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billy joe hissom-walenciak

billy joe hissom-walenciak

tracy walenciak (View posts)
Posted: 937143190000
looking for any info on my grandpa.. born Billy Joe Hissom, born on Oct.21 1924 his father was killed a day before he was born, willam George Hissom from the state of Ohio. his mom's name was Ruby Sarah Tensfield.Ruby later married Chester Curtis, she died on Sept.21 1930.. I am looking for any info on how my grandpa was adopted into the Walenciak family? And to see if the Walenciak's are related to either the Hissom's or Tensfield's,, My grandpa was brought up in Pawnee, Okla. I know that Carl Duff and F.C. Tensfield's were the when my great-grandpa died in Oklahoma city, Okla. And that his body was shipped back home to Ohio. if you have any info i would like to know more.. as of now i have nothing? thanks so much..tracy.

Hissom name

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Hi Tracy
The name Hissom is an unusual one and almost impossible to research. I only know of one family by that name..they came here by or before 1750 and settled in NJ some of them served in the Revolutionary War. After the War, the line I am from stayed in NJ and eastern Pa. A couple of the descendants went to mid to mid west Pa...Cumberland and Northumberland Counties. They can be found in Pa census records through the Middle of the 19th century at least. I think some of them moved on to western Pa and on into Ohio as I once corresponded with a fellow in I believe in KY and his father had come from Ohio too. Sorry I can't be of more help, but this is the hardest name of over 300 I have reseached {other than several John Smiths]!!!!Have you checked Ohio census records for 1910 and 1920???


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Dear Tracy!
From the little bit of research I've done so far on my husband's family, I've seen where the name originally was spelled from England. Our part of the family came through Pennsylvania and settled near St. Mary's, West Virginia. There are several Hissams, Hissoms, Hissems still in that vicinity. My father-in-law moved to the northern panhandle of West Virginia and raised his family there. His name is John Hissam, Sr. I do believe that George was a brother to my husband's grandfather. There was also a "Byron Hissam" which was pronounced "Barn" by some of the relatives there. J. B. Hissam was my husband's Grandfather. Hope this helps or at least gives you a clue.
Robin Hissam

Hissam/Hissum/ Hissem etc.

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Hi Robin
Just came across your message of Dec 1999. I think these Hissams are all the same family far as I can tell, they came to NJ..then Pa ..after the Revolution several of them move on out further into Pa..around Westmoreland County..from there onto W Va..Ohio..some are in California now.
The first I find of this name is Elizabeth NJ late 1600's. Later, find a Thomas Hissom in NJ around 1750. {marriage date]..after that, located 3 Hissoms/Hissuns etc in Revolutiony war..Thomas, William and Abner. 2 of them Wm and Abner were captured and on prison ship in LI sound. Whether or not they lived..I don't know. I am from William, born ca 1810. Several Dar members have joined under Thomas Hissom and it is likely there were others in there from that extended family. This is a very difficult name to research but I have found 2 distant in Ohio, one in Calif and another in KY whom I believe to be a descndant of this family as well. I think the original name may have been Hisson..any thoughts??? My Calif. cousin insists it was German..but Thomas and Abner and are not germanic names from my readings..I think English... possibly Irish as later I find a Timothy and a Belinda???

Chester Curtis, Mich.

Sandy Schairer (View posts)
Posted: 961075250000
Did she have a son or stepson by the name of Arthur Curtis by Chester Curtis?

Hissom tree

Karolyn (View posts)
Posted: 967404360000
As I understand it the Hissom are from Ireland, Galway as I have been told. I have found the reference to Thomas, but not Elizabeth, William and Abner. I would be curious to know your source on those. I'll dig out the few bits of info I have and post again.
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My Genealogy stuff is all packed away but William and Abner were listed as members of the Pa Militia in and also listed as prisoners on the prison ship in Long Island Sound.Most of those prisoners died but some may have survivied to be released at th end of the War.
I found Elizabeth listed in NJ record about 1685, no mention thereafter, think that may have been in Middlesex CO. I have these things written down in notebooks which I will search one of these days. Ireland sounds like a likely spot..I have a distant relative who insists the name was Hession [German] but germans do not name kids Abner and Timothy! LOL


Darrell Fiest (View posts)
Posted: 969462769000
There is a Thomas Hissom (also spelled Hysham)buried in Tyler County WV. He was a known revolutionary war soldier. Additionally, there are numerous Hissoms in Ohio WV (Monroe county Oh Tyler County WV). SPellings include Hisam, Hissem, Hissom, Hissam. My mother is a Hissom, her family coming to WV from Monroe County Oh. I was always told it was an Irish name.

I have numeorus names dates/info on Hissoms from coast to coast...worked on this with a distant cousin who currently lives in Nice, France. Will provide any info that I can to those who want it,

Hissom..hissum..hyshim and so on

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You sound like a dream come true..I have researched this name for many years hoping to find out what became of my long lost Gr Grandfather..Jacob Samuel Hissom..Born ca 1862. I do have quite a bit of Hissom genealogy but always looking..especially for the Indian connection. I have recently come across some new info that gives me reason to believe that one of the Hissoms [mine] was married to a Native American which has always been the story on him. Please write..I have never given up hope of finding him.

Samuel Hissom

Darrell Fiest (View posts)
Posted: 969471094000
I believe I have some info on two Samuel Hissom's. I am at my friends right now and the info is at home home. I will try to get back to you tomorrow...I live in New Martinsville WV....where are you?
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