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gail trocchio (View posts)
Posted: 929434576000
i am in the process of searching for ancestors. my mothers name was charlotte lawrence (maiden name mistler). her mothers name was lena mistler (nee deBuehler). her fathers name was Florian (frank or fred) mistler. they were all from medford, long island, having built their home there around 1908-1910 or so. my grandfather, fred, was born in alsace lorraine and came to this country as a baby. my grandmother, lena, was born in manhattan i believe and moved to medford when they married. any help would be appreciated. thanks.

Charlotte Lawrence

Mistler (View posts)
Posted: 967978291000
Uncle Fred was Jacob Mistler's brother
They were the sons of Balthasar Mistler born
1805. They came from the area near the French/German border (near Bitch)or Hilst.
There were a lot of brothers - I don't know their names. Many of the family still live in Medford, NY. Some of the extended family names were: Kempster, Mazzoni, etc.

Uncle Fred Mistler

Richard Edward Mistler (View posts)
Posted: 970853681000
I am the son of Ferdinand Jacob mistler who is the son of Jacob Mistler, the brother of Fred Mistler of Waverly Avenue, Medford.

I have visited Hilst in Germany and have met many of our relatives there. Apparently Mistler's left Germany and came to the US and located in many differnt areas.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

I now live in Yardley, PA north of Philadelphia.

rich Mistler

Aunt Lena and Uncle Fred

Richard Edward Mistler (View posts)
Posted: 970854397000
Dear Gail:

I knew your grandmother and grandfather very well since they lived next to my grandmother on Waverly Ave. in Medford.

I called them Uncle Fred and Aunt Lena since they were my father's uncle and aunt.

I to would like to trace any of our relatives. I have visited the town in Germany: Hilst, where they were born. their father, Balthazar (Balzar) Mistler came from Hilst. I don't believe that he could have been born in 1805 since I believe that he was alive when my grandfather Jacob was killed in a train accident in the 1920's. that would make him pretty old. I know that longevity runs in our family but not that long!!

I think I have traced Balthazars family line in Germany. It goes back to the 1600's. Some day I will send all of the information to you.

Rich Mistler

Uncle Fred

Don Mistler (View posts)
Posted: 971376165000
I posted the message about Uncle Fred. I guess I should have used my full name. I see that my brother Rich Mistler of Yardley, Pa. also answered you question. I live in Bohemia, NY. If there are any questions that I can be of help with, please contact me.

John Mistler

dianne (View posts)
Posted: 976893904000
My gggrandfather was John Mistler born 1810 Hilst Germany. He came to Missouri in the 1850s. Looking for anyone who knows about Hilst and the reason some of the Mistler family came to the U. S.

Mistler's From Hilst

Richard E. Mistler (View posts)
Posted: 976906618000
Dear Diane:

I have visited Hilst, Germany within the past two years. It definitly is the birthplace of the Mistler family in the US. There are still many Mistler's who live there and they are interested in hearing from their relatives in the US.

My grandfather also came from Hilst..Probably in the 1850's so he may be a bit younger than your grandfather. Our relatives settled in New York City and then moved to Long Island.

There are a lot of Mistler family trees in the US. Some in the midwest and some on the west coast as well as in New York State.

Keep in touch.

Richard E. Mistler
Yardley, PA

Mistler's from Hilst

Eleanor Mistler (View posts)
Posted: 980788706000
Just stumbled onto this site and was surprised to learn about people looking for Mistler's from Hilst, Germany. My father, Oscar Mistler, was born in Hilst in 1902 and immigrated to the U.S. in 1925. As a child I lived in Ringoes NJ (near Flemington) and remember some Mistler's
visiting my Dad. They were from Long Island, I also remember visiting some Mistler's in Allentown PA. As far as I know my grandfather, Johannes Mistler, was raised in an orphanage in I believe Strasbourg Alsace Lorraine. Would love to hear from any of you out there. I have visited Hilst, several times, the last time was in 1960.

Eleanor Mistler
Flemington NJ

Mistler Family

Richard E. Mistler (View posts)
Posted: 980831762000
Dear Eleanor:

I have lived in Yardley, PA for 30 years. I originally came from Long Island.

My Great Grandfather and Grandfather came from Hilst in the mid- 1800's.

I visited there a few years ago with a distant cousin who lives in Pirmesens, Germany.

It would be great to find out more about your branch of the family..I'm sure we're related somehow.

Flemington is not far from Yardley. I pass through there often and do a lot of business in Ringoes at HED International on Route 31.

Keep in touch.

Richard E. Mistler

Mistler Family

Richard E. Mistler (View posts)
Posted: 981996781000

Just returned late yesterday from a 10 day trip to Florida. Glad I missed the snow storm.

Where are you from in Long Island? I just want to see if something rings a bell with me. I only wished I had paid a bit more attention when my Father talked about Hilst. It definately seemed like a quaint town. I do seem to recall him saying something that not all of the Mistler's in Hilst were closely related. Somehow I feel there is a relationship, you just have to "dig" back far enough.

I do recall something that my great grandfather may have settled in Colorado. There are quite a few Mistler's in Arizona. Do you remember John Mistler who played with the New York Giants Football team about 15 years ago or so? Did you ever contact him? I wanted to, but hesitated now I wish I had. If you hear anything interesting about the family please let me know. I'll see what I can come up with.

In coming back from Florida yesterday, my friend and I stopped at the Amwell Diner for dinner and on the way to Flemington pointed out HED International to me.

Hope to hear from you again sometime.

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