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Bev Marrocco (View posts)
Posted: 935186279000
I am interested in finding any ancestors of Pietro Marrocco from Casino Italy. He came to Detroit in the early 1900's as a young man.

Pietro Marrocco

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My Great Grandfather's name was Pietro A. Marrocco. He came to the US in 1891 from San Mauro Cilento, Italy. I have visited the town and if you look on the War Monument there are a few Pietro Marroccos. Also on the old church there is a plague with names of people from the town. A few Pietro's are on this also.


san mauro

Paul Pasquarosa (View posts)
Posted: 975398560000
Hello Jim. My Mother was a Marrocco and they were from a village south of Rome called Fondi. Where is San Mauro, I would be very interested to know.

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San Mauro is located in the Cilento mountain area of the Salerno region, near the western coast.


Paul Pasquarosa (View posts)
Posted: 975563816000
Hey Jim, I know that region, I was just on the Almalfi Coast this past May, and certainly that area is considerably further south than Fondi. There are however a large number of Marrocco's in the Fondi area.

By the way, the Marrocco family of Massachusetts, which is where I am from, just recently had our 47th annual Holiday Party. You didn't mention where you are in the country, but we have this reunion every year, the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. Your last name would certainly qualify you to attend. We had over 100 people this year.
Stay well.

Marrocco Family Tree

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Hi Paul,
I live in Northern New Jersey. I have extensive research on the Marrocco family. My grandfather had traced the family back to about 1630. You know about 6 years ago I had corresponded with Dr. Guy Marrocco from Northampton, Mass. One of my uncle's(on my mother's side) had met him about 10 years ago. We tried to see if there was a connection with our families.He was going to Italy at the time and was trying to put some information together. Just a brief line from the history of the Marrocco's from San Mauro Cilento. The arrival of the Marrocco family in San Mauro was around 1400. Some branches of the family moved to Abruzzo, Sulmona, Carrara, Rieta, Roma, Pola Purugia. We also have a coat of Arms for the Marrocco Family.
Some of my great Grandfathers sisters moved to Brazil instead of the US. So you see the Marrocco Family has moved all over.
By the way did you know that there is a restaurant in Washington DC called Marrocco's

Do you have a tree of your Marrocco Family ??

perhaps going back a few generations there is a connection.

Let me know



Paul Pasquarosa (View posts)
Posted: 975652303000
Jim, great stuff. I printed it off to send to each of my aunts, their Dad was Pasquale Marrocco. I am sure we have a connection, back when. I have been to that restaurant in D.C. It was years ago, and when I mentioned to the proprieter that I was a Marrocco on my Mothers side, he didn't seem all that interested. I go to D.C. a couple times a year on business, I thought that restaurant had closed however. Do you have an address for it?

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Hi Paul,

The restaurant had moved from it's original location. I would have to look for the address but if you are in DC it's in the book. I got the same treatment when I went. I think he thought I was looking for a free dinner!!


Famiglia Marrocco

Francesco Marrocco (View posts)
Posted: 976355433000
Ho letto sul sito internet il tuo messaggio, non parlo la tua lingua, ma ti posso dare delle informazioni in quanto mio padre era di San Mauro Cilento, io stesso ci vado frequentemente. Mio nonno (anche lui Francesco Marrocco come me) venne in USA alla fine dell'800 insieme al fratello Luigi e lavorò come minatore e guardiano notturno.

Se hai la possibilità di comunicarmi altre notizie in italiano, sarò ben lieto di risponderTi.
Saluti a te e famiglia.
Francesco Marrocco


possible relation

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My grandfather was Dionigi Marrocco and grandmother was Maria Josephina Marrocco whom came from,San Mauro Cilento.My grandmother's maiden name was Gurargla. Are we possibly related? I went to Italy 2 years ago to try to find family but I didn't have much luck.My grandparents moved to Baltimore Md and we have a large family. I do know that per family tradition that the Marrocco's fought in the Crusades. Any info would help. thanks jeanne
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