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Searching for Relatives

Searching for Relatives

Patricia (View posts)
Posted: 946093762000
Granddaughter of Alexander Ishman of Warren PA, recently deceased. Searching for relatives to help with genealogical research.

Ishman Family Research

Posted: 946150415000
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I have been researching my Ishman family for about the last year. My ancestors are from Jefferson County Pa. As far as I have found so far; everyone with the last name "Ishman" is related.
I am recieving some new software in the next week which I am hoping will get me at a break-through point in my research.
Does your family history sound something like this ?
The first "Ishman" (I believe it was spelled "Eschmann" )( I believe his name may have been Daniel Eschmann) was a German Hessian Soldier who came here during the American Revolution.
(I am trying to substantiate this right now) . The story goes that he was captured by the Americans at one of the battles and became a P.O.W. . After the war he stayed here and started a family.(I believe it may have been in Delaware or N.Jersey)
His offspring moved to a predominately German community in an area of Pa. which is right at the meeting point of 3 counties. Schuylkill, Berks Northumberland. At some point in about the 1830's or 1840's three brothers moved to Jefeerson County Pa.
(David, Moses Joseph) I am a decendant of Joseph. Another family story that you may have heard is that we have some Native American Blood in us by way of either the first or second generation Ishman having married a pure Indian Women. I have not substantiated this yet.
This family research is very time consuming and frustrating and expensive; many times I have ran into dead ends; But I keep sticking with it and I hope I will be able to substantiate a lot of this stuff fairly soon.
If you can figure out your G-Grandfathers name, I might know which branch of the family you are related to. I by no means consider myself an expert on Ishman family research ; So any family History info. you have would be greatly appreciated.

Indian, yes!

Patricia (View posts)
Posted: 946176038000
I have only recently begun to research my family history. My mother is daughter to Alexander Ishman of the Warren area of upstate PA. His grandmother is said to be full blooded Cherokee indian. I am unfamiliar with the names you have provided but I am currently in process of speaking with my grandfather's sister, Rachel, to learn more. With those names you have provided it should prove much easier. Should I learn anything else I will be sure post it. Many Thanks Gratitude!

Ask about "William Ishman"

Posted: 946199087000
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One of Joseph's sons names was William. I believe that
he moved north into Clarion county and his family (possibly a Frank?)spread into
Warren County. When you talk to your Great Aunt, get as many names, places, estimated dates, and etc.;
no matter how trivial it may seem. One problem I am having is keeping everything straight-namewise.
The Ishmans all had large families and the men would name their sons after their brothers and fathers and uncles.
So you would end up with 4 cousins named Joseph, 4 Williams, 4 Davids, all being about the same age.
This makes it real fun to keep everyone straight. I would be glad to help you out as much as I can and would appreciate
you sharing any information you gain with me.


Patricia (View posts)
Posted: 946699232000
I was told of a Frank. Let me recap. Alex Ishman is my grandfather, his father was Alexander and his father was Frank who married an indian woman named Rachel. Alexander married Julia Haight whose parents were Frank Haight and Anna Height. Anna's grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. This is as far back as I got with my great aunt but I have been in touch with her daughter who may be able to get more info for me also. Will post when it comes in...thanks for all the help!

Some info. on Frank Ishman

Posted: 946753903000
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If this is the right "Frank Ishman" He was the
youngest of 13 children. He was born in Jefferson
County Pa. on October 11,1866.He was the son of
Joseph Ishman Rebecca Hess. His father Joseph
was 59 years old when he(Frank) was born.
One of Frank's older brothers was my G-G-Grandfather
joseph(born Aug 4,1845).
Frank's father Joseph was born Jan.1,1807 in
Upper Mahantango Township, Schuylkill county, Pa.
If this is your "Frank" than our family trees
merge together at this point.
Keep me informed of anything you find out.

William Ishman

Lucille Cassatt (View posts)
Posted: 948979616000
My husband, Homer Cassatt, has many Ishman relatives. His mother's name was 'Minnie Marella Ishman' Contact we at above email address. Have some info to share, requesting more. Lucille

William Ishman

Lucille Cassatt (View posts)
Posted: 948979670000
My husband, Homer Cassatt, has many Ishman relatives. His mother's name was 'Minnie Marella Ishman' Contact we at above email address. Have some info to share, requesting more. Lucille

Lucile-Please contact me

Posted: 948988877000
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Lucile, Your e-mail address does not automatically
come through with the message on the board.
I would love to talk to you about the Ishmans.
My e-mail address is:
Thank you, Galen Ishman

Joseph Ishman

Barbara L. Clark (Ishman) (View posts)
Posted: 949689469000
I am trying to find out if Joseph Ishman was my GG Grandfather.
My G Grandfather was Fredrick B. Ishman and my Grandfather is Hiram D. Ishman. Please help me if you can. Thank you
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