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nick jupin (View posts)
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Hello, I hope we are related. I only know my immediate family and grandparents/aunts and uncles. im looking for info on a charles h jupin or anybody after an earl jupin. please help! very frusterating. thanks.

jupin family

carol (View posts)
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Saw your message! related? probablly? we all seem to be. Haven't heard anything about a Charles Jupin..that is a new name to me. Is your dad's name "Mike" ? He is my cousin and if that is so....we haven't even gotten out of the city with this... :)

Jupin (aka Dupin) Family

Bob Van Bogaert (View posts)
Posted: 940622807000
Nick: I probably have more on the Jupin family than anyone else. I keep working on a manuscript history starting with John Jupin, b. early to mid 1700s in France, Immigrated (1) Frederick/Washington Co., MD, (2) Nelson Co., KY; became author of the KY Jupin/Dupin clan. Its a pretty large WORD document now; but before I ever finish I get a new lead that I want to check out first. Latest is that I think this John Jupin may be the same as Jean Baptiste Jupin discharged from service to the king of France, 1763, in LA. Let me know places and dates for your Charles H. Jupin, and I'll probably be able to show how you connect.


nick (View posts)
Posted: 942138237000
Sorry carol for not answering you. i changed e-mail accounts. my dads name is jim, not mike. maybe if we traced or path we may be related. if anybody else is reading, my name is nick, i have zero history on my family the jupins. my dad is jim, my grandpa is earl my great grandpa is charles(i think). my dad has never met charles and he left my grandpa when he was 5. maybe someone could help me out or maybe someone just wants to talk. e-mail me!


nick (View posts)
Posted: 942138803000
im extremely sorry for not e-mailing back. I changed my e-mail. i appreciaye your help! Charles H. Jupin is great grandfather, i think. I just want to find him so my dad can see him. he has never met his grandpa. I think he is still alive because I cant find his name in social security (death) files. I also cant find a birth certificate or social security #, nothing. He might be living in California. I dont know if that helps any but, here's some cool stuff, John Jupin in the army? My grandparents Jan and Earl Jupin, found something that belonged to my great grand father/mother. It actually belonged to a John Jupin who was in an army in the 1700's. It's his journal!
E-Mail me please.
Rockford Il.

Jupin family

carol (View posts)
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James Jupin

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I replied to you message on the Wathen board about the James Jupin that married the Mary Wathen ,but failed to leave my e mail address. It is I am interested in The John Jupin that came over from france as well as anything else you may be able to tell me like why is the name both Jupin and Dupin. Thanks, Paul Harrop

John Jupin from France

Bob Van Bogaert (View posts)
Posted: 948743297000

I am going to try to copy into this message what I have on John Jupin from France; and if successful, will afterward give you my thoughts on the Jupin/Dupin name transitions:


Generation I

1. JOHN JUPIN (DUPIN) was born before 1747, probably in France; he died testate in
mid-January, 1816. His will, dated 9 January 1816, was probated 15 January 1816 at Nelson
County, Kentucky.

"Lewis Jupin's Bible" gives the name of Lewis' mother (John's wife) as Eleanor, and the death
record for John's son Freeborn records the name as Nelly. No record has yet been found of
Eleanor's maiden name.

John's daughter Mary is said to have been born in France in 1767, and his son Freeborn was
evidently born in Maryland about 1776; so John's arrival in America probably took place during
the decade between these two dates.

Prior to his arrival in Kentucky, John Jupin first immigrated to Washington County, Maryland; the
earliest records we have found of John place him there about the time of the American
Revolution. According to Brumbaugh and Hogges (Revolutionary Records of Maryland), John
Jupin declared a Patriot's Oath of Fidelity and Support; his name appearing on the patriot's list
of Richard Davis, which was returned to the Washington County, Maryland Court during March,
1778. Later, the household of John Jupen (sic) was recorded in the 1790 U.S. census of
Washington County, and John's daughter Mary was married in Hagerstown, Maryland in May of

