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Maharg Family

Maharg Family

joseph maharg (View posts)
Posted: 976100036000
I am interested in hearing from any Mahargs that may be related to me . I am 10 years old and my Dad and his parents come from Glasgow, Scotland. If there is anybody who would like to contact me then use the above E-mail address.
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My family came from Scotland also and if you spell your name backwards you will have Graham. It appears that some of the Graham's had to leave Scotland as they tried to kill the Queen of Scotland, some changed there names to yours and others to whoever they worked for. My Great great grandfather was a Thomas Graham, who married Mary Park in Craigielands (Beatock Station)Scotland. It was a railway stop when they were building the rail line to Glasgow. They came to Canada in approx 1842 and settled in Bristol Quebec, Canada. If your family has any information on this Graham clan you can send me an e-mail or if you want any further info I would be pleased to send you more information. Thanks

Origins of the name Maharg

Sebastian Maharg (View posts)
Posted: 979300784000
Hello Joseph,
My name is Sebastian Maharg. I live in the U.S, and my father too comes from Glasgow. (we must be related). Let me tell you what I know about the Maharg surname. I have three explanations of the origin of the name:

1. The name could come from the Galloway region in South-West Scotland, originally derived from "MacHarg." Other variants include "Macharg," "M'harg" etc.

2. To me, the most probable origin of the name is in Northern Ireland. In my case, the Maharg's are all Catholic, and it is said that my great Grandfather came from Dungannon in County Tyrone. There was a lot of Irish immigration to Glasgow (hence the Glasgow Celtic soccer team). On that note, my brother (who currently lives in Dublin)said he had recently met a Maharg from Belfast. In the Britain the only Mahargs are in Glasgow (my family) and Buckinghamshire in England.

3. Lastly, there is the age-old tale of Maharg being Graham spelled backwards, pointing its origin there. While my uncle in Scotland beleives this, this could be a coincidence. Grahams are traditionally Protestant and from the Highlands, whereas Mahargs are generally Irish or Catholic Scottish lowlanders.

So anyway, these are my ideas based on some research, but they are by no means difinitive.

All the best,

Maharg Family

Joseph Maharg (View posts)
Posted: 979366369000
Thank you Sebastien for the information. Your Uncle in Glasgow is my Grandfather and my dad is your cousin, Simon.
Best wishes,



maria maharg (View posts)
Posted: 979559820000
Hi Sebastien
Our Email ad is Joe would love you to Email him I'm just sat here with your cousin Jane getting slowly inebriated whilst Simon has taken the boys swimming!!! Hope you had a good Xmas with Alvaro Ruth and look forward to meeting you at Fionas' wedding in JUne.
Love Maria (Simons' wife)
PS Jane says 'Hows it goin' big yin? Give my love to Mum Dad, and many thanks for the pictures in the Xmas card' LUv cos' JaneXXXXX


Alvaro Maharg (View posts)
Posted: 979909744000
Hello Joseph!
I just came upon this page accidentally, and Ive found all the messages posted. I had no idea there was a Maharg message board. Live and learn. Anyway, I forwarded your Dads email to Sebastian. It was so funny when I realized that both of you are cousins, and Sebastian didnt realize it! Ill ring him and have a good laugh. Anyway, take care and we´ll see you soon!


Re: Maharg Family

Posted: 1032896240000
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I wonder if anyone out there can help
My father John Maharg was born in Glasgow approx 1911
He settled in Cardiff, Wales after serving in the army
He married Josephine Mannings and produced two sons and one daughter (me) All I know is that he had one brother (killed in ww2) and a sister who had twin boys

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