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Family History

Family History

Michael W. Koffler (View posts)
Posted: 935098680000
Just a note here to inquire about relatives from either Austria, Germany, Russia. My own family line begins in Germany and goes to North Dakota. Comments?

Koffler relatives

Brahna Derr (View posts)
Posted: 945638395000
My Koffler relatives come from the area around
Kolomea in what is now the Ukraine. I don't
know if that is any help to you.

Like to know more about my roots

Julie Levell (View posts)
Posted: 950423855000
I am the granddaughter of Joseph and Clara Koffler of Erie, PA. That's where they settled after coming over from Germany. Not sure the exact date but I believe it would be around 1919. I know it was before Hitler took power. It is my understanding that I have relatives still in Germany.

Everything I've read so far talks about Hungry and Poland and the people being Jews and being in concentration camps. I'm not Jewish but am wondering if maybe we really are but they changed that for saftey reasons.

If you know anything I would like to hear it.

Thank you.


Chelsey Koffler (View posts)
Posted: 951310817000
Hi, i am a grandaughter of Adam and Dorthy Koffler. My father was Lyle Koffler.


Chelsey Koffler (View posts)
Posted: 952518626000
I am the grandaughter of Adam Koffler. I believe he was born in New England, North Dakota or at least grew up there. I do know for a fact though that we have family in Germany.

Concerning the religion of the Koffler's all of the ones i know and that are my close relatives are Catholic. I have never know any Koffler who was not. That does not mean there isn't some.

Adam Koffler

Chelsey Koffler (View posts)
Posted: 952518880000
I was just wondering if your father or grandfather was a brother to the late Adam Koffler. He grew up in North Dakota but moved to Arkansas during the middle of 1980 to be with one of his sons and his family.


Julie Shreve Levell (View posts)
Posted: 952519546000
Since my orginal post I have discovered that my grandfather Joseph Julius Koffler was born in 1906 Herlikofen Germany and came to the USA in 1930 and settled in Erie, PA. He died in 1997 in Port Charlotte, FL where my Mother Gerda Louise Koffler Shreve moved him to be closer to her.

It turns out that most definately his family was Catholic and that's why he left Germany. My grandmother, Clara Elsa Kolb was Luthern and her parents wouldn't allow them to marry. So they immigrated to USA.

My Mom and Aunts now are telling me stories of other Kofflers in Erie but they were all Jewish. I know of no other Kofflers that came from my line in Germany but have read alot about Jewish Kofflers that fled from Hitler and afterwards. I know some died in concentration camps.

Thanks for responding to my post.

trying to build a family tree

ruthie hadad (View posts)
Posted: 957090285000
my grandmother was called Klara Koffler. She was born in Vienna, Austria. Her parents - Jakob and Sara Koffler and their doughter Hella left Vienna in 1940 on their way to Israel, but they never got there because the germans got to them. They were jews of course. My grandmother's aunt left to the U.S.A before the war, but the contact with her and her children did not remain. Last week I found my grandmother's father's name in the lists of people who owned an insurance policy in Vienna before the war. We are trying to claim that mony, but we need to provide evidance for the family ties. anyone who can help will be doing a good deed. thans.

Koffler Relatives

Pat Klein (View posts)
Posted: 961228155000
My grandfather was Anton Koffler, in North Dakota
My grandmother was Ottilia Fischer

I don't know any other Koffler

Our Roots

Posted: 976362024000
Edited: 993314142000
Dear Jerry,

Appreciate another Koffler added to list.
Found my grandfather Henry Koffler's grave.
He was born in 1876 in Brooklyn, New York. He had 3 children, Daniel, Charles and Josephine. Wife was Henrietta Bours. His mother
was Anna Koffler and I have reason to believe that his father was also named Henry. Family originated in Germany but at time of immigration (about 1840) area they came from was under French
control. They spoke French and German but
considered themselves German.
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