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Family of Conrad Lautzenhausser and Maria Magalena Thielmann

Family of Conrad Lautzenhausser and Maria Magalena Thielmann

Gladys Turman (View posts)
Posted: 923595648000
About 1660 is as far back as we can get on the Lautzenhausser (LautzenhauBer) family of Lautzenhaussen Rhineland,Germany.The family was married and Baptised in the tiny village of Sohren, Germany not far from Lautzen.People still do as they did hundreds of years ago in this tiny Village they rise early and head for the fields to tend their crops.The tiny Church with a tall steeple still stands in the Village where the family attended. Conrad married Maria Magdalena Thielmann in 1708 Sohren according to the Church records. Conrad died before 1741 Sohren. Maria was the widow of Johann Matthias Schmidt who died in 1697. Maria and Conrad had two children that we know of. Anna Magdalena born abt. 1709 and Henrich David Lautzenhiser, born 10 Oct. 1711, our immigrant. He married a French girl from alsace Lorraine, France.( name unknown) From this couple descends thousands of descendants in America.

Henrich David Lautzenhiser (Lautzenhausser) and Maria Catherina ?

Gladys Turman (View posts)
Posted: 923597793000
Henrich David Lautzenhiser was born 10 Oct. 1711, Sohren, Rhineland Germany, the son of Conrad Lautzenhausser and Maria Magdalena Thielmann. According to the Church Records of Sohren they had the following Children:
1. Johann Jakob, born 1736 Sohren, died 14 feb. 1806 West Salem, Mercer County,Pa.He married Elizabeth Margaretha Bohrn, 15 jan. 1760 in Buechenbeurn, Germany. Elizabeth died before 1800 in Westmoreland County, Pa. as she wasn't mentioned being with Johann when he moved into Mercer county in 1800. Johann Jacobs clan uses the spelling (Loutzenhiser)( see family of Johann Jacob on another forum)
2.Henrich Balthasar, born 1 March 1739 Sohren, Germany. His Estate was proven, 19 Sept. 1805, Westmoreland Co. Pa.He was in the Rev. War under Capt. James Young's company 1780 to 81. His wife was named Elizabeth..
3. Johann Nickel, born 2 october 1741, Sohren, Germany
4.Johann Peter, born 20 Feb. 1744 Sohren, Germany died 5 March 1805, Beaver County, Pa.
Johann Peter married Anna Barbara Schneider. Several of his descendants went into Stark County, Ohio.(see family of)
5. Son, born 23 Jan. 1747 Sohren, Germany "name too faded in old Church record to read"
Henrich, Johnann,and Peter came to America with their families on the Ship "Snow Tryall" 2 Dec. 1764.They eventually settled in Hempfield, Westmoreland Co. Pa. before the westward migration begin.Many new settlers were killed by the Natives in this area and it has been handed down that Henrich David and Maria Catherina were killed during one of the uprisings.
Mark Painter, Rt.1 Box 1060, fredonia, Pa. spent many months finding data at Court Houses, etc. He does have books for sale on the Johann Jacob line that contains many maps and Court records.There are several researchers on the family and we all try to combine our data, and we welcome any data from any other researchers of the family that we don't know about. It seems that Henrich Balthasar had all girls, one possibly being named Mary. Could use help on this family line. Johann Nickel, either died young or remained in Germany with relatives.Also the unnamed son, the youngest remained in Germany or died young.This leaves Johann Jacob and Johann Peter being the ones who started the hugh Loutzenhiser and Lautzenhiser families of America...

