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Origin of Surname

Origin of Surname

Max Maestas (View posts)
Posted: 922734407000
I would like to know what nationality I am.


Posted: 923162043000
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odds are that your ancestors came from Spain My grandfathers surname was Maestas, first name procopio and he was born in Colorado but his forefathers were from Spain. I'm searching for more information concerning his forefathers.


Syndi Mcbride (View posts)
Posted: 924017825000
i am looking fo some info on my grand mother. she was a maestas. I am not sure where she was born but I know my mother was born in Co. so maybe you can help. My grandmother was Caroline Isobel Maestas. She married Roy Chavez Or Baca ( we are working on the right last name for my grandfather). I know she had a sister Named Mable. I also Know that she was supposed to be adopted then we found out that she had the same mother as Mable, but different father. Her father could have been a sheep hearder. I am having alot of trouble finding anything about her. If you could help it would be great.

Thanks Syndi


roma butler (View posts)
Posted: 924130390000
my dad's last name was maestas his father was spanish, his mother mexican and apatche indian. my e-mail is romy551899 if i can help anymore

maestas name

ROMA BUTLER (View posts)
Posted: 929238621000
i had an uncle named Benito Maestas that was a sheep hearder in co if you have any questions i can answer please write at romy551899aol

Maestas - origin

Chris Maestas (View posts)
Posted: 929562925000
My research indicates that "Maestas" is a name from the Basque region of Spain. I found that by just typing "Maestas" into my search engine, and looking at the results. Where and when those Basques and Spaniards came to the New World, is still a question.
Posted: 931602279000
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My grandfather was Juan Procopio maestas also spelled mestas. he was the sheriff of costilla county in san luis oldest town in colorado. he was a big and robust man had a red beard. also was a ranch foreman for billy carson brother of kit carson. he rode wild horses in rodeos. he was married to teresina montano who died at a young age. he was born in either nm or co. I found a maestas surname in rio arriba co. nm. his daughter's name my mother was ursula. I believe that they did come from either galicia spain or the basque region.

maestas surname

Roy maestas (View posts)
Posted: 931796262000
Hi my name is Roy nad my father is Frederico maestas of Colorado and he has a sister whose name is mable and she is a lot younger than my dad. He also had siblings. send me some e-mail and we will talk.

curious if related

to roy maestas (View posts)
Posted: 936948797000
hello roy where are you from? I have a aunt name mable maybe your a cousin. are you from colorado denver or where? write me back at My fathers name is davidmaestasand I have two sisters and we live in san antonio texas. What was your grandfathers name mine was cerrillio maestas and curious to find out info on him and on my grandfather. Do triplets run in your family.Because they do in ours. I heard from another maestas that they also had that also. My father was a war hero in the korean war and would like to find out if he had children from a korean woman he knew there. also write me and tell me about self. thanks diane maestas

subject grandfather and heritage

felix maestas (View posts)
Posted: 936949235000
hello I read that your grandfather was a sherrif in st luis. My grandfather was also a sherrif and or deputy not sure which. He was also in the st luis valley in colorado. I am wondering if he could have been agreat grandfather because he had a ranch but dont know great grandfathers name. I found out that our name did come from spain and it was because one of our ancestors married a french person. This happened in the time of the conquistadors and supposedly our name has evolved to maestas but use to be d'mestas
however this is just heresay. My fathers name was david maestas but at birth was something else called juan franscico maestas. I dont know if this helps or if we are related e-mail me aat thanks
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