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JACOBER family

JACOBER family

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Joseph Kasper Jacober, b 19 Jan 1853, Glarus, Switzerland; d 16 Dec 1931, Cincinnati, OH

Wife #1: Hortense Glankler. marr. 27 Apr 1879, d. 10 Feb 1891
Frank b 1880
Anna M. b 1881
Nellie J. b 1883
Joseph Anthony b 1885
Ferdinand George b 1887
William J. b 1890
Wife #2: Mary Walburge Glankler marr. 21 Jul 1891
Harry b 1895
Clement F. b 1897
Celia Frances b 1899
George Herbert b 1902
Marie Magdalane b 1903
Alice Mary b 1905
Wife #3: Mary Withelter b 1869, d 17 Sep 1931, St. Louis, MO
John Fredlin b 1913, Cincinnati, OH

We are interested in both ancestors and descendants of Joseph Kasper.

Ferdinand George Jacober

Jerilyn Barlowe (View posts)
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My aunt married Ferdinand's (Ferd's) son, Jack Jacober.
Ferd married Viola Elizabeth Klein. They had 2 children, Jack and Betty Jane Jacober Ante. Betty married Frank Ante and had no children. Jack married Jacqueline Pfeifer and they had two daughters, Jennifer and Jessica. Jenny married Fredrick Black and has 2 sons, Douglas and Stephen. Jessica married Bill Schreiner and have one daughter, Melissa. My aunt wishes to know your connection with the Jacobers?


Rebecca D Stanley (View posts)
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When my great grandfather came to the US he dropped off part (unsure how much) of his last name since no one could pronounce it. He kept the first part which was Jacober. His name was Joseph Jacober. I am not sure what his middle name was. He did have at least one brother who also came over. They were from Alsais Loraine (the German part). He married Ada Boone and they had 4 children that lived I am not sure of two of the boys' names. I think the youngest boy was Richard but called Dick, but I could be wrong. My grandfather was the middle boy and his name was Alfred Joseph, his sister's name is Mary. Mary married and her married name is Thackery. She and her husband had 3 daughters Dixie, Betty, and Marylee. Dixie married Ceven Cullens and they have 3 boys I believe, Ceven, Curt, and I can't remeber. Betty married (I can't remeber her married name) and had 3 daughters Kristine, Jessica, and Jennifer. Marylee's married name is Williamson they have a son maybe 2. Alfred Joseph married Norma Jean Denzine (Forbes)(SP?) Norma had two daughters from her first marriage Helen Ann Denzine and Mary Lee Denzine. Norma and Alfred had 2 children Wayne Dee who is unmarried and Patricia Jean (my mom). Patricia married Leonard George Anicker. They had 4 children Rebecca Dale (me), I married Mack B. Stanley and we have 1 son, Orion Hunter; Clyde Alfred, he married Rebecca Louise Krieger and they have no children (yet); Audrey Jean (deceased); and Brian Leonard (unmarried). I am trying to fine out Joseph's full last name and more about his family.

grandmother's maiden name misspelled

Rebecca D Stanley (View posts)
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I listed my grandmother's maiden name aas Forbes and it is/was Forbis

Joseph Kasper Jacober

Julie Jacober Menner (View posts)
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My grandfather was Joseph's son
George Herber, b 1902.
How you related to Joseph Jacober?
Do you know what canton in Glarus, Switzerland
Joseph came from?

Joseph Kasper Jacober

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Joseph had Three (3) wives. Apparently, you descend from #2. His third wife had only one son, and his son, John S. married my daughter, Cynthia Hunter. I have your line only down to George Herbert, his son Thomas, and his daughters,
Julianna, Mary Beth, Barbara and Christina.
I don't know Joseph's birthplace any closer than to Glarus. Perhaps it should be Glarus, Glarus? Glad to meet you! I'm sure John will also be glad to meet you. Please tell me more!


Small World

Ted Hunter (View posts)
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I know John and Cindy very well. They came
to my wedding in N. Ky two years ago. I
didn't realize that Cindy's maiden name was
Hunter. We will miss them this year at the
reunion. I have not talked to Cindy and John
in awhile. I hope they are doing well.
Maybe we can all collaborate to find more info
on Joseph Kasper. There is not much on him
before his move to Cincinnati.

Thanks for getting back to me. I hope to hear
from you again.


Ferdinand George Jacober

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Just browsing through various Message Boards, and found your message of Oct 1999. Don't remember if I responded then or not. My data show also an Amy Elizabeth Schreiner as a child of Jessica and William Schreiner. Right or wrong? My connection: daughter Cynthia md John Jacober, grandson of Joseph Kasper and Mary Withelter.

Re: Ferdinand George Jacober

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Amy Elizabeth Schreiner died at about a week old. She was the daughter of my first cousin, Jessica. Their only daughter is Melissa Ann Schreiner who married Jon Pittman in 2000.
Sorry I did not check the board until now.
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