An early roll, dated 1 January 1763, of French soldiers in Louisiana lists Jean Baptiste Jupin,
who was discharged on 15 September of the same year. A large number of French troops in
Louisiana were discharged on this same date, evidently as a result of the secret treaty of 3
November 1762 by which Louis XV had ceded the province to his Spanish cousin, Charles III. It
is reasonable to speculate that Jean Baptiste Jupin, after his discharge in 1763, married in either
Louisiana or in his native France, only to later return to America, with which his military service
there had familiarized him. Due to efforts of dispersed French Acadians to reestablish family
connections after their recent expulsion from Nova Scotia by the British, there was exchange
between the Acadian inhabitants in France and Louisiana and their relations in Maryland. We
may further speculate, therefore, that through contact with these Acadians Jean Baptiste Jupin
became familiar with opportunities in Maryland which convinced him to settle there. This is, of
course, only speculation; but because all of these events occurred at nearly the same time that
John Jupin married and arrived in Maryland, the writer is intuitively of the belief that John Jupin
and Jean Baptiste Jupin are the same person. Perhaps later research will confirm or dispel this

According to Mrs. L. G. Crume's manuscript history of the Medcalfe family, John, together with
his sons-in-law Hugh LeMaster and Charles Medcalf, moved his family to Kentucky in the year
1796. John's son Freeborn was married at Jefferson County, Kentucky, on 15 June 1797; and
he was himself listed on a Jefferson County tax list dated 21 July 1797. These are the earliest
records we have found for John Jupin in the state. The tax list records seven slaves and other
taxable property for John, but no land. The name of John Jupin, Junior appears on the same list.

The land records of Nelson County, Kentucky, show that on 30 December 1797 John Jupin
purchased, for Forty Pounds Kentucky Currency, two hundred acres of situated in the county, on
the south side of the Beech Fork of the Salt River, on a bank of Horse Branch. In another
Nelson County deed, dated 9 January 1798, conveying to him a tract of land on the waters of
Buffalo Creek, John was identified as still a resident of Jefferson County. Buffalo Creek joins the
Beech Fork about three miles west of Bardstown as does Horse Creek, probably the Horse
Branch mentioned above. Members of the family continued to own land on the Beech Fork of
the Salt River, Buffalo Creek and Horse Branch for many years, presumably being portions of the
original tracts purchased by John Jupin.

G. Glenn Clift's Second Census of Kentucky, 1800 lists John Jupin as a resident of Nelson
County, Kentucky, so he must have moved into the county between January, 1798 and 1800.
Judging from Nelson County tax lists John appears to have resided at his plantation on the bank
of Horse Branch for at least seven years prior to his death in 1816.

John's will does not make mention of his wife, Eleanor, so she evidently predeceased him. With
the exception below, John bequeathed one dollar to each of his living children and to the heirs of
each deceased child, these grandchildren being identified only as heirs of deceased parents,
who were named. He bequeathed "the Plantation whereon I now live" to his son Lewis. This
was undoubtably the property on Horse Branch, as later tax lists show Lewis owning land on the
Beech Fork, and the 1826 list specifically gives Horse Branch as the watercourse. Bond for
Lewis Jupin as executor for his father's will was ten thousand Dollars.

The spelling of the name originally recorded in the will has had the initial letter written over so
that it is unclear whether the letter "D" or the letter "J" was original. The probate record
accompanying the will uses the spelling "Jupin." In a 1 August 1809 deed on file at Nelson
County, from John Jupin to his son James Jupin, John's original signature confirms the
immigrant's correct spelling as John Jupin. (Note that the spelling of the first name had been

Listed in the will are the names of John Jupin's children:

2. i. John Jupin (Dupin) ... inheritance devised to his heirs.
3. ii. James Jupin (Dupin)
4. iii. Freeborn Jupin (Dupin)
5. iv. Lewis Jupin (Dupin)
5.1. v. Elizabeth Meedcalf
vi. Sarah Desmon, Dct. ... inheritance devised to her heirs.
6. vii. Catharine McAdams
7. viii. Sophire Dunnahew
7.1. ix. Clemency Wright
7.2. x. Mary Lemasters
8. xi. Elener Richey
9. xii. Kezia Richey ... inheritance devised to her heirs.


Leonard V. Huber, A Pictoral History of Louisiana, (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons), pp. 8

Glen R. Conrad (Translator and Compiler), First Families of Louisiana, (Baton Rouge, LA:
Claitor's Publishing Division, 1970), pp. 155 198 (General Roll of Louisiana Troops,
1720 - 1770)

Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh and Margaret Roberts Hogges, Revolutionary Records of Maryland,
(Washington, D.C.: Rufus H Darby Printing Co., 1924), p. 14.