Johann Joseph Loutzenhiser and Elizabeth Bohrn

Gladys Turman (View posts)
Posted: 923599164000
Johann Jacob Loutzenhiser (Lautzenhausser) was born in 1736 Sohren, Rhineland, Germany near the town of Lautzenhaussen.Married, 15 Jan. 1760, Sohren, Germany to Elizabeth Margaretha Bohrn.died before 1800 Westmoreland County, Pa. Johann Jacob was a son of Henrich David Lautzenhiser and Maria Catherina..? Johann Jacob went into Mercer County, Pa. in 1800 settled in West Salem Twp. near Greenville. His son in Law John Ludwig Probst went first into the County in about 1792. He was a French land agent. Johann Jacob died 11 Feb. 1806 West Salem, Mercer Co. Pa.He and Elizabeth had the following children:
1. Henrich, born 1761 Sohren, Germany died 7 July 1834 Westmoreland Co. Pa. wife Judith Marchard (1779-1829) They had a large family which I will post at a later date)
2. Elizabeth, born 1765 Westmoreland Co. pa. married John Ludwig probst.
3.Jacob J born 1767 Westmoreland Co. Pa. died 1821/22 Mercer Co. Pa. married Mary Klingensmith. To Mercer Co. in 1794.
4. John, born 1769 Pa. died 12 Nov. 1861 Mercer County, Pa. married margaret Harnit
5. David, born 1770 Westmoreland co. Pa. died 10 jan. 1843 Norton, Summit County, Ohio married Catherina Long, born9 Aug. 1772, Lancaster Co. Pa. married 1794 westmoreland co. Pa. Went to Ohio about 1828. Anna Catherina was a daughter of Ludwick Long and Anna Elizabeth Kuntz.( will post family later)
6.Johann Peter, born 1771 Westmoreland co. Pa. died 1799 Greenville, Mercer Co. Pa. Peter never married and willed all his property to his father.

Johann Jacob, not Johann Joseph Sorry

Gladys Turman (View posts)
Posted: 923599401000
made a mistake,typed Joseph instead of Jacob.

This Family needs lots of work

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A surname variant that you didn't list is mine, Lutzenhiser.
I have traced back as far as John Joseph Lutzenhiser,
who was married to Minna Gregg (he was born in 1843).
I am pretty sure that he was the son of
Joseph Henry (you have L.) Lutzenhiser, who
was married to Samantha Graves (you have Groves).
I think that the spelling changed to Lutzenhiser about
this time. I would be happy to share what I
have, limited though it may be. If this family
needs lots of work. I guess that I should do
it as it is my branch. How are you related to
the Lutzenhisers (Loutzen..Lautzen..etc)?


Stuart Lutzenhiser


Jeffrey T, Lautzenheiser (View posts)
Posted: 931121667000
I am responding to your message because I am one lost lautzenheiser that can not find his roots. My name is Jeffrey T. Lautzenheiser and I was born in 12/07/1960. I am trying to find my father but having no lucy at all. Maybe you can help. His name is Gearld Ivan Lautzenheiser. He was a Sgt. in the army in 1960 went I was born. I beleive he was from Ohio, or I think that he was station in Ohio.
If you could help me it would mean the world to me. Thank you,Jeff

Family of Henrich Loutzenhiser and Judith Marchand

Gladys Turman (View posts)
Posted: 932395909000
Henry or Henrich Loutzenhiser was born 1761 Sohren, Rhineland, Germany died 6 April 1834 Westmoreland County, Pa. Henry was a son of Johann Jacob Loutzenhiser and Elizabeth Bohrn and the grandson of Henrich David Lautzenhiser and his wife maria Catherina ? Henry died, 6 April 1834 North Huntingdon Westmoreland co. Pa. and was buried in the Old Brush Creek Cemetery. He was an Ensign, 1st Battalion, Light Infantry, Indian Wars. He married Judith Marchand born 1770 Pa. the daughter of Dr David Marchand and his wife Elizabeth.Judith died, 25 June 1828 and is also buried in the Brush Creek Cemetery. They were the parents of 13 children, all born in Westmoreland County,Pa.
1.Elizabeth, born 9 May 1792, married Andrew Drummond
2.Jacob l, born 6 Feb. 1793 died 22 April 1845 married Catharine Kiefer
3.Susanna, born 1 April 1794 died 1 Nov.1857, married George Ludwig
4.Anna Maria, born 5 Sept. 1785 married George Cleppenger.
5. Catharine, born 1 June 1797 died before 1834 married Arannan Bassett.
6.David, born 5 June 1799, married Margaret Cavett.
7.Esther, born 6 Dec.1800 died 22 July 1870 married Sampson Wallace.
8.Sarah, born 12 Jan. 1802
9. Hannah, born 25 Aug. 1804
10. Agnes (Nancy) born 30 May 1806 married Daniel Kelly.
11.Henry, born 16 Feb.1808 died 3 Feb. 1902 single.
12.William, born 23 Dec. 1809 died abt. 1849 married Catherine Mahaffey.
13. John, born 1811 died about 1871 married Mary Mahaffey.


