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On 03.01.1870 MARIE LAVALLAIS(b.1850/1851?) MARRIED EDMOND LOUIS (b. 7.1848) presiding was Rev. J. Janeau of St. Joseph Church witnesses were: L.V. Gremillion, Eugene Gagnard, and Edouard de Generes.

This marriage took place in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana. Marie may have been AfroIndian but definitely African American. Children born to this marriage were: Louisa (1871) Marie (1874) Eugenia (1878) Marie L. (1877) Joseph (1886) Burton (1895 and MY GRANDFATHER THE OLDEST SON ALCADUS LOUIS (7/1880) he migrated to Luther, Oklahoma in 1907 with his wife Sophie Vilonia Greenhouse/Greenhoward.

ALCADUS LOUIS while in Oklahoma changed his name to Arcadia Joseph Lewis. I am looking for information on my great grandparents Marie Lavallais and Edmond Louis who were their parents? Also searching for the siblings of my grandfather and their descendants. Alcadus/Arcadia is the only one of his family who migrated to Oklahoma.

My father Berton (Burton) Zephaniah Louis/Lewis is his only living child he had 3 siblings and he has never met any of his father's family. Dad's mother Sophie Greenhouse died when he was 5 years old in 1929 but PAPA ALCADUS never returned home to the Parish he died in 1969 in Chandler Oklahoma.


family maybe

Alona Lavalais (View posts)
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I came across your message....My husband is a Lavalais(Different spelling). I don't know much about his family but I can ask....his father died a few years ago...his name was Albert Lavalais...and was born in Louisiana....I will try and find out more id u are interested...Alona

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Surnames: Lavallais, Louis, Thomas, Lewis, Harrison, Sims, Fitzhugh, Homers/Nomers,Magloires, Celestin(e)s , Nero,Greenhouse/Greenhoward
Hi Alona,
Yes I am very much interested and just checked the board trying to learn my way around the new Stuff! One "L" difference sounds like an Lavallais to me and he's from Louisiana so that sounds like my family!!! Please feel free to contact me at my email address. I am also looking for my father's Louisiana Louis and my mother's Lewis may be there too!!! Blessing on your Antoine search if I hear anything I'll let you know..........Judith "We are digging them up to plant them right."

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Surnames: Lavallais, Magloire, Neco
Hi, I am searching for my family history with the surnames lavallais, magloire, and neco. My immediate family is from louisiana and I would appreciate help from anyone who would like to share information so that we can help each other.


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I have a cousin who married a Lavallais...Ruby Mae Lavallais, in Avoyelle Parish in 1940. Ruby was born in 1921. Her father was Felix Lavaillas and mother was Ella Jones. I hope this helps. If you need any more information contact me.

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Hi Melissa,

My maternal Great Great grandfather was named Francois Thomas he was born about 1812 ( he says his father was born in Africa his mother in Louisiana) according to the Information on the 1880 Census ( he had a young wife, he was 68 and she was 28 b.abt. 1852) so I know that she Cannot Be my Great Great Grandmother this 2nd wife and Step Great Great Grandmother's name was Alzina ? So my Great Great Grandmother's name is unknown to me. But maybe it is Clara Lavly (Lavallais). This is unproven but the only lead that I have at present!!

At the time of this 1880 listing my great grandmother Virginia Georgina or Georgina Virginia (she uses both names ) on her marriage license ( but not together) was still at home and listed as the oldest child in the household at age 18 (which would have made her born in 1862) all other records show her as born in (04/1859) a 3 year difference in age. In the household was listed these other children:
Julien 17 (Not Alzina's too old), Viergelie 8, Francois 6, Marie 4, Thomas 2, and Henry 3/12 months born in March.

To my knowledge GGGpa Francois has at least 3 children who were adults (older than Georgina). Clara Thomas who married Jean Baptiste Greenhouse/Greenhoward (b.02/25/ 1846 ), Pheobe Thomas (b. ? ) who married Gabriel Magloire who was lynched in 1892 by the "White Caps" in Avoyelles Parish and whose brother was the deputy sheriff of Avoyelles Pierre Magloire. This lynching precipitated the move of my Great grandmother Georgina, two grand aunts, and one grand uncle Frank Thomas (b.? ) to Oklahoma with their families.