History of Union County, Kentucky, (Evansville, Ind., Courier Co., 1886), pp. 533 534.

G. Glenn Clift, "Second Census" of Kentucky, 1800: A Privately Compiled and Published
Enumeration of Tax Pages Appearing in the 79 Manuscript Volumes Extant of the Tax Lists of
the 42 Counties of Kentucky in Existence in 1800 (Frankfort, Ky., 1954)

"Meade County, Kentucky Deaths," Kentucky Ancestors, Vol. I, No. 1 (July, 1965), p. 78.

Department of Commerce and Labor, Bureau of the Census, S. N. D. North, Director, Heads of
Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790, Maryland,
Washington, Government Printing Office, 1907, p. 118.

U.S.G.S.A., National Archives and Records Service, 1810 census of Nelson County, Kentucky.

Jefferson County, Kentucky Tax List, 1797 (Microfilm copy at The Filson Club, Louisville,

Jefferson County, Kentucky Marriage Record for Freeborn Jupin and Susannah Hawes, 15 June

Deed to John Jupin, Nelson County, Kentucky Deed Book No. 7, p. 273, 30 Dec. 1797.

Deed to John Jupin, Nelson County, Kentucky Deed Book No. 5, p. 365, 9 Jan. 1798.

Deed from John Jupin to James Jupin, Nelson County, Kentucky Deed Book No. 6, p. 386, 1
Aug. 1809. (Also, the original deed, on file at Nelson County, KY)

Will of John Jupin (Dupin), Nelson County, Kentucky Will Book No. C, p. 415.

"Lewis Jupin's Bible" or "Jupin Slave Bible" as copied by Marie Tapp Rosebaugh and in
possession of her brother Rev. David Tapp, Shelby County, Kentucky. (1824 Kimber
Sharpless Stereotype Edition Published and Sold by Kimber Sharpless, 93 Market Street,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.)

Medcalf Family (A typewritten manuscript presented to the Filson Club by Mrs. L. G. Crume,
Bardstown, Kentucky. September 6, 1955)

It appears that I have been at least marginally successful in copying the text from a manuscript which I continually update but have not recently published in anmy form.

As for the Jupin/Dupin name transitions, I had long thought that these were accidental variations in spelling which occurred as a result of how different writers heard the name. Now, though I have no proof one way or the other, I believe that these changes occurred as a result of political and religious disagreements among the various factions of the family. Though the name was originally Jupin, the family in Nelson County, who were confederate and, I guss therefore, pro-slavery ended up becoming Dupins just prior to the civil war; and descendants who I talked to claimed no kinship to their Jupin cousins in Meade County, who were Union abolitionists. According to a recent history I have found of their church, the Jupins in Meade County founded the Weldon Methodist there because their abolitionist sentaments were in conflict with those of the parent congregation. Finally I was long ago told, but had discounted until recently, that my ancestor Dupins near Pleasant Grove Methodist Church in Hardin County changed the name because of their religious disagreements with the Jupins in Meade County.

So there must have been more than chance that led to these name changes.

Bob Van Bogaert

Sarah Dupin of Hart Co. KY

Posted: 951667262000
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Thank you so much for posting this! My husband has a ggg grandmother who almost certainly belongs in this family. Her name was Sarah Dupin, b. Mar 1842 or 1847 in Ky. She married Marion Fenwick and lived in Hart Co. KY. I would really like to know exactly where she fits in the Dupin family. A preliminary survey of Dupins in the 1850 Ky. census index showed Matthew as her most likely father, but the censuses for 1850 and 1860 have only initials and not names, and this is inconclusive. If you can help me, I would be very grateful. My email is

Mary Jupin Lemaster

Debbie Gorenflo (View posts)
Posted: 958498279000
Fantastic! I just found your information on
John Jupin of France. I have his daughter Mary as born 5/3/1767, died 10/20/1852. She married Hugh Lemaster on 2/20/1792 in Hagerstown, MD. Mary and John were my G-G-G-G-G-Grandparents (I think I got enough G's in there!).
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