Gladys Turman (View posts)
Posted: 932396672000
I have never done any research on the Lutzenhisers. I know when the census was taken one time in Westmoreland Co. they spelled the name Lutzenhiser, but was later spelled correctly as spelled in Germany Lautzenhiser or Lautzenhaussen, Lautzenhaussen Germany is near the Hahn Airforce base in Rhineland Germany and the tiny Village of Sohren where my Lautzenhisers were born and baptised still looks about the same as it did when they were there. The tiny Church is still there and the people still arise early each morning and go to the fields to work in their crops.My Ancestor Conrad Lautzenhaussen, later Lautzenhiser after coming to America in 1764, married Maria Magdalene Thielmann ( a widow, she was married to a Schmidt) This is as far back (1660) as we could find in records in Sohren. Only two children listed for them Magdalena and Henrich David (our Ancestor who came to America on the Ship Tryall 2 Dec. 1764. Sorry I can't be of more help. Gladys Turman

Ivan Lautzenhiser

Gladys Turman (View posts)
Posted: 932397239000
Jeffery, please forgive me for being so long to reply to your message, but I have been so busy this summer that i haven't worked on my message boards lately. You are no doubt descended from the Henrich Peter Lautzenhiser clan that went into Beaver Co. Pa. and then later some of his children went to Stark County, Ohio. I am from the brother of Henrich Peter, who used the spelling of Loutzenhiser and went into Mercer County, Pa. then my David Loutzenhiser went into Summit County, Ohio about 1828 and later moved to Pike County, Illinois.It is hard finding people after 1920 as thats when the Census records cut off. you might try the Social Security records but if he is still living that wouldn't help you either.Have you tried the white pages of ohio? There are Web sites that have people searches on them. Sorry i couldn't be of help. Gladys Turman

Family Of Jacob L Lutsenhizer and Catharine Kiefer

Gladys Turman (View posts)
Posted: 932397948000
Jacob L Loutzenhiser, was born 6 Feb. 1793 Westmoreland County, Pa. died 22 April 1845 Spruce Twp. Bates County, Missouri. Buried in the Dickison Cemetery Deepwater, Bates county, Missouri. He married first to Nelly Larkin. Jacob was the son of Henrich Loutzenhiser and Judith Marchand. He married second to Catharine Kiefer born 3 April 1803 died 31 Dec. 1863 Henry twp. Bates Co. Missouri. They were the parents of the following Children:
1.Sarah, born 13 Nov. 1820 Westmoreland Co. Pa. died 11 April 1872, married 27 Nov. 1853 to Joshua N Durand.
2.Henry, born 1 May 1826 died 12 Sept. 1857
3.Oliver P, born 1828, Licking Co. Ohio ? died 1862
4.Margaret, born 1831
5. Abiah, born 30 Oct. 1844, married to James R Simpson.
6.Thomas Benton, born 29 March 1842 Bates, Mo. died 21 June 1900, married Sallie Ewin
7.William, born 15 jan.1840 died 186?
8 Esther, born 1835 ohio died 1868
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