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kaps/reiter families - ancestor Kaps/Seibold etc

kaps/reiter families - ancestor Kaps/Seibold etc

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My grandmother was Matilda Kaps, born 5-23-1866 in Aurora, IL. Her parents were Joseph Kaps and Maria (Mary) Seibold(Seipold/Seiboldt/Seipoldt). Joseph Kaps father was Christoph Kaps born 1803 in Schleisen, Germany. His father was John Michael Kaps born in Austia. One of Christoph's wives was Veronica. Mary Seibold has a whole family of relatives in Wisconsin. Her father Joseph Seipold was born 1816 in Germany and he died 10-29-1914. If you have any informtion that will help me, I will greatly appreciate hearing from you at

Kaps family Name

Rose Kaps (View posts)
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My grandfather was Adolph Kaps whos brother was John Kaps the two brothers came over from Austia together in the late 1800s. I have more information on the Kaps and would be happy to share.

Rose Kaps

origins of name

John Kapsa (View posts)
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My father was from Slovakia which is close to Austria.
They resided in the mountainous region of Slovakia near the Polish border at a village called Stara Bystrica. My dad was the youngest of 15 children...didn't remember some of his siblings! Our names may have connections.

Origins of name

Rose and Steve Kaps (View posts)
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Thank you for the information. I will start looking in Slovakia near the Polish border in a village called Stara Bystrica for information. My Grandfather Adolph Kaps came to the US as a "little boy" and has since died none of his Children knew where he came from. We do know his brother was named John Kaps. If I find out anything I will pass it on by E-mail.
Thanks again
Rose and Steve Kaps
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My father, William Robert Kaps, was born in Holten, Kansas. I know his parents "came across" as little children. His mother was from PRUSSIA and his dad was from Germany but I don't have much information about them at that point. His father was John and his mother was a Schwartz. I don't know if he had a brother. Dad's father was buried in Holton, Kansas and I believe his mother was also. His father nor his mother ever learned to speak english. I would like to know more about the Kaps.

Kaps Family

Bob Dennis Kaps (View posts)
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Do you know William's Social Security Number? Our Grandfather with the same name, born 9Oct1892, died Nov66, according to Social Security records had a father and mother with several syblings, unbeknownced to us. We think that possibly the government mixed up some of their record keeping. Any help would be appreciated.

William Robert Kaps

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My dad was called "Bill" He was married to a woman who I think he called "Dess" and he had 5 children in this first marriage 2 boys Cornielus Leroy Kaps (Nealy) and William Kenneth Kaps "Jimmy". The girls were Wilma, Myrtle, and Ruth. Wilma was married to Harold Rich and Ruth was married to Bernard Rosebrough (not sure of the spelling) and Myrtle was married 2 or 3 times and I believe one was "Dugan" with a boy and a girl born to this union -- I do not remember other names but at one time she lived in Oklahoma and I visited a week with them. Myrtle, Ruth, Wilma, and C.L (Nealy) were musicians. They played several instruments and sang. I don't know if "Jimmy" was musical.
My dad William Robert Kaps had a sister named Emma who lived in or near San Francisco, California. There were several other brothers, and half-brothers and I believe another sister named Mary or Maria. The parents never learned to speak English and allowed only German to be spoken in the home. I would love to visit with any of my half-sisters or half-brothers and their off-spring. I think Myrtle's son was called Donnie and the girl was Raye or Ray. There was a rift between William (my dad) and his youngest daughter of the first marriage (Wilma).

Kaps Name

Bob Kaps (View posts)
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Does your ancestory show any relationship to Aldolph Kaps? He seems to keep popping up everywhere in the Kaps Tree.
My granfather, William Robert Kaps, obviously no relationship to your father is being shown as his son on social security records. The records show he died in St. Louis in November 1966 and was born in 1892. Accordingly, all is in order except, we never heard of Adolph. Further, the federal records indicate that Adolph had a large number of children of which William Kaps is one, we were of the belief that our William had only one sister, Ann who died in St. Louis circa 1992. That is the reason I was curious about your William Roberts' social security number. I thought, possibly, the government has mixed something up. Not unusual.

Dad's Social Security #

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I had to look it up on the computer and I found it in the Social Security Death index It is posted as 446-03-0003. He died in Enid, OK where I was born. William Robert Kaps born June 2, 1885 died August 1969. As I get furthur information I'll try to let you know. Good Luck in your searches.

Kaps Family

Rose Kaps (View posts)
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Hi Anna
I have been researching the Kaps Family for about two and a half years. So far I am at a stand still with Adolph and John Kaps parents. Adolph who was my husband's grandfather told him when he was seven years old that Adolph had come over from Germany "as a little boy" but refused to tell him the name of the town in Germany he came from. When asked Adolph always said "you couldn't say it anyway". Adolph J. Kaps married Frances Mary Weaver on January 11 1905 in Elm Creek Nebraska they had ten children. They also had a family farm. Adolph's brother John married Mary Weaver (sister to Frances) they had four children. I hav brith dates and some death dates. I do have Frances and Adolph's death certificate, they were burried here in California. I would be happy to share any information I have. Let me know what you think.
A possible cousin
Rose Kaps
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