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I am searching for any information pertaining to the following people mentioned:

Andrew(Anders) HOGBERG, born in Sweden on January 1, 1835, and his wife, Anne(Anna) HOGBERG (maiden name unknown), born in Sweden in 1831 or 1832, immigrated to the US with their son, Peter HOGBERG, born in Sweden on August 3, 1862, and his wife Hilda HOGBERG (maiden name SWANSON and possibly a twin), born in Sweden on either March 19 or 25, 1863. Peter and Hilda had a son, Edwin HOGBERG, born in Bloomington, Illinois in 1888 or 1889, and a duaghter, Rose HOGBERG, born in Lexington, Illinois on September 25, 1892. They also had another son, Andrew HOGBERG, born in Fanny Bay, BC, Canada in 1898. All of the above mentioned people immigrated from the US to Canada between 1892 and 1898. Rose was naturalized in Canada in 1903. It is likely that this HOGBERG family immigrated with other family members who remained in the US. I do not know where the family came from in Sweden or when. I only know that it had to have been between 1863 and 1888. This particular HOGBERG family changed their name to ANDERSON sometime after their arrival in North America. Andrew(Anders) and Anna both have HOGBERG on their death certificates; however, their children all have ANDERSON. Some additional info I have obtained is that they were farmers and often hunted and trapped for local butcher shops. Also, Andrew(Anders) is said to have been a Methodist.

If there is anyone who might have any information or suggestions, please e-mail me.
Thank you so much!

FYI...Edwin HOGBERG is my Great-Grandfather
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I'm searching for Anna Sophia Hogberg who was born in Sweden ca1866. She came to US when she was 14 and lived with her sisters. Parents never came over. She married Henry Wallace Rowe.
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Hej, my grandfathers grandfathers daughtes name was Anna Hogberg and she was born 1866 and she was 14 years old when she emigrate to USA 1883. But the whole name is Anna Leontina Hogberg, born 8 january 1866 in Jerna in Dalarna. Look at my homepage
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Who did your Anna Hogberg marry? My Anna married Henry Wallace Rowe in Chicaago in 1890.
She was aborn in Jonkoping as far as we know. That has always been the story.
I was really excited to get your message. Very few looking for Hogbergs.
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Anna Leontina Hogberg was born in Järna, in Dalarna. I don´t know which she married with and I don´t know what's happen her in USA.
The fact, what I know she leave Sweden 26 of may 1883! thats all but I want to know more, much more!
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We know she came to live with her sisters here but don't know the sisters names. My 93 year old mother thinks there was a brother Pontious.
We thought there was a sister Lillian. Those names ring any bells? I have the marraiage certificate from Chicago 1890.

Pontious - Lillian

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We know she came to live with her sisters here but don't know the sisters names. My 93 year old mother thinks there was a brother No bells ringing at all, either Lillian or Pontious are any name I know? Anna Leontina Högberg's has 5 sisters and brothers:

Högberg, Carl Gustav Albin Born 5 April 1859 in Arboga Town parish (U).

Högberg, Erik Ernst Born 7 September 1860 in Norberg (U).

Högberg, Oscar Verner Dyer, Born 12 May 1862 in Järna kbfd (W).
Died 24 April 1925 in Nacka.

Högberg, Anna Leontina Born 8 January 1866 in Järna kbfd (W).
Moved to USA 26 may 1883

Högberg, Clas Johan Born 5 April 1869 in Järna kbfd (W).
Moved to USA 14 june 1892

Högberg, Hilda Sofia Born 18 February 1871 in Järna kbfd (W).
Moved to USA 30 august 1888

You can have a look at the whole story about Högberg at my homepage:
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Thought you might like to know the name Hogberg has been added to genforum. Address is

If no queires made in 4 wks. it will be removed. Thanks
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