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Family Tree

Family Tree

Ellen (Jameison) Bruck (View posts)
Posted: 934098640000
Looking for descendants of Ellen Jameison Bruck .Her husband was Lobel Bruck may have lived in N.Y.C. or Parmamus area of N.J.. Lobel had. a fist wife Onnettel Bernard. Between two wives its rumored to have 25 children. I only know of the family of O'Donnell side . I'm searching for information on Ellen Jameison her Family. Thank You Ed Bruck

Search for Jamieson, Marguerite

Muriel Alice Marguerite, Jamieson (View posts)
Posted: 936122142000
Looking for Mothers biological parents Marguerite Jamieson. Mother born April 19,1919, Name Marguerite or Alice Jamieson adopted by Blanch Herbert Leslie Sweatts Waltham Mass 1920.. Name changed to Muriel Alice Sweatt. Hoping for any information, Mother very ill looking for closure.. please reply

Bruck/Jameison family tree

Ed Bruck (View posts)
Posted: 936186544000
Hi Muriel

I see you read my notice. I'm sorry about your mother. At this time I have no facts other than a Ellen Jameison Who's family was from England. The stories told at one time her family were household caretakers for wealthy families. One of the Jameison,s married a wealthy English Lord . Ellen would have been my great step grandmother. Its said she had at least 13 children with my great grandfather. I don't know if Ellen was my Greatgrand fathers First or second wife.My Aunt has no memories of her or the children,but I will ask again . Please send your e mail address will keep in touch . If you are able to find anything out please keep me posted. Good Luck Ed Bruck.

Bruck/Jameison family tree

Muriel (View posts)
Posted: 936202930000
Hi Ed,
Thank you for replying to my family search.
Please contact me at my Email address [] Our family was so pleased to hear from a Jameison. We would really appreciate if you could ask your Aunt again. "Information of/or Anything would be helpful. The Physician who delivered Mother was Dr Stiles. Please keep in contact. Portions of your message make sense with pieces I have available. Please send your email address and I will send any information for your review.
Greatly appreciated your Reply

Bruck/Jameison Family tree

Muriel (View posts)
Posted: 936203923000
Hi Ed,
addendum: One document I have has the name Estella Jamieson as mother's name!!!
Have a great night. []

Bruck/ Jameison family tree (View posts)
Posted: 936344271000
Hi Muriel!

I'll contact my Aunt a cousin who's Aunt left him a great deal of Bruck history. He has so much that its taken almost a year to put it together. He's in his 60's and wants me to take over the family tree. I only discovered him last year . He was able to open a door to a large family group living near by never knew they were there. My greatgrand father Emmanual worked on the railroad as a cook. One of his wives was Mary O'Donnell were married I believe Ohio. Her family was from County Cort Ireland. If you like I can also send a list of his first group of kids. I have facts on GREAT GREAT GREAT granddad Lobel Bruck.

My e-mail address is please stay in touch. As soon as I hear something I'll contact you .

I greatly hope we've open a door to a long lost family . I hoping to have ONE BIG REUNION !!!! Have a great weekend. ED


Scott O'Donnell (View posts)
Posted: 937610477000
What do you know about the O'Donnells in NY?

family tree

scott o'donnell (View posts)
Posted: 938011354000
Dear Scott

my research on my family tree is newly started. All I know of Mary O'Donnell was her family was from County Court Ireland. She had married Emmanual Bruck in Ohio and lived in N.Y.C.. I will post new facts as they come along. If you believe or Know of any Bruck's in your family history I would be glad to exchange notes. My e-mail is

Mary o''Donnell

Scott O'Donnell (View posts)
Posted: 938027462000
Does anyone know who Mary O'Donnell's parents were?

bruck family tree

Mary O'Donnell (View posts)
Posted: 938068823000
Mary O'Donnell marriage license reads: Mary O'Donnilly married Hamilton County,Ohio to Emanuel Bruck August 1, 1866. Further county records may show her parents.
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