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Hochepied/ de Hochepied in Holland and Turkey

Hochepied/ de Hochepied in Holland and Turkey

Chris Morley (View posts)
Posted: 961685274000

Does anybody else have Hochepied/ de Hochepied ancestors from Izmir/Smyrna in current-day Turkey? This branch begins with a Daniel Jean de Hochepied, a Dutch diplomat who was stationed in Smyrna. His descendents became the Barons and Counts de Hochepied. I would be willing to compare notes on this family, as well as on the Dutch branch and the origin of this name.


Chris Morley

Re: Hochepied/ de Hochepied in Holland and Turkey

Matthijs Koenen (View posts)
Posted: 1042037678000
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Hi Chris,

As your message is quite old, you already may have got an answer to your question. If not, this addition might be useful: My boss, Pieter van Huystee, who is a well-known film producers in The Netherlands descends from this family you mention: his mother is Jill d'Hochepied, I think she is 75 years old now. I know his family is related to Turkey and the Netherlands Indies (Indonesia) and originally comes from Antwerp and later Amsterdam (sixteenth century). Perhaps this may help you.

Best regards,

Re: Hochepied/ de Hochepied in Holland and Turkey

Willem (View posts)
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Hi Matthijs,

Your message is very intriguing to me because I've been seeking a lead to details on the descendants of Jacqueline de Hochepied b. Sumatra 1929, daughter of Jacques de Hochepied b. Turkey 1902 and my cousin (first, once removed) Hettie Giraud b. Smyrna 1899. Jacqueline married Marius van Huijstee b. Heemstede 1924 and when last heard of by Giraud chroniclers (must be a long time ago) the couple were living in Amsterdam and had two children. I hope I'm not imposing too much on your kindness by asking whether you happen to know if Pieter van Huystee would react positively to being approached about this, and if so how I can contact him? As it happens, I live just a short walk from his business establishment in Amsterdam! I also found a family history website created by Paula van Huijstee, almost certainly a relative, but couldn't contact her because there seems to be something wrong with the email address supplied by her.

Hoping to hear from you,


Re: Hochepied/ de Hochepied in Holland and Turkey

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I am trying to trace the family de Hochepied Larpent. They were involved in commerce in India around 1850 and onwards. Do you have any details of them? I believe that a Larpent married a de Hochepied and when her brother died she was able to take on the baronacy. Ther was certainly a baroness de Hochepied Larpent in Calcutta.

Kind regards

Trevor Mansfield

Re: Hochepied/ de Hochepied in Holland and Turkey

Willem (View posts)
Posted: 1056743129000
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Just took a look through the De Hochepied entries in the Dutch "adelsboek" or peerage register and found no reference to any alliance with the Larpent family. Maybe this De Hochepied Larpent line began in France before the (Huguenot) De Hochepieds moved to the Netherlands. The Adelsboek notes that there is a De Hochepied genealogy on file at the National Archive in The Hague; it's possible that would cover early French generations. As for the Larpents, they also seem well represented in Britain, so that gives you quite few targets to test your perseverance on! Good luck - Willem

Re: Hochepied/ de Hochepied

Niall Palmer (View posts)
Posted: 1073866020000
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Surnames: de Hochepied Larpent
Dear Trevor,
This reply to your message is a bit of a leap in the dark because I have only just found this website and only have a vague interest in the de Hochepied Larpent story.

Briefly, I have a great-aunt (possibly now dead) whom I never met and of whom no one in the family would talk. Her name was Gwen Grey (nicknamed 'Ronnie') and she was born in the early C20th. Her sister was Iris Grey (my grandmother) and her father and mother were John and Rachael Grey.

Ronnie was a bit of a tearaway apparently and after getting into some family scandal ran off to marry someone called de Hochepied Larpent around the 1930s.

I have only a few photos of Ronnie, inherited from my of them is a small photo of a 2 or 3-year old boy labelled on the back "Johnathan de Hochpied (sic) Larpent - son of Gwen Grey".

There are a couple of extra details regarding this story which I have omitted (since I'm not sure what internet libel laws are). It is the sum total of all I know since my father used to silence me with a stare if I ever raised the subject. I have always been interested to know whether anyone had knowledge of this family that i am allegedly connected to.

Best wishes,

Dr Niall A.Palmer

Re: Hochepied/ de Hochepied in Holland and Turkey

Posted: 1075722346000
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Sir George Gerard de Hochepied Larpent b1786 married Charlotte Cracroft 1813
Son Albert John 1816
Of Roehampton, Surrey

I have no othe information

Re: Hochepied/ de Hochepied in Holland and Turkey

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Surnames: de HOCHEPIED - SENN
I am looking for a trace for this family:
Pierre SENN (1840 Livorno, Italy - ?) married
Rowena GIRAUD de HOCHEPIED and they had at least 4 children.
I also found, for you, a nice page on SMYRNA registers, just make a google search for HOCHEPIED and SMYRNA.

Re: Hochepied/ de Hochepied in Holland and Turkey

Paula (View posts)
Posted: 1094480021000
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Hello Willem (and Matthijs),
I ran into this message and noticed my name ... don't know what is wrong with the e-mail address I supplied, it should work. Anyway. Yes, my husband is related to Pieter van Huijstee. But I don't have a lot of info on that side of the family yet. Marius and Jacqueline had 4 children, if you would still like this info please contact me at
Also, do you know if Jacqueline de Hochepied is still alive? And what her middle name(s) are?
Please let me know either way. Regards, Paula

Re: Hochepied/ de Hochepied in Holland and Turkey

Jeff Poole (View posts)
Posted: 1132125729000
Classification: Query
Surnames: de Hochepied Larpent
I realise this is an old thread, but as part of a research project I have come accross the de Hochpied-Larpent damily in Adelaide South Australia (at least their graves) and am interested in establishing some genealogy. Does anyone have a tree of any sort with the Barons in it? My information has them as Barons de Hochepied of the Holy Roman Empire and those baronies did not pass via the female line, which is what has appeared to have happened, as I have the Barony passing to Porter, Larpent and Nepean families.

Jeff Poole
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