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Sandra White (View posts)
Posted: 966334579000
Anyone with information regarding Kjella's in Norway or the US is encouraged to reply. My maiden name is Kjella and I am searching for anyone that would like to help. Other family is urged to respond.

Thank You,
Sandra (Kjella) White

Kjella Surname

margaret (View posts)
Posted: 972336667000
Hello Sandy,

Get in touch with me at as there are many who can help you with your project--especially Kenneth.



Kerry (View posts)
Posted: 977592631000
My husband's grandmother, Elisa "Kjella" Ross (Roos), was born in Norway February 23,1880 at Brandu near Hadeland, Norway. Elisa's father (Gulbrand Christenson) had two wives. The first wife's name was Ellina Kjella and to this union were born five children. Kari and Rangdi(twins), Kjersti,Ole and Ellina. At Elllina's birth,both mother and child died.
Does this sound familiar?


Sandra White (View posts)
Posted: 977769263000
do you have any other information that would help in where this part of the family ties in? I am under the impression that all Kjella's that were born over there were related closly. Does the names Martin, Anders, Tallef, Gunhild, Anton or Ole Kjella ring any bells? Anette Madsdatter was married to Anders Ellingson Kjella and they had the above named children including a son that went to the US in 1900. This was my grandfather Edward. I asked my dad and he remembers his father talking about the same locations that you mention. Some of the names are also mentioned to him by his father but he can't recall whome they would be exactly. He seems to think that she was a daughter or neice of Anders. Write me back so we can comapre notes. Thank you for your response.

Merry Christmas
Sandra (Kjella) White


Kerry Chose (Kjos) (View posts)
Posted: 978092502000
Hi There!
The Kjella name was taken by some of my husband's family as they were cottars at Kjella Brandu near Hadeland,Norway. Other than I mentioned before about Gulbrand Christianson's first wife - Ellina Kjella, I'm not sure where the tie is. I know that when they worked the land of the landowner Kjella, the children born there took the last name of the landowner. My husband's grandmother-Elisa Ross's (Roos) maiden name was Elisa Gulbrandotter Kjella.


Sandra Whites (View posts)
Posted: 980397383000
Hello again,

I was wondering if you could provide me with some dates? I have traced the Kjella family to the 1866 census in Norway. If I am not mistaken, there was two plads during that time with the Kjella name. After doing exhuastive searching through several search engines, I was able to trace the kjella name as far back as 1766. I have some information but what I do have is also not anything I can tie together. Do you know much about Norwegian genealogy? I have not a clue! To say the least, I am stuck on this part of my family tree. I have been recording every possible link but even then I run into trouble. One problem I have come across is that Kjella is a popular Sweedish nick name. Have any suggestions?

Sandra White


Kerry Chose(Kjos) (View posts)
Posted: 981020947000
Hi Sandra!
My knowledge of Norwegian genealogy is pretty limited. The explanation I'm giving you is from my husbands "Kjella Family History Book" that his cousin researched and made for his family. She explains it this way. My husbands family were mostly "cottars". Cottars were merely tenants on the land they farmed. Because they were not the landowners, they were not registered in the records prior to 1720. Only the landowner was registered. Later, when the cottar purchased the land, his name was in the register. The name "Kjella" belonged to the owner of the land on which several families farmed. If the cottars last name was Christenson, it meant he was the son of Christen. If he lived on the Kjella land, he would then add the name Kjellaeiet to the name Christenson. The "eiet" or sometimes "eie" added to the end of the name merely meant owner of the land. Therefore, anyone adding the name "Kjellaeiet" to their name, was announcing that they lived on the Kjella property, but was not necessarily related in any way to the Kjella family. Was your family cottars or owners of the Kjella farm? I hope this helps.

Kjella Surname

Sandra S White (View posts)
Posted: 981053552000
From what I understand, from the 1865 Norwegian Census, my family owned the buildings but the land was owned by the King. I guess that is the way it was. Again, I found them in the 1900 Census but it showed some variation as to the location. As I do not speak or read Norwegian, this project of trying to figure out what is contained in the Census has been quite a trial. I am at odds with this research at the moment! How far back does this research go that your family researched? Is is accessable on the web? I would be interested in seeing your family's research!

Really, I am not sure if they were considered owners or not. If owning a building on property that is the same way you are describing how your family got the Kjella name. Let me know what you think!

Thanks again,

Kjella name by cottar

Kerry Chose (View posts)
Posted: 981308354000
Hi again!
The information I put on here is not on the web, but comes from a personal geneology book put together by a family member. In reading further, it talks of trying to trace the ancestry back to the "Harfagre" family. Harold Harfagre was King of Norway from 872-933. It could not be linked. Our ancestors were merely "cottars" and there is where the problem lies. I'm just as confused as you. Please let me know if you dig up anything that gives some clarity.

Kjella Surname info

Sandra S White (View posts)
Posted: 981366252000
Hello again,
I found some information in the Latter Day Saints family history center. I have not added them to my family as of yet because I am not sure of how they tie in. You might want to check it out to see if there is a true connection to your family. Some of the names I have are Mads Ellingson, Elling Andersen, Anne Tomasdatter, Anders Ellingsen (my great-grandfather), Hans Andreasen, Marie Olsdatter, Elling Madsen, Olava Madsdatter etc. Mads Ellingsen was listed as "Husmand med jord" on the Olla farm in Norderhov and Elling Andersen was listed as "Gaardbruger og Selveier" on the Kjaella farm in Norderhov.
Gubrand Kjella, Elina Oldsdatter, Kjersti Kjella, Christoffer Smedshammer, Henrick Larson Kjella, Anne Hansdatter, Marie Henricksdatter Kjella, Pauline Henricksdatter Kjella, Petter Henricksen Kjella, Hans Henricksen Kjella, Lars Henricksen Kjella.
Let me know if this looks familiar.
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