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Look for birth father

Look for birth father

Linda Palafox (View posts)
Posted: 943020324000
My name is Linda Palafox and I was borned in San Jose, Ca on 9/6/58. My mother's maden name is Sally Silva Alvitre and she was born 9/12/37. She was born in San Jose Ca. I'm looking for my birth father named Joe Palafox. He may not have been born in California but may have reside or travel about in Ca. Please let me know if you have any information close to this description.
I really appreciate it.

Joe Palafox

Sergio Palafox (View posts)
Posted: 947602849000
Dear linda,
Greetings, I found your message in and I was just wondering if you tried searching through the social security office? Good luck.... :0)

joe palafox

phillip palafox (View posts)
Posted: 969689425000

Joe Palafox

Phillip Palafox (View posts)
Posted: 970167679000
Hello Phillip,
Thank you for replying to my search. I know little about my birth father. My family is from the San Jose, Ca. area. My mother was 21 yrs old when she had me in 1958. I do not know my father's age. My mother's name is Sally Alvitre. All I know about my father, is what on the birth certificate. Since we do have the same last name, do you know what Palafox means, and where does the name come from. What ethnic background are you? Oh yea, my mother did tell me that my father was Native American. My mother is part native american and spanish. Have so many questions to answers. When you get a change please get back with me. I'm excited to meet someone that has my last name.

Talk to you soon.
Linda Palfox


Phillip Palafox (View posts)
Posted: 970247949000
Hello Linda,
Im glad you received my message.Hopefully you can find your father soon!Im 28yrs old and im from Mexican heritage.My grandparents are from Guadalajara,Jalisco.They imigrated with my father and uncle,aunt to the US when they were very young.My grandmother tells me that our last name comes from france! When the frenchmen came and invaded the spanish.Thats how PALAFOX ended up in Mexico.On the other hand Ive read about a general Palafox from Spain. Theres a small town in Spain called Palafos! cool huh? Also theres a main street in Pensacola,Florida named Palafox.Very intresting right? Well take care and Ill talk to you soon bye.
Sincerly, Phillip

hi all of you!

Rosalind Palafox (View posts)
Posted: 974217756000
i just want to say that my father was from Guadalajara, Jalisco too. And my brother's name is the same as yours. Also, i have heard of our name being from Spain (general), and i saw some things on us being part Irish too. (I'm not sure where that came from. i saw it here)peter palafox, i believe.

My brother!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosalind Palafox (View posts)
Posted: 974218076000
SIlly me... Hi phillip! how are u doing? I know that u are my brother! hellllooo!!!!
funny how we both ended up in the same website. well talk to u when i get the chance. i just wanted to say that i love ya and miss ya. take care. hee heee :)

another palafox in mexico

Cesar Palafox (View posts)
Posted: 975080476000
hi my name is Cesar, i live in mexico city, my father and my grandfather are from Pachuca, Hidalgo, i think i have heard about some family in Guadalajara Jalisco, eitherso i´ve discovered in the yellow pages in Newyork that there lives more persons thas have the same name, what do you all know about our irish backgronds, nice to know you, hope to hear about you soon.


Gloria (View posts)
Posted: 975145079000
My family is from a small town, Tinguindin, Michoacan, in Mexico. My grandparents were Felicitas Juarez and Paublino Palafox. My father moved to California where they are many of us. I was at the Sacramento Airport in the summer and met a Palafox from Texas. I have read on the web that there is a Palafox Highway. Well that is all the information I have on the Palafox.

here is some more info

joe sanchez palafox (View posts)
Posted: 976202416000
HI Im 17yrs old my mother has your same name and thats what caught my eye. I did reaserch on the palafox family and I came up with we are from spain and some of the discriptions on the page sound like a story I heard growing up. There is only one blood line of Palafox. So somewhere we are all conected. If you find out the colors of the family crest pass it on. If you want any more info I can posibly help you out. Hope the search goes well.
your friend Joe
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