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Gail (Hervieux) Moore (View posts)
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I'm trying to update our family records.
If you can add to this .. please let me know.

Gail Hervieux born September 21, 1957 in Cornwall, Ontario. Daughter of William Hervieux and Rita Major, married on October 6, 1979 in New Liskeard, Ontario to Rory Moore, son of Hugh Moore and Connie Fielder.

William Hervieux, born October 7, 1916 in Verner, Ontario (died February 21, 1985 in New Liskeard, Ontario). Son of Joseph Hervieux and Elizabeth Trudel, married on December 24, 1945, in Osseo, Ontario to Rita Major, daughter of René Major and Lauré Gaureau.

Joseph Hervieux born March 31, 1883 in Joliette, Quebec (died June 28, 1960 in Matachewan, Ontario). Son of Jean-Baptiste Hervieux and Rosalie Christin dit St. Amour married on September 16, 1907 in Verner, Ontario to Elizabeth Trudel, daughter of Charles Trudel and Emma Laporte.

Jean-Baptiste Hervieux, born . Son of Jean-Baptiste Hervieux and Emence Rondeau, married on July 8, 1867 in the Cathedale Joliette, Quebec to Rosalie Christin dit St. Amour, daughter of Medard Christin dit St. Amour and Sophie Desmarais de St. Paul.

Jean-Baptiste Hervieux, born . Son of Jean-Baptiste Hervieux and Josepte Coutu, married on September 22, 1829 in Lanoraie, Quebec to Emence Rondeau, daughter of Pierre Rondeau and Josepte Brassard.

Jean-Baptiste Hervieux, born . Son of Jean-Baptiste Hervieux and Clemence Brault, married on January 30, 1804 in Lanoraie, Quebec to Josepte Coutu, daughter of Paul Coutu and Marie-Josepte Boisnoyer-Hilaire.

Jean-Baptiste Hervieux, born . Son of Jean-Baptiste Hervieux and Marie-Madelaine Marion, married on February 26, 1786 in Lavaltrie, Quebec to Clemence Brault, daughter of Pierre Brault and Clemence Morin.

Jean-Baptiste Hervieux, born . Son of Paul Hervieux and Margarete Ethier, married on January 26, 1762 in Lanoraie, Quebec to Pelagie Desjarlets (who left him widowed) and Marie-Madelaine Marion, daughter of François Marion and Françoise St. Martin.

Paul Hervieux, born . Son of Jacques Hervieux dit Leaparance and Marie Jamein, married on June 13, 1726 in Repentigny, Quebec to Margarete Ethier, daughter of François Ethier and Margerite Millot.

Jacques Hervieux dit Leaparance, born was a soldier of O La Compagnie de St. Ours. Son of Jean Hervieux de St-Lambert de Montigny and Catherine Famain, married on April 20, 1701 in to a midwife, Marie Jamein (widow of Jean Regeas).

Jean Hervieux de St-Lambert de Montigny, and his wife Catherine Famain were from Normandie, France.


Charmaine (LaBrie) Peet (View posts)
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Wow, you have really done your research. I am just getting started on my family tree. I am looking for any information on Maria Hervieu (born: 1870-1880's). She married Conrad LaBrie, I believe they lived in St. Coeur de Marie, Lac St. Jean, Quebec, as that's were my grandfather was born. If you have any information to share I would appreciate it. Thank you very much!


Gail (Hervieux) Moore (View posts)
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I don't have any information to share with you at this point at Maria Hervieux of the late 18 hundreds. However, if her name shows up in my research, I'll be sure to let you know.


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Re: geneology

perry goss (View posts)
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My wife's family comes from Canada. They move to Illinois in the US at least by 1880. The one son William is born the US. He lives very close to a J.B. Arvieux in MO in 1935. "JB", is listed as being 71, thus born in 1864 and born in Canada. This is confirmed by the son John on the census as well. "JB" further states both his mother and father were born in France.

In the south central section of Illinois there are many Arvieux. We were told via email that the family was from Canada, they changed the spelling of the name here in the US and that there were some native American marriages in the family.

Now on the census the nationality of JB is French. I have checked and from what I can tell this indicates his father was French.

I have found very few Arvieux and have been told that the spelling could change depenind on several circumstances. I have not as of yet investigated the records in south Illinois but have seen where Jean Baptiste Arvieux is listed in the Canadian provinces around Quebec.

Further! On the IL census the father of John or JB is listed as Jean Baptiste born 1840 or so and in Quebec. His wife is listed as Olivia.

I can find no one who can do research for me in Quebec.

First does any of this tie up with your people? Second do you know anyone who can do research up there?

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