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Our Nind(e) Ancestors

Our Nind(e) Ancestors

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My name is Hilary Franklin and I live in Queensland, Australia.
I have set up this message board for the benefit of other Nind(e) researchers.
I have documented evidence of our ancestors right back to about 1550. We originated in a small village called Beckford in Gloucestershire. Please be aware that some of the original work that is appearing on the LDS Ancestral File is incorrect.
My database if growing each day and if you have any information to add to this I would be appreciative or if you would like to add to your family information please contact me.
The original Nind descendants settled all over the world and I have contact with people in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa to name just a few.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


Ann Crichton-Harris (View posts)
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Hi, I'm pleased to find another NIND. You may know that the BIG Nind researcher is a woman called Angela Acheampong. She lives in the Cheltenham area UK and is not on line nor did she have a computer. I haven't spoken to her for a few months. She is a fantastic and accurate researcher if you haven't run into her.
I have a Mary NIND who married James Tandy in about 1827 in B'ham. I got most of my NIND stuff from Angela. I keep wishing she'd publish.
Do you live near Brisbane?
Please contact me.
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Hi Ann,
Glad to hear from you. I wrote to you many years ago but you did not reply :( so I'm glad to have finally made contact. Yes, I have been corresponding with Angela for about seven years and she has given me a huge amount of info which I have put onto computer. I'm the unofficial repository in Australia for the Nind history. I have done a lot of research myself and have copied the Beckford Parish register so with my info and Angela's info I think we have done a good job with the research. I knew about your Tandy's and each time I see someone researching the name I think of you.
I live 100 klms from Brisbane - why did you want to know? Don't you live in USA or Canada? Will be away from my computer for the next 5 days. Keep in touch. Please contact me at
Regards, Hilary

Nind Family Tree

Martin Nind (View posts)
Posted: 986140931000
Hi I am trying to finding out more about the Nind family tree, my grandfather Reginald Nind came from the Worcester area, I do not know much about his ancestry, I am very interested in any one who can help me.
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Hi Martin,
If you contact me with some of your details I can possibly help you. I need birthdate of Reginald Nind, and place if possible. His parents names would help also. Email me at and we can work from there.
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Surnames: Nind, Nynde, Ninde
Don't forget the other spellings NYNDE and NINDE. I believe my ancestor was named James Nynde from Tewkesbury England.

Re: Our Nind(e) Ancestors

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Surnames: Freeman/Nind
Hi Hilary:
I've been trying to contact you for about a year or so. Have you received my new message? I know your old email doesn't work. How is Angela? I wrote her about a year ago and never received a reply. Please email me privately.

Sharon Freeman

Re: Nind Family Tree

Angela Acheampong (View posts)
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Classification: Biography
Surnames: Nind
Dear Martin, I noticed your message asking for information
regarding Reginal Nind from the Worcester area of the UK.
I believe my co-researcher Hilary Franklin (in Australia) has asked you for further details to enable one of us to assist you. I think you mentioned Reginald
was your GF. I know of at least 5 people from this area with that Christian name (either as a first or second one) but it looks to me as if the best candidate is Charles Reginald Nind born March quarter 1903 Droitwich. If you can help by providing details of your Father's name @ DOB this will be useful.. Do you happen to know if your GF settled in the Colchester area of the UK? I shall await your response.
Kindest regards, Angela Acheampong.

Re: Our Nind(e) Ancestors

David Taylor (View posts)
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Surnames: NIND
Hi Hilary
I wonder if you can help me please.
A cousin of mine now lives in the NIND family home of Rose Villa in Beckford and she is giving a family party for the old folks in the village.
As part of the presentation they are doing a history of the house and are trying to establish when the house was built(poss 1804) and the inhabitants from the early 19thc.

Best Wishes for Christmas

David Taylor

Re: Our Nind(e) Ancestors

Hilary (View posts)
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Hi David,
I think Angela Acheampong is going to reply to you soon.
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