Great Grandma Virginia Thomas (b. 04/1859) married Joseph Jefferson Greenhouse (Greenhoward b. 11/1857) on March 15, 1881 in Avoyelles Parish , LA.

The 1870 census show GGGrandpa Francois as also married to Alzina she was 19 and his age is 5? My GGrandma Georgina who should have been 11 is not listed on this Census with the household, but there are children not listed on the 1880 census that are in this household. The listing includes:
Euphemia 15 (b. 1855 could be nickname for Pheobe?) female, Augustine 14 (b. 1856) female and Jules male 7 (b. 1863) maybe Julien who was 17 in 1880 the age is right) . Again all appear to be to old to be the children of Alzina who is age 19's in 1970. She would have been 12 if she bore the youngest child listed Jules.

There is one farther reason I believe he is not her child and it is also the reason that I believe that Clara Lavly might be my Great Great Grandmother. There appears in the Brides Book more than one Clara Thomas marrying (my grand aunt Clara T. married J. B. Greenhouse on 01/07/1877) BUT on 12/24/1880 a Clara Thomas married Tom Thomas. I do see other Clara/Claire/Clare Thomas throughout the Census rolls on various years around the parish and many Francois Thomas probably nieces and nephews of Francois ,but this one sticks with me the most:

On the 1880 Census I located a houshold not to far away with a Julian/Julien Thomas as head (age 21 b. abt 1859) He had a wife named Mary who is older than ( 29) and several children listed as sons and daughters with different surnames all to old to be his and 3 small children in the house with no family relationship listed then finally his mother is listed at Clara Lavly and she is Divorced. I believe that Julien's age is 3 years off as was Georgina and other sister verified elsewhere . I believe while listed at his dads household that maybe he was married and resides with his mother, an a older wife and stepchildren. Other surnames in his household were McEntire, Humphley/Humphrey and Canbel and Lavly. It is the only lead I have thus far and it is a hunch.

Melissa which Thomas families are you searching? I did answer you before but my post ended up under a different message. I was new to the board, computer and internet genealogy and my own family. Yes, we have Thomas, Lavallais, Sullivans. I have Neros but my Cousin has Neco's do you have any Louis are Greenhouses? You are in Louisiana, do you know of the Thomas who migrated to Oklahoma? The Celestin(e) the Magloire?? The ones who stayed home? My connection? Are we kin?


Re: family maybe

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Hi Judith,
I am very sorry I have not written you sooner, things have been pretty hectic for my husband and I are expecting a little one pretty soon. I am actually researching the Magloire or Maglorie at this time which has produced only few results. I have not been doing it long. At this time I have my grandmother Edna Magloire married my Grandfather Edward Neco in 1922.......Her parents were Adolph(e) Magloire and Josephine Lavallais or Lavalais....Her father's parents were Pierre Magloire and Josephine Jones.......Her mother's parents were Ludger LavalIais and Julien Charlot. Now, my grandfather Edward Neco's parents were Albert Neco and Azelia Thomas. I am originally from Marksville and my maiden name is Neco.....maybe your cousin can help me.....I have not researched Pierre Magloire but it would be interesting if he is the same one who you have down as the deputy sherriff of Avoyelles. Hopefully, I will discover more soon...for I have a little time off and want to continue my research....I will write back with any other information that I retrieve and I hope you write back soon too.

Re: family maybe

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Surnames: Lavallais, Louis, Thomas, Lewis, Harrison, Sims, Fitzhugh, Homers/Nomers,Magloires, Celestin(e)s , Nero,Greenhouse/Greenhoward
Hello Melissa.
For the second time this week I have posted you 2 very extensive post only to have them disappear when I clicked preview. The lost of the first post upset me so bad my blood sugar went up (made me sicK) and tonight it happen again so I am testing and will from now on do very short post Till I get it all said . I will start again Sunday night or Monday OK. It is late and I have been writing to you for.......hrs. It happens when I click preview so I will not this time.

