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How to pronounce Karall

How to pronounce Karall

Christine Karall (View posts)
Posted: 970222495000
Are there any Karall's out there who actually know how to pronounce our name?

Most puzzling....

Does anyone know the actual origins?

My family has Austrian origins, but the name is not apparently Austrian.

Love to hear from other Karalls!

Toronto, Canada

Re: How to pronounce Karall

martin karall (View posts)
Posted: 1000071630000
Classification: Query
iam also a karall iam come from autria burgenland!
sorry but my english is very bad :)
iam 16 and iam a boy hehe
i live in vienna you can write me:

thats my mail adress use it iam searching for all karalls of the world hehe karall is the name yeah :)

martin karall

Re: How to pronounce Karall

Eva Schreiber (View posts)
Posted: 1011893265000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Karall
Hello Christine,
Hope you are still on the board.
My maiden name is Karall, and my family is from the Easter part of Austria called Burgenland. Supposedly, my cousin has come up with a family history, I am going to find out more.
I know how to pronounce the name correctly.

At least in German.

Re: How to pronounce Karall

Jennyfer Karall (View posts)
Posted: 1058033181000
Classification: Query
Dear Christine,
we are Karalls from northern Germany (Flensburg), living in Brasil since 1977. My Grandfather´s family came from Lituania in the 19th century - it was said that our name came from there, from the word "Caralus", which means "king". Apparently we were a knight family back in the middle ages.

We use to pronounce Karall as a German would do, with an accent on the second "a" and of course rolling the "r" quite strongly.

My Grandfather, Paul Karall is dead since long, but my grandmother Elly still lives in Flensburg, she will be 95 this year. They had 7 children, Uwe, Ursula, Heinz, Helga, Peter, Klaus (my father, already dead) and Margret; and 8 grandchildren: Anja, Ralf (Karall), Christina (Karall), Norbert, Jörn (Karall), Jan-Eike, Henning and myself (Karall); 5 great-grandchildren: Cosima (Karall), Sören (Karall), Finn, Patrick, Darwin.
There was also a brother to my grandfather, who started a family of his own.
All those people live in Germany. Me and my mother Annie are the only ones in Brasil, as long as we know, but after finding so much Karall stuff in the internet - by pure chance - we are not so sure any more...
We would be glad to get more Karall info and also the way you pronounce our name.
All the best,

Re: How to pronounce Karall

Christine (View posts)
Posted: 1059490958000
Classification: Query
Thanks for your reply to this old message. I completely forgot about what I wrote here, and was reminded to check after my sister did a search on our name.
That's interesting what you wrote about "Caralus". I've heard similar, that is, meaning "king" from locals who are Lithuanian, and Turkish. The root must be common in those countries. I grew up pronouncing my name like "Carol". My father tried to simplify it for Canadians. So, I endured two female first names, and endless spelling errors for most of my life. My sister and I recently began pronouncing our name as you mentioned but, less German sounding, haha.

With no ties to Austria (where my Karall relatives are from), I always thought we were among very few with this name living in North America. Was I wrong! With the internet, I can see how our name is not so unusual.

How wonderful that you wrote, and I know that there are Karalls even in Brazil!

Take Care,

Re: How to pronounce Karall

Steve Karall (View posts)
Posted: 1137346866000
Classification: Query
I am the grandson of Rudolph Karall of Grosswarasdorf, Austria. I stumbled upon this posting and would love to hear from you to see if we are related in some way. I live in Chicago, IL, where Rudolph settled in the 1920s.

Re: How to pronounce Karall

Christine (View posts)
Posted: 1140743880000
Classification: Query
Hello Steve:
Thanks for your reply. My father's mother is from "Grosswarasdorf, Austria". My parents visited there once to settle an estate and were shown a cementary with a plethora of "Karalls" who were unrelated. When it would seem incredulous in North America to even stumble upon one with the same surname as ours, over there it's quite common. I do believe though, that there is a Rudolph Karall on my side of the family as well. I'll ask tonight and write again.

All the best,

Re: How to pronounce Karall

Posted: 1406799931000
Classification: Query
Hello my name is Sören Karall and im the son of Ralf Karall.
Me and my sister Cosima Karall want to contact our cousin Jennyfer in Brazil.
We hope anyone who have helpfull informations would answer us :)
If you know how we can contact Jennyfer please write an E-mail and send it to:
Thanks in advance
Sören and Cosima Karall
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