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I was just searching for more "Lehde's" online. If you are one please write me. My name is Holly and I am a Lehde living in Texas.

Lehde Family

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This message is for Holly who is looking for Ledhe family members in Texas..

You didn't give me enough information on your ancestors. Since you didn't say what part of Texas you are from, I can only direct you to the Washington County Genealogy Website. There are a lot of Lehde families in this county, which Brenham, Texas
is the county seat.
When you find the Washington County Webpage, click on databases to view, when it comes up, click on Albert Hartstacks website. There you will find a lot
of Lehde names. Maybe you might find your ancestors there.

Good luck and good hunting in your search!
Ken Anderson

LEHDE family surname

Ron (View posts)
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Hi Holly,
I live in Victoria, TX, and am a native Texan. My g/grandfather was born in Germany and was brought over as a boy by his parents. They first came to Washington Co., TX., and moved over to Burleson Co., TX. I was born in Sweetwater, TX.
Anyway, my lineage is:
Ronald Val Lehde,
son of Walter Val Lehde,
s/o Valentine Wilhelm Fritz Lehde,
s/o Wilhelm Karl Lehde
s/o Johann Heinrick Karl Lehde,
s/o Gerherd Fredrick Lehde.
This is as far back as I have gone but I will be glad
to exchange whatever I have with you. There are some
more Lehdes I have a little bit on.
By the way, the email address is NOT "MLehde.." but "RNLehde..." for Ron and Nancy (my wife)Lehde.
I did not realize that some people would read the lower case rn as an m when I made it up.
Take care. Look forward to hearing from you.

Lehdes in Texas

Catherine (View posts)
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I am also a Lehde. My great grandmother Bess was from Germany and lived in Washington-on-the Brazos. She was a Mohr. Her daughter (Elsa) married Eric Fritz Lehde in Washington, Texas. Elsa died at age 29. My mother then moved with her father, Eric Fritz Lehde and siblings to Baytown, Texas. I am now in Austin and would like to know more. In particular I would like to know where in Germany the Lehdes came from, to Washington, Texas. It would be nice to visit that place in Germany. I would prefer to private email rather than have to post this publicly. But I can't figure out how to find your direct email addresses from your message board notes. Thank you. Grace and Peace.

Lehde Family

Holly Goss-Compton (View posts)
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Hi, I saw the posts on this board and my Mother's maiden name is Lehde. She was born in Bremen, Germany. Her father was Wilhem Lehde. He has a sister still living in Germany, my Mom just got back from Bremen.
It would be very interesting to find out if we are related.
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Hello Lehde's :)

My name is Holly and I am 21. You should also know that I am a "Lehde" also and live in Texas. My ancestors are from Germany. I am going to guess we are all family :P Hello Family! You can mail me at if you wanna chit! chat. I hope to hear from you/someone!


Re: LEHDE family surname

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I have John Lehde who was from Hanover, Germany. He came over in the 1800's with his brother Henry(?). They were separated upon arriving to NYC and never seen each other again. John was a schoolteacher who later became a gardener and florist near Buffalo, NY. Could we have the same family. Hannover and Breman are not to far away. Thanks

Re: LEHDE family surname

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Just thought I'd reply to you. I would guess that we all are from the same family somewhere up that tree. My fathers name is John Henry :) Sure this doesnt help much but I just like leaving things here ;)

Re: LEHDE family surname

Mark Lehde (View posts)
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Surnames: Lehde
Just thought I chime in. My name is Mark Evans Lehde and I am from the Missouri branch of the family. Born and raised in St. Louis I am the son of Harvey Evans Lehde (1916-1991) who was the son of Herman E. Lehde (1876-1945). Both were also born in St. Louis. My great grandfather was another Herman Lehde who died in 1911 although I believe that he might have been born in Germany. He was a Civil War vet but you Texans might be shocked to learn that he wore blue, your Yank in the woodpile I suppose. I have one son named Nicholas Evans Lehde, age eight and a daughter Natasha Elizabeth Lehde age two. My understanding is that this branch of the family has been in St. Louis since the late 1850's. There are a considerable number of Lehde's to be found in southern Illinois and I believe that the St. Louis branch came from the Illinois branch after it was detirmined that we were incapable of growing weeds in fertil soil. We've been city dwelers ever since. I recall my dad saying once that he could recall seeing letters that had been written between the Texas and Missouri and Illinois Lehde's before the turn of the century so there is a connection between the branches. I'd be gald to hear from anyone who can fill in blanks or would like to know more on this end.

Re: LEHDE family surname

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Surnames: Lehde
Think I have info for Ron Lehde on Lehde family and am a second cousin to you. Couldn't email you at address given here. Please email me.
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