"Yo Blood, My Blood, One Blood.........Judith"


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Surnames: Lavallais, Louis, Thomas, Lewis, Harrison, Sims, Fitzhugh, Homers/Nomers,Magloires, Celestin(e)s , Nero,Greenhouse/Greenhoward
Hello Melissa,

It's good to hear from you!! Happy New Year to you and your family and congratulations on your soon to arrive "Neco-Thomas". That is why we must continue our search, so the spirit of the ascendants may be there to breathe love and courage into their descendants at birth. You know life is Breath, Blood and Love!! I believe it is by a mutual family Spiritual that we are finding each other and I know they are pleased.

Where do we began? Let's talk about my 3rd cousin Sheila who is your first cousin?? Her letter was so like your's that I must share it with you.

Excerpt from letter:

10/02/2000 "I was born in Marksville, LA, IN 1960, To Lois and Buger Sullivan. Buger's father was Lemon Sullivan, and his father was John Sullivan. John Sullivan married Josephine Greenhouse in May 1878. Josephine Greenhouse's father was Richard Greenhouse. It looks like your family branched off to Oklahoma and mine stayed in LA. "

So Melissa Josephine Greenhouse (my Great Grand Aunt ) is my Great Grandfather's Joseph Jefferson Greenhouse's/Greenhoward youngest sister, and his father Richard Greenhouse was my Great Great Grandfather. From Sheila's account Josephine Greenhouse is Sheila's Great Grandmother my Great Grandfather is her Great Grand Uncle, and we share the same Great Great Grandparents Richard and Marie nee? Greenhouse, which makes us third Cousins.

Now here is your connection to my third cousin Sheila who you may already know!!

10/10/2000 "I looked at some of the other surnames at the end of your e-mail and saw that another matched, i.e., Maglorie. My mother, Lois Sullivan's mother was Edna (Neco) Magloire, and Edna's father was Adolphe Magloire. Adolphe, my Great-Grandfather took the name Magloire as a child. his parents were Alexandre Noguez and his mother was Marie Le Doux. As I understand it, Marie LeDoux left Alexandre after the birth of their last child. Adolphe, and "took up" with Pierre Magloire and changed Adolph's last name to Magloire. Again, this is what was told to me.

Let's see if any other surnames match. On my father's side, the Surnames are Sullivan, Greenhouse, Gonzales, Frank, Channel.

On my mother's side, the surnames are Nicholas (Neco), Thomas, Noguez-Magloire, LeDoux, Lavallais and Charlot."

So Melissa if Edna Magloire and Edward Neco-Nicholas are your grandparents and Sheila's Grandmother were also Edna Neco and Edward Magloire. Then your mutual grandparents makes you first cousin, your parents are siblings right??

Melissa I got a feeling that we have lots of family in common and if you don' t know Sheila than I will contact here and tell her about you and have her contact you or get permission to give you her email out of respect of privacy (smile). I have a history that she gave me with information about your/our family and I will share that with you. So tell me what kind of information do you needs and on who Ok? I will post some other tidbits to you later OK?

Now is Josephine and Ludger Lavallais any relation to my great grandmother Marie Lavallais? Do you have any Louis relations Celestins, Nero's, Thomas? Is my maternal Great Great Grandfather Francois Thomas any kin to your Thomas? Do you know who is wife was (his first wife that is) My Missing Great Great Grandmother.


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Surnames: Lavallais, Louis, Thomas, Lewis, Harrison, Sims, Fitzhugh, Homers/Nomers,Magloires, Celestin(e)s , Nero,Greenhouse/Greenhoward
Hi Melissa,

More Excerpts: 03/10/2001 (5 mths later)

' I haven't done any research on that side of the family lately. I've been talking to some folks from Marksville on the Lavallais side of the family. Alot of the folks down there are filling out applications for the Avogel (Avoyelles) Indian tribe which the Bureau of Indians Affairs is trying to reestablish. They hope that it will eventually lead to some money down the road as in reparations for the land that was stolen from them.

We will be going to Marksville for a family reunion on the 4th of July. ...........When was the last time you were there?

Excerpt: 03/25/2001

It looks like we may be related on the "Thomas" side of the family also. As you can see my Great-grandfather, Albert Neco, married Azelia Thomas in 1878. My uncle said she was Indian. I don't know who her parents were. I wonder if she was a sister of your Clara and Virginia Thomas.

