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Lewis Passailaigue, Texas, 1890s

Lewis Passailaigue, Texas, 1890s

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Looking for information on descendants of Grace Vincent WENTWORTH and Lewis PASSAILAIGUE of Bexar County, in late 1890s to early 1900s. Grace was the daughter of Conrad WENTWORTH and Catherine CECIL.

They had 3 known children:

1. Guy PASSAILAIGUE, b. 1892, who married Florence CORN;
2. Lawrence PASSAILAIGUE, b. 1895, and who died in California in 1952;
3. Hope PASSAILAIGUE, b. c. 1907. This Hope may have been married to Thomas J. CAMP.

Any info on any of the above names would be greatly appreciated.

Lewis Passailaigue ancestors

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Do you know who Lewis P.'s ancestors were? I have a Cora Uphema HOBBS, b. 1866, Galesburg, Knox County, Ill, in 1866, who married a PASSAILAIGUE, a CHARRIER, or a Passailaigue CHARRIER. Sorry, but I don't know the people you listed.

Re: Lewis Passailaigue, Texas, 1890s

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Surnames: Wentworth, Passailaigue, Corn, Cain, Sapp, Morris, Maltsberger, Grunwald, Douglas
Guy Wentworth Passailaigue and Grace Corn Passailaigue were my grandparents.
Guy and Grace had 9 children:
Emma Cain, Gordon Passailaigue, deceased, Ethel Sapp deceased, Marjorie Morris deceased (my mother) , Ruth Maltsberger deceased, Hope Grunwald, Robert Passailaigue deceased, Billy Jean Douglas deceased, Ted Passailaigue.
Would love to know more about my mothers relatives.

Re: Lewis Passailaigue, Texas, 1890s

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Surnames: Passailaigue, Wentworth
Bettie, do you have birth and death dates and spouse names for the children of Guy Passailaigue you listed? Any information you can share about this family would be greatly appreciated.

Also, was Grace an additional name for Florence? First or second name?

Re: Lewis Passailaigue, Texas, 1890s

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JoAnn my grandmothers name was Florence Grace (Corn) Passailaigue. Guy Wentworth Passailaigue and Florence Passailaigue had 9 children.
Emma Cain DOB 9-13-19 living married Joseph Cain, deceased.
Gordon Corn Passailaigue 7-27-16 deceased 9-24-91 Bexar Co, married Muriel Davis-living
Robert Guy Passailaigue Sr. DOB 1-17-26, deceased 12-4-88 Bexar married Maxine Grunwald-living
Ethel Sapp DOB 4-3-18 deceased 11-5-81 , married Arlen Sapp
Marjorie Lee Morris DOB 5-13-21 deceased 3-21-91 married Clarence Lee Morris deceased 1988.
Billy Jean Douglas DOB 4-18-29 deceased 7-6-02 married Jimmy Douglas
Ruth Maltsberger DOB 8-18-23 deceased 12-2-52 married
Hope Grunwald DOB 1-17-26 living married Marvin W. Grunwald deceased 1990.
Ted Passailaigue DOB 7-27-34 living married Linda
Hope this helps.

Re: Lewis Passailaigue, Texas, 1890s

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Surnames: Passailaigue, Grunwald
Emma S. Passailaigue lived in South Carolina and was 40 yrs of age and the head of household for the 1880 federal census. She had the following children:

John G. Passailaigue,

Anita E. Passailaigue,

Ernest S. Passailaigue,

Louis F. Passailaigue, &

Hope Passailaigue.

I do not know Emma's husband's name or the father of her children. I do not know how they came to live in South Carolina.

One of her sons, Louis F. Passailaigue married a woman named Grace Vincent Wentworth and traveled through Louisiana and eventually ended up in Bexar County, Texas. They had three children:

Guy Wentworth,

Lawrence, &


Lawrence Newby Passailaigue was born 05/11/1895 and died on 08/22/1952. He was in the US NAVY and is buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, San Mateo County, CA. I do not know his descendants.


One of their Children, Guy Wentworth Passailaigue married Florence Margaret Corn. They had nine children, (only three sons):

Emma Passailaigue-Cain,

Gordon Corn Passailaigue,

Ethel Passailaigue-Sapp,

Marjorie Passailaigue-Morris,

Ruth Passailaigue-Maltsberger,

Hope Passailaigue-Grunwald,

Robert Guy Passailaigue Sr.,

Billy Jean Passailaigue-Douglas, &

Ted Passailaigue.


Gordon Corn Passailaigue was born Jul. 27, 1916 in San Antonio, Tx and died in Boerne, Tx on Sept. 24, 1991. From his obituary his first wife died and he remarried another woman who had two children from another marriage. I don't know if he had any Passailaigue descendants.


Ted Passailaigue has four children:

Yvette Adamson,

Saundra Passailaigue,

Trisha Passailaigue Brown,

Gary W. Passailaigue &

Gary W. Passailaigue is the only son born to Ted. Gary Passailaigue has two children: Wayne Wentworth Passailaigue and daughter Megan Sue Passailaigue.


Robert Guy Passailaigue Sr had three children:

Robert Guy Passailaigue Jr.,

Terry Nell, &

Barbara Jean.

Robert Guy Jr. married Murna Jean Nason and had one child, a son named Matthew Ryan. Matthew is the only male with the last name Passailaigue from the Robert Guy Passailaigue Sr's lineage. Matthew is my husband.


I have found numerous spellings of the last name, and what I have found is that the spelling "Passailaigue" appears to be original and unique to America. There are around 20+ variations of the name, but the current spelling is only found in America based on the amount of searching I have done. Some variations claim Spanish citizens (Passalacqua) and other claim French Citizens (Passelègue).

On one federal census, Louis F. Passailaigue wrote that his parents were both originally from France. My husband tells me his name and family are French.

Re: Lewis Passailaigue, Texas, 1890s

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Surnames: Passailaigue, Wentworth
Thank you very much, Erin, for posting your research info on the family. Do you happen to have a photo of Lewis Passailaigue? or Grace? or any of their children? My connection is through Grace Wentworth, a daughter of my gg-grandparents, Conrad and Catherine Wentworth.


Re: Lewis Passailaigue, Texas, 1890s

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I have asked my husband's family for photos and additional information. I have two people stating that they will get back to me. As it becomes available to me, I will post it. Lewis has a living grand-daughter named Hope L. Passailaigue-Grunwald. She is very elderly but she is mentally intact. My husband's Aunt stated she was going to interview Hope and "get back to me".

I did post a photo of Lewis' headstone. He is buried in Bexar County in San Antonio, Tx.

Re: Lewis Passailaigue, Texas, 1890s

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Hope is my grandmother. I see her three times a month at least. I just got a box full of pictures dating as far back as 1890 or so. Most are of her brothers and sisters but there are some with her father Guy and a couple of the corn family and a few wentworth pics.

Re: Lewis Passailaigue, Texas, 1890s

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Surnames: Passailaigue, Wentworth, Corn
I hope you will be able to share some of the photos! Has your grandmother helped you identify the individuals in the photos?

I am very interested in the Passailaigue family research and have been trying to find out more info about the Hope who was the daughter of Grace (Wentworth) and Lewis Passailaigue, and who married Thomas J. Camp. Did she have another marriage and more children?

Your grandmother Hope is the daughter of Guy and Florence (Corn) Passailaigue?
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