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I am looking for the family of Lathe or Leathe living in the Mass. area in the 1620s. I do not know where they originated or who the parents were. Francis married Mary; another Francis married Sarah Floyd. Robert married Eunice Parker and Asa married Priscilla Rawson. Please let me know if you can help with any of this information. Thanks.


Joyce Senical (View posts)
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There are Lathes in my family. Have you tried Sturbridge, MA or Grafton, MA? I'm not sure how far back they go in those towns, but you should find something.

Robert or Asa Lathe

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My ancestors were in Grafton Ma and Rumney Marsh in the early 1600s. I need to know where they came from originally and the fathers name. Thanks.

Francis and Asa Lathe

Virginia Tee (View posts)
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Francis Lathe was b. about 1654 (England?)
died Dec. 29, 1738 (Woburn, Ma) married Mary 1683 in Boston, who died March 23, 1757 (Woburn, MA). They had Francis Lathe b. 1689 (?) who married Sarah Floyd; Mary b. Dec. 23, 1686 married ___ Lumins; Sara married ___ Blanchard; and John b. 1690?. Francis Lathe was born in Rumney Marsh and died Jan. 12, 1733. He married Sarah Floyd b. Jan 28, 1688 (Boston) on March 25, 1713. (She died Oct. 14, 1715). They had Robert Lathe b. July 19, 1717 d. May 26, 1774 (Grafton, MA) who married Eunice Parker; Ebenezer Leathe b. June 3, 1719 who married Elizabeth ______; Mary b. Sept. 24, 1724 who married Edmond Richardson; and Benjamin Lathe b. August 2, 1714. Robert Lathe was born in Woburn, Ma and Oct. 10, 1738 married Eunice Parker b. Dec. 9, 1712 in Woburn, MA (She died Jan.27, 1794. They had Asa Lathe b. Nov. 14, 1761 who married Priscilla Rawson; Jabez Lathe b. Nov. 19, 1752 who married Sara ____; Zepheniah Lathe b. May 16, 1754 who married Lucretia Child; Rhoda Lathe b. June 26, 1743 who married James Torry; Sarah Lathe b. Nov. 27, 1746 who married Danial Duggan; Benjamin Lathe b. June 9, 1749; Ezra Lathe b. Sept. 29, 1751; Eunice Lathe b. July 30, 1739 who married Jonathan Pierce. asa was born in Grafton, Priscilla Rawson was born in Uxbridge MA on Apr. 16, 1763. They were married in Northbridge, MA on Sept. 6, 1786 and had Orin Lathe b. June 26, 1788 who married Thankful Elliot; Sarah (Polly?) Lathe b. Sept. 1, 1789 who married Thaddeus Elliot Jr.; Jerimiah Lathe who married Betsey ____; Rawson Lathe b. 1787 who married Sally _____; Moses Lathe b. 1790 (?); David Lathe b. 1797; Dean J. Lathe b. 1799/1801 who married Betsey T.; Nancy Lathe b. 1798 who married Anthony Travisie; Arron Lathe b. 1797 who married Esther Prodice; Prissila J. Laythe. Asa was living in Worcester county in 1800 (Deerfield Memorial Library).

Asa, Robert, Francis Lathe

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I read the message from Virginia Tee. I have a question regarding her information: Robert Lathe was born in 1717 but his mother died in 1715. Is there another mother involved and if so who is she? Most of the children must be from the other mother. Could you help enlighten me on this question?
I have a name of Hannah Walsh. Does it make any connection with your information?
Thanks for any help you can give me

Francis Lathe/Sarah Floyd

Virginia Tee (View posts)
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The information that I have comes from a roster of Lathe/Laythe/Leathes that was compiled by Laurance C. Laythe of Derby Line, VT after many years of research. Unfortunately, non-Lathe/Laythe/Leathes are not indexed by name, so I don't know if a Hannah Walsh shows up anywhere. I have looked some, but don't see her. As far as Sarah Floyd is concerned, she is the daughter of Hugh Floyd and Eleanor Floyd from Rumney Marsh in Boston. Her sister, Eleanor married Francis' brother John -- this is our branch of that family. The notation in the book that I have for Sarah indicates a question about her death date and a statement that she may have married Samuel Bancroft in Reading Mass Aug. 22, 1733 (the year that Francis died). This indicates to me that there may have been a question as to whether or not her death record was accurate. The only reference on the page to an actual record is "Woburn, Mass. record of deaths, p. 111." It does not state whether this provided the information for Francis' death or for Sarah's or both, but it would probably be a good place to start. Good luck!

Lathe Surname

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Thank you Virginia for your help. I at least have some information and an idea of what to look for and where.
I had heard that there was a rift in the family and when one of the Lathe's died the wife burned all of the records. Perhaps this was Sarah Floyd if she married after he died. I know our records just seem to end. We don't know where they came from originally when they came to New England. Thanks again for your help.

Re: Francis Lathe/Sarah Floyd

TJ Lathe (View posts)
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Surnames: Lathe
Wow! Earliest I've been able to go is 1738. The family tradition is the Lathe's came originally from England. Harvard Library has a deed from about 1400.

I would like to contact Laurence Laythe. My branch of the Lathe family seems to come form the Northern area of Vermont. Does anyone know how to reach him?

Re: Francis Lathe/Sarah Floyd

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My family came from Albany,Newport and area towns of Vermont. My grandmother, Julia Lathe was from Albany and my father was born in Newport,Vt. I have been trying to find out more about my grandmother as I have been told she was of Indian descent. Any information I have that you would like to receive, please contact me. Esther

Re: Francis Lathe/Sarah Floyd

V. Tee (View posts)
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Orin & Thankful Laythe are buried in Derby and their descendants are in Derby (or in Orleans County). Hope this helps.
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