As far as the Lavallais side of the family, my Great-Grandfather, Adolphe Magloire Noguez, married a Josephine Lavallais. We were told that she was Indian and when I go to Marksville in July, I like some of my cousins, will fill out all of the necessary paperwork to register with the Indian Tribe, Avogel Indians, as they are called. If you know you are a descendent.........already confirmed that we are descendents of that tribe.

Lastly, the family reunion in Marksville, is more of a family get-together. There will be descendents of the Neco's and Frank's leg of the family..........My aunt, who is married to a Greenhouse is hosting the reunion. Anyway it's going to be the weekend after July 4th and you are more than welcome to attend.

Excerpts from a family history written in 1988 by a cousin Eric Ivy who I never had the pleasure of meeting. Eric resided in Stockton CA and is now deceased. It is because of his "keeping of the flame " his recording of oral history told by our ancestor to their descendants about their lives in Louisiana and their sojourn and quest for a new home that I at least knew my Greenhouse/Greenhoward Ancestors and the surnames of my kin.

It appears that Eric took information from family members in California, traveling to Oklahoma, and then eventually on to Marksville, Avoyelles Parish, LA to confirm and document the stories told by his grandmother (my Grand Aunt ) Josephine Greenhoward Pierro daughter of our Great Grandparents Joseph Jefferson and Virginia Georginia Thomas Greenhoward and . His grandmother was the sister of my grandmother Sophie Vilonia /Greenhoward ( who died at age 44 and who I also never had the joy of meeting) . The sad truth is I have never had the pleasure of meeting any of these people but I am happy to know that they are mine.

In Louisiana he meet Leo Greenhouse, Doris Deselle, and James Greenhoward who along with the courthouse, vital statistic, census records, and family Bibles validated much of what he was told.

Excerpt Eric Ivy History (pt. 2) 1988:

"After the Civil War, Officials in Avoyelles Parish appointed a black sheriff and deputy sheriff. The sheriff was Pierre Magloire and his deputy was Alex Noguez. Because of the bitterness over losing the Civil War, as well as having blacks placed in positions of authority, many of the whites formed a group called the "White Caps", which later became known as the Ku Klux Klan.

The Klan began to harass blacks. Ateempting to scare them into submission, they burned many out of their homes, destroyed crops, drove families from their homes in the middle of the night , and finally lynched many.

One man that was lynched during this time was Gabriel Magloire. He was the brother-in-law of Jean Baptiste and Jefferson Greenhoward. Jean Baptist married Clara Thomas and Jefferson married her sister, Georgiana Thomas. A third sister, Phoebe Thomas, married Gabriel Magloire. After Gabriel was lynched in 1892, Jean Baptiste and his family, Phoebe Magloire and her children , and several other families in Marksville decided to move to Oklahoma Territory. They left Louisiana by wagon train in 1892, carrying with them a wagon full of ammunition and a large church bell to be used when they eventually built a church.

FYI: I was told they hid the wagon full of ammunition (which was to insure them safe passage out of Avoyelles and eventually Louisiana ) with Spanish Moss, and yes they reached Oklahoma settled near what is present day Luther Oklahoma, built a church called St. Lukes Baptist and rang that church bell.!!

Excerpt from Sheila on Pierre Magloire 03/27/2001.

The Alex Noguez mentioned in the story, is my Great-Great Grandfather. Actually, he was the Sheriff and Pierre Magloire was the Deputy. I have the actual records from the courthouse. The story goes, Alex Noguez married.........and they had several children, the last being my Great-Grandfather, Adolph. Anyway, Alex's wife left him after the birth of Adolph and took up with Pierre Maglorie and Adolph took the name of Maglorie. That is how the Maglorie name is introduced to our family line. All descendents from Adolph then carried the name Maglorie.

This time.........was typed as written all other times......meant I omitted statements.

I really don't know who was the Deputy and who was the Sheriff haven't searched for myself (LOL).
Melissa I was told that the Magloire/Maglorie/Macglories/McGlory, Macglorie/MaGlory etc., came from Haiti after the Haitian Revolution and were free people of color, possibly never slaves. in the 1860 Census Schedule of Free Inhabitants there is listed a male Magloire, his first name was not recorded.

Melissa write soon. What do you know about the Lavallais family?? Until last year I had never heard of the name pronounced

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