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Okalski Family

Okalski Family

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I'm trying to find out anything I can about my family history. This is all I know.
Grandfather was Stefan Okalski born in Warsaw, Poland 1-15-1894. He died in Richmond,MI USA 8-1982. He married Catherine Wisnewski in Detroit, MI and she died in the 1960's. They raised 5 children, Martin, Harry, Margaret, Danny and Barbara. I believe Margaret was a twin but the twin died.
Harry's DOB 1-27-24 Death 3-9-91
Danny's DOB 5-1-32 Death 2-4-81
As far as I know the other children are still living. Barbara moved to Washington State I believe in the 1950's. Harry was my father. If anyone knows anything else please email me. Thank you.

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Robert Okalski (View posts)
Posted: 959597982000
There's more of us in New Baltimore, Mi. My grandparents were both originally from Poland,lived in Detroit for a while till after WWII then settle out here in New Baltimore, Mi. My Bob'cha's name was Jenny and my judg'ja's name I'm not to sure of.
But they are both buried in St. Mary's Cemetary in New Baltimore,Mi off 24 mile,
and Washington.Their son Albert is buried there too.That is my Dads brother, his name was Edward Nelson Okalski.I beleive from what I hear they had cousin's in Richmond Mi, But I never met them.If I get any more information I'll try to pass it along.I'd sure like to know more about our Family too...


Robert Okalski (View posts)
Posted: 959599159000
search engine,Yahoo has a people search
which give a listing of about 5 or so Okalski's in the U.S, including phone

Okalski family

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Hi Robert, Thank you for writing. I sent a reply last night but I guess something went wrong cuz today I got an email from My Support saying they received it.
Then when I checked the Okalski message board there was nothing there, not even my original message. I would like to continue our correspondence and collaboration on the family tree if you're interested but it might be easier to use regular email. My email address is
In the message I wrote last night, I mentioned that I lived and went to school in New Baltimore from 1966 to 1971. My brother Thomas (Tom) graduated from Anchor Bay in 1971 and that was the last year I went (was in 10th) grade. At that time there were no other Okalskis' there unless they were much younger.
My father, Harry Anthony Okalski died in 1991 and I don't have alot of contact with his brothers and sisters but my Mom remembers alot of his relatives. I'll be talking to her tonight and see what else I can find out as far as my grandfather's brothers and sisters. I'm sure I already mentioned that his name was Stefan Okalski and he was born in Warsaw, Poland. Please feel free to email me at the above address or if you prefer just leave a message on the message board.
Hope to hear from you again soon.
Jaqi (Okalski) Morris


Robert.Okakski (View posts)
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Their are to reletives of mine in New Baltimore,Named Larry and Linda Okalski may-be you know them their my second cousins.There is also more Okalski on's people search.Larry once told me he knew of a Chester Okalski from
Richmond,Mi.He's probably around the same age Dad would be,he would be 81 if he was still living.There is also Linda Okalski living in dearborn hgts,e mail address for her can be found in the yahoo e mail people search,I don't think I know her? I'm having such luck with this machine, this is like the 3rd time writing this letter.
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Robert, I believe Chester was my father (Harry's) cousin. As for the Linda in Dearborn Heights, that's my niece. Her dad is my brother Thomas Anthony Okalski. There is also a Micheal Okalski listed in Dearborn Heights, this is my brother's adopted son.
I'm think of calling my Uncle Martin in Richmond to see if I can get some more info regarding his cousins and their kids. When I find out more I'll let you know. My mom thinks my dad had a cousin named Edward but she's not positive. If we work together we may just be able to figure all this out.
Talk to you again soon.

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Laura Okalski (View posts)
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Hello.....this is Larry's daughter and Linda's niece/god-daughter....We live in New Baltimore STILL and I dont know a Chester but im not sure if my dad does not gunna be able to tell you that much about our family history well because im only 14 and ill be 15 on Aug.3rd.And since my dad is your second cousin what would i be to you since im his daughter??? I'm really confused....

Re: Chester

Laura Okalski (View posts)
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Well.....the Linda in Dearborn Heights cant be your niece because if she's your niece then my dad Larry would be your nephew and i dont think my dad has ever mentioned a Jaqi ever i dont know??Oh and that Linda in Dearborn also cant be ypur niece because her dad's name is Albert Lawerence Okalski and that is my Grandfather that past away before i could ever meet him.

Re: Chester

katrina okalski plimpton (View posts)
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My name is katrina Okalski(plimpton).
I was wondering if we are related? I grew up in Richmond, My Father was Daniel Okalski, he died in 1981.
My Uncles are.... Martin and Harry, (Harry is deceased.)
My brother is Michael, presently living in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. I have a sister maria, still in Richmond, Michigan.
I am living in Maui, Hawaii, been here about 6 years, married 30 years, 2 kids.
Thankyou.........................Katrina Okalski Plimpton

Re: Okalski Family

katrina (View posts)
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Aloha Jackie,
I cant beleive I came across this! I have been trying to locate you for so long.
I have spoken to Aunt Joyce a few times but she said she didnt have your email or adress.
Please contact me, if you wish.
Kathy(katrina)..your cousin
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