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Eileen Christensen (View posts)
Posted: 924651497000
I would like to know where the Kirkhart surname comes from... I believe Germany.
My KIRKHARTis Jacob Kirkhart b abt 1772 in Virginia and marr 28 Jun 1799 to Elizabeth Batt-Bott, he died in Highland Co., Ohio. She was born 17 Oct 1772 in Virginia and died 24 May 1849 in Ohio. I believe the next generation back to be Anthony/Anton Kirkhart and Veronica Albrecht. Is there anyone out there working on Kirkhart,Kephart,Kirkard-variations? Thanks to all.

eileen christensen


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My mother's maiden name was Kirkhart. I do believe
it is of German origin. Unfortunately, my father
gave all his genealogical material to a cousin
upon mother's death. What I have indicates
Jacob is an ancestor.

german spelling

lael kirkhart (View posts)
Posted: 932221883000
the german spelling is Kirkhardt.
If you are interested, I have my family's geneology for several generations, including the names of the 2 brothers that came off "the boat"
My family's branch is settled primarily in the south- Missouri and Georgia. Unfortunately, I do not have the records handy at the moment( i was just net-surfing), but if you are interested, I would be happy to pull the file out of the drawer and send?e-mail anything that I may have that would be of use.

Hello fellow Kirkharts

Lisa M. Kirkhart (View posts)
Posted: 941567248000
Hi. I just thought I would see what I could find about my family. I am from Akron, Ohio. I only have info. reg. my immediate family, but interested in the whole picture. Basicly, just wanted to say "hi."


Marj Hohnbaum (View posts)
Posted: 964122185000
I am a descendant of Jacob Kirkhart (Virginia)
John Washington Kirkhart (Ohio) Jacob Kirkhart
(Ohio, then Iowa Oklahoma) who was the father
of my grandfather Jacob Kirkhart (Iowa, then
Oklahoma). My father was Robert S. Kirkhart.
I have quite a bit of Kirkhart research that
I'd be glad to share with other Kirkhart family
members. Though it does appear that our Kirkharts
came to the US from Germany, we were always
told we were Irish. Our grandfather sang and
danced Irish music. In 1634, there is a
Robert Kirkhart in the records in Scotland.
If anyone knows anything that would clarify this
Scot Kirkhart along with the German Kirkharts,
we'd enjoy hearing it. Thanks.
Marjorie Louise Kirkhart Hohnbaum


Marj Hohnbaum (View posts)
Posted: 964122384000

I'd appreciate your sharing any Kirkhart
information you could e-mail to me at Jacob Kirkhart (Virginia)
is our ansestor.


Marjorie Louise Kirkhart Hohnbaum

German spelling

Robert A. Heil (View posts)
Posted: 970831344000
I don't dispute the German spelling which you show. I believe, however, that there is a different German spelling. I have found it to be KIRCHHARDT. Pennsylvania records show Antonius Kirchhardt who I believe is the father of Jacob Kirkhart. Moreover, there is a village named Kirchhardt in Germany near Heilbronn. I have tried to link that village with our family without success.

More Kirkharts

Posted: 971204488000
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My family is also descended from Anthony Kirkhart (one of his brothers was Jacob). I'd love to get more information on this family or share what I have. Please email me at


BILL JONES (View posts)
Posted: 973135451000
My great grandmother,1870-1953 was Capitola Kirkhart and her mom and dad were Joseph Franklin D. 1912, Osceola Iowa, who was in Ohio union army late 63-65 and was in Anderson prison in Ga. he was married to Louisa E. Murphy, she died same place 17 of March1871 and had six kids, his Dad was Joseph W. Kirkhart and was marriedto Maey Duff who was my g.grandmother's grandmother she died in Ohio 1848 on july 15-- Joseph w. Kirkhard remarried to Eliza J. who per my G. Grand mother was a real bear and mean,also they had two more kids, Jacob Kirkhart was J. W. K. father and he was married to Elizabeth Batt who died a year after Mary Duff did and Jacob's mom and dad are Antonius Kirchhand and Veronica Albrecht and Veronica was married to henry Dohm and they had one girl. You can e- mail at I am working on all side of my family's history Bill G. Jones


Jessica Mullins (View posts)
Posted: 977091802000
Hi Lael! This is pretty neat I was just searching around and I found your name.
I had to do a Fam tree For English so I have alot of stuff about it . You should Talk to my mom she Has Tons of things such as Birth dates, Death dates and mariage dates. I didnt know you had an Email assdress. Email me soon! Love ya Cuz
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