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Laura (View posts)
Posted: 925021548000
Looking for any Keeth's in Pa.

I'm a Keeth in Pa

Susan Callahan nee Keeth (View posts)
Posted: 957205460000
Hi Laura I am a Keeth in S.E. Pa., maried name of Callahan. And I have 7 sibilings in this area and a niece with your name. Nice to meet you. My father's name was Harry Nelson Keeth.Hopes this helps you I know very little about my paternal background.

Harry Keeth

Walter Keeth (View posts)
Posted: 961335416000
I think we may be cousins. My father's name was Ralph Edward Keeth. Was your grandfather's name the same as mine? Also an uncle? Got a cousin named Jean? Donald? Aunt Sophie? Would love to hear from some or all.
Hope I'm right.


Walter Keeth (View posts)
Posted: 961345413000
I forgot to mention that I am living in Los Angeles.
If we are "kin" though, I work for Cheap Tickets. I can

Walter Keeth was my grandfather!

Susan Keeth (now Callahan) (View posts)
Posted: 961348459000
Well hello cousin!
Yes we absoulutely are cousins, both my grandfather and uncle were named Walter. I had always heard a rumor that a brother of my fathers had moved to California but they were very closed mouthed about sharing family history and such. I am not sure what the reasons behind this were but, that was how people were back then I guess. I think my grandmothers name was Anne and they had 6 or seven children and I think these were the names I learned thru the years. Walter,Donald,Ralph, Harry,George,Sophie, Anne. If you like e-mail me again and we'll get to know one another better and I will tell you all I know about us out here. Take Care, Susie.......Everybody calls me Susie! :)


Walter Keeth (View posts)
Posted: 961361042000
This is great news. I had Sophie's no. but I
lost it. We had to have met waaaaay back in
1962. I was staying with uncle Walt for about
9months. I remember meeting your dad. Yeah they
were all closed about the Ralph. The baaaad boy
of the family. Here is my
let's do some talking? I'm at work right now,and it is
almost midnight there. This has made my day.
by cousin
Posted: 976992893000
Edited: 993244960000
Ialso live in the southeast....Where....Laura

Walter Keeth

Patty (View posts)
Posted: 978261526000

I am assumeing that Uncle Harry's daughter Susan was your other message. You should remember me since I am Nancy and Don younger sister.. Jeannie was the baby.

My son is doing a report on family, that is how I got to this message board. It seems my dad's and granddad's name are not appearing when trying to search SSI.

I see Uncle George(Mary) SS#195-03-9704
Uncle Harry (Susan's Father) SS#164-12-8429
Uncle Don(Helen-Living) SS# 194-20-6883
Uncle Ralph (your dad) SS# 168-12-3167

I have tried to search my dad by his SS# but sice I am a beginner, I had no luck.

I guess grandmom, Annie R. Hamilton Keeth and granddad are a little to old to be in a simple search.

I hope every thing is going better for you. Don did tell us that he did talk to you from a VA hosp.

If you have anything to help my son's assignment let me know.

Granddad and Ann Hamilton Keeth

Posted: 979920371000
Edited: 993244960000
I remember Uncle Walt very well. Use to smoke those cigars. My grandfather was his brother. Owen Keeth. We lived in Chester, Pa. Anyone that was related to Uncle Walt is related to me......Always Laura

Walter Walter Jr.

Patty Davis (View posts)
Posted: 980018751000

My Grandfather was Walter (died 1961) and my father was Walter Jr. (died 1963 in accident at Phoenix Steel in Claymont, DE)

My older sister, Nancy, remembers more about my dad's cousin and uncle then I do because I was only seven when he died.

I have heard the name Owen and George(lived on Foulk Road by Booth's Corner) but I am not sure how everybody is related. Who is the parents of Walter and Owen?

Patty Davis
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