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MIERA.early New Mexico

MIERA.early New Mexico

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Ignacia (Ygnacia) MIERA (b.6 May 1802, Taos, NM) married Marco TRUJILLO. Their daughter, Maria Paula "Pablita" Trujillo (1820-1916) married Jose Miguel RIVERA (d.1888). Anyone with info on this early New Mexico MIERA family?

Family of Jose MIERA Manuela ROMERO

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I am posting the family members of this family so that if someone does not recognize my direct ancestor's name, s/he may recognize the name of a family member of that ancestor's family. This is a family in the early history of northern New Mexico.

Family of Jose MIERA and Manuela ROMERO:

1. Maria Guadalupe. Miera (Ute Indian servant, bap at 8 years of age 1801)

2. Maria Gabriela Miera;

3. Maria Ignacia A Miera (bap. 18 Mar 1799) [my ancestor];

4. Vicente Higinio Miera (bap. 2 May 1802)

5. Francisco Miera bap 5 Jun 1806);

6. Fancisca Xaviera Miera bap 4 Dec 1808);

7. Maria Michalea Miera (bap 30 Sep 1812).


Vanessa (View posts)
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i was just wondering if you had any information on Miera's around the early 1900's?
if so please write me back.

MIERA family

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Hello. The MIERA records I have in my database are for the family of Jose MIERA and his wife, Manuela ROMERO, who were married in 1797 [St. Francis Parish and Military Chapel of Our Lady of Light (La Castrense) 1728-1857 by NMGS page 75]. I have records for some of their children whose births span 1797-1912. Have you tried the online databases of the LDS (Mormon) library at or the collection online of the Hispanic Genealogy Research Center of NM at I think that all the early northern New Mexico and southern Colorado Spanish families are connected, so we probably have a connection when we are able to find it. Let me know if any of this might be helpful.

Gloria Cordova

Miera genealogy

Paula Theresa Dougherty (Miera) (View posts)
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I believe all the Mieras in Nm and Co are decended from one /Bernardo Miera y Pacheco who was the alcalde mayor of the Pecos counties. You can read about him in the book Without Noise of Arms. He was also in the Dominguez Escalante (first peaceful overland expedition) to find a route from Santa Fe to California. (Hey, do you know the way to Montery, ha ha) Anyway, they got lost in Utah and had to head back to Santa Fe. (Almost had the great salt lake named after us!) Seriously all the Miera info is in the NM geneaology site that you mentioned and my sister Micaela Seidel has written a couple of stories regarding our grandfather (11 gen) Bernardo. One part of the Miera family settled in Socorro another in Northern New Mexico so your family is probably from the Norther NM side. There are a bunch of us now in Alb and Santa Fe. We are a crazy bunch and we are a combo of dark skin and black hair to red heads and blondies. Can email you pics if you like. I am paula at and my sis is "micaela" Glad to meet you.

I'm with you

Ed Grine (View posts)
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I Know this wont help you much but my grandmother was born in 1923 and she is Amada Miera same as her mother. born in NM, I am also curious. so let me know what you find!!!!! good luck

Re: Miera genealogy

Samuel Victor Miera (View posts)
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Though I live in Utah, my father is from NM and we feel the same, that we are decended from Bernardo de Miera y Pacheco.
You were very close on the lake being named Miera. According
to the most famous map drawn by Miera during the Dominguez/
Escalante expedition, and by some other records, it was Utah
Lake that was originaly named Laguna de Miera. I am currently looking for any record on a Maria de Miera Pacheco. She was christened on or about 24 Aug,1768. There may not be a "y" in the name. If you or anyone else
has any information, I would greatly appreciate anything you could send me. Thank you in advance.

Re: Miera genealogy

Paula T. Dougherty (Miera) (View posts)
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Surnames: Miera
To Samuel Victor Miera
Have you tried the genealogy program at UNM (University of New Mexico) the Hispanic pedigree list. It has all of the family there If you send me your email address I can send you the site direct. I do not remember the name tonight but can easily get it tommorow. My sister did a complete search on the family for her graduate paper and has much information. I am at

Re: Miera genealogy

Sam Miera (View posts)
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I went to the HGRC of New Mexico and found a lot of information, thank you, but could not find the one thing I wanted. My email address is Thanks again

Re: Miera genealogy

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Surnames: Miera y Pacheco, Torres, Mendoza, Dominguez
Jose Antonio Esquibel recently co-authored a book entitled "The Spanish Recolonization of New Mexico: An Account of the Families Recruited at Mexico City in 1693." There is mention of Miera y Pacheco on page 313 and in the notes on page 321. It mentions Manuel Miera y Pacheco, 1744, widowed of Barbara Torres, son of don Bernardo Miera y Pacheco and dona Estefania Dominguez de Mendoza and lists MIERA children who were born 1808 and later.
You probably are already familiar with the discussion by Fray Angelico Chavez in Originis of NM Families (1992, revised edition), on pages 229-231 about Bernardo Miera y Pacheco and his two sons, Anacleto and Manuel . Fray Chavez mentions a Maria Josefa born 12 Sep 1769, daughter of Anacleto Miera y Pacheco and his first spouse Maria Felipa Tafoya (m.29 May 1768). You mention that the Maria you are seeking was baptized on or about 24 Aug 1768 but I wonder if thisMaria born 1769 could this be the Maria you are seeking?
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