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I am trying to find my mother''s birthmother

I am trying to find my mother''s birthmother

Gail Ann Kalish (View posts)
Posted: 942061857000
My mother recently passed away at 42 and I am looking for her birthmother because of the circumstances surrounding her death. SHe was put up for adoption in St. Clair County Michigan and her birthname was Gail Ann Kailsh.


patrick keller (View posts)
Posted: 942178577000
i am looking for the Kalish crowd too, I`m the great grandson of Francis Kalish, she was born and died in Wisconson, finding very little info but they came from Bohemia in the 1870`s, I have located her grave and will get more info, she had one brother. I have photos but no names. Please write back and let me know what you have and i`ll do the same. Pat Keller

Kalish Crowd

Melissa (View posts)
Posted: 942215224000
Hey Pat. I am looking for my mom's birthmother but I don't have her name. My mom was put up for adoption in St. Clair County on Jan. 30, 1957. All I know is that her mother was Syrian and her father was polish and Irish and a marriage was forbiden between them and that my grandmother was very young when she gave up my mother. That's all I have. If you have any MIchigan linked info to addd, please send it to me.
Melissa Gavulic

kalish crowd in connecticut

keith kalish (View posts)
Posted: 950475074000
My name is Keith Kalish, born in Bridgeport,CT 1961, my Kalish ancestery is Polish also, my grandfather was born here, in Bridegeport, I don't know anything about his parents, but I believe they immigrated here. I am replying to your message because of the Polish connection, since I find that a lot of people who have the Kalish surname aren't Polish, but rather it seems to be a common Jewish surname for some reason.
If nothing else, hello from a fellow Kalish.
I can be found on the 'net at

Kalish name

Kimberly Kalish Morphew (View posts)
Posted: 954253515000
I came across your message and it was real strange that I found someone with my maiden name with the Polish history. My grandparents were Polish, and it has been very difficult to find out my history. My family lived in Chicago, Illinois

kalish surname

kalish (View posts)
Posted: 954257286000
Here's another little Polish/Kalish connextion, there is a city in Poland that bears the Kalish moniker. I believe it is spelled Kalisz, but is pronounced Kalish
Posted: 954497361000
Edited: 997992387000
Where were your parents from in Chicago?
My MIL was a Kalisz from home and we have
very little information about her family.
Her father's name was Karol and his brother
was Roman. There is a variation on the name -
Kalish and Kalisz.


keith kalish (View posts)
Posted: 954710964000
Hello Peggy, no sorry,my parents were not from chicago, my mother was born in Pennsylvania and my father,Richard Kalish, was born in Bridgeport,Connecticut in 1939,wher I was born and raised,
coincidently my maternal grandfather's name was Roman, Roman Wislowski.
I just sent a reply message to Wojtek Dyczewski ,who just posted amessage to this thread, he also is of Polish descent,his mother's maiden name is Kalish, the americanized version of Kalisz, and he has Kalish relatives where I gew up, in Bridgeport Connecticut, he didn't say where he lives or is from , but he also is of Polish descent, maybe you would want to read his posting and send him a message.
I'm looking forward to hearing a reply from him, because as far as I know, we were the only Kalish's in Bridgeport
Keith Kalish,webmaster of

kalish surname

katie mullins-hall (View posts)
Posted: 964598232000
my great great grandfather, fabische mendel kalischer, originally arrived in this country thru nyc, and moved to cincinnati in the 1860's, raising his family of 5 children. his name was anglicized to philip kalish upon arrival. his family lived in lissa, prussia, which is now leszno, poland. thru entensive research, i have come upon a book inthe library of congress, written by the survivors ofthe holocaust, who were inhabitants of the city of kalisz, poland. we have come to the understanding that the name of kalischer, aka kalish was derived from the city of kalisz, meaning they were originally from that time. as the jews had no surname, they were told by the aristocracy to use the name of the city they were from, so evidently my great great grandfathers' family was at some time living in kalisz. if you have any more questions, or any of these names sounds familiar in the least, drop me a note.
he had a brother in new york, david, who i have not been able to track down any descendants, and my g.g.g. sold his interest of his business to this same brother. they lived on grant st. in brooklyn, and were in the fur trade business, buying and selling pelts. his children were rudolph, manning, philip, blanche, and another daughter whose name slips my mind, but i think it was fredericka. his wife's name was lucy roberts, a christian whom we think he met during his travels from rotterdam to england prior to his arrival in the u.s.

hope this has't be to long and boring, but i have been researching this for years, and you will find it's a never ending project!
katie mullins-hall


Marcy O'Dell (View posts)
Posted: 967491755000
I have been researching my gmother, Bertha Kalich (shown on marriage license. Born in 1901 in Van Meter, Pennsylvania. Never spoke of any family, ever. VAn Meter lists no birth certificate, but if you have any other info. from your Pennsylvania connection, please contact me. I am at a complete dead-end. Good luck on your search, too!
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