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Family name Mocz

Family name Mocz

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Dear Sir or Madam,

While searching for my husband's relatives your surname came up and I wondered if there was a link. If you have relatives in Hungary it is possible that Mocz could be the shortened name given when the family arrived in the U.S.. I have traced back as far as I can unless something breaks loose soon.


Albert Moczygemba (View posts)
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The name Moczygemba came from two surnames. They were the Moczy's and the Gemba's

the Moczygemba surname

Eddie Moczygemba (View posts)
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William F. Hoffman in his book "Polish Surnames - Origins and Meanings" doesn't mention this "combining" of the two surnames you mentioned. Could you please elaborate as to where you got your information from?

Mocz name

Suzanne Moczygemba Sheppard (View posts)
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Hi, The name Moczygemba comes our ancestors who came from Pluznica, Poland to Panna Maria, Texas in 1854.


Eddie (View posts)
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Surnames: Moczygemba
Now I know for sure the combining of two names theory is wrong.

It has taken me this long to uncover the truth.

The spelling of the surname "Mocz" is correct with one minor omission. A tail, not unlike the tilde character is missing from the last letter "z", such as "Mocz~"

This is the most correct spelling. What the tail does is direct the pronunciation to "Mozy-ah-ghem-bah" - or...
wet mouth (one who drinks to much).
Think about the way "Provencal" is pronounced in French. There is a tail on the letter "c", rendering it "Pro-ven-sahl"

So, Albert was close in that the name is a two-word combination, but it is not two surnames.

If you wold like the source docs, contact me and I will be happy tp share them with you.
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I have never done this before but I am trying to find infomration about my fathers family. I am told they are from Texas. My fathers name is: LeRoy Moczygemba. I know he has a sister named Lily, but she married and is now living in San Jose, California. My name is toni garrett and my email is I have an older brother John Moczygemba of Seattle Washington and two sisters, Shirley Ann Moczygemba of Southern California and Elizabeth Cecilia. Our mothers name is Frances. I did not know my father well and he passed away several years ago. Shortly after I read an article in a magazine about Father Henry Moczygemba and I could not believe my eyes since I had never heard the name before aside from our family of five. I am told my father has several brothers and sister but I dont know who they are or how many. If you think you might have information about my family/father please let me know. Thank you -
Anxiously awaiting word!

Re: the Moczygemba surname

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Are you aware of what each of these combined parts means? Moczy and Gemba?

Re: the Moczygemba surname

Eddie Moczygemba (View posts)
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Surnames: Moczygemba
The information I have is that the surname is not a "combining" of two separate surnames, but rather a "descriptive" surname.

The name means, literally, "wet mouth."
As is, drinks too much, or a lot.

Also, the actual spelling of the surname is "Mocz~"
The tilde tail forces the procunciation "Moc -zee - ah - gehmbah" or "Mozzy - ah - gehmbah."

Remember that customs agents at ports of entry sometimes spelled the first and last names of immigrants literally.
(Ex. Ian became John).


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