and I think an ancester settled there before coming to the United States. I am a decendant of a David Perrigo, of Vermont, that was a revolutionary war hero. He was a friend of Ethan Allen's, and drummed at the funeral of the general. David had many children, and was buried in a grave marked with just a plain marble slab. I don't have my grandmothers research here in front of me, but I think we are cousins.(Actually, all Perrigos are related, ever some that don't spell it the same.) I think we are close cousins. My father was James Albert, my grandfather was Clare Albert. I will look up the direct links back before I recontact you.Please email me if you recieve this are are interested in more family history.
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