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Searching for Helie's

Searching for Helie's

Barbara Helie (View posts)
Posted: 963518576000
My grandfather was Hector Helie from Quebec. He had 12 or 13 brother's and sisters, most of whom stayed in Quebec. He was born in 1885. The Helie family still owns the family farm in Quebec - the raise pork and have a sausage factory there. I would love to find relatives and fill in the list of brother's, sisters and cousins.
Please let me know if you know anything about these Helie's.

Just thoght i reply

Derek Helie (View posts)
Posted: 963556627000
Im not quite sure if im related. Because im only 14. But i know my great grandpa name is george helie if i get any information from my parent i'll let you know.


Barbara Helie (View posts)
Posted: 963557898000
Hi Derek!
Thanks for your message. Do you know where your great grandfather was born? The story of the Helie's that I am familiar with is that there were three brothers who came to Canada from France (I am not sure exactly when, but probably in the 1700's) The all came to Quebec. One brother stayed there (my grandfather Hector's family), one brother went out to British Colombia, another Canadian province, and one brother went down the Mississippi to Louisiana. My grandfather had about 13 brothers and sisters. The story is that there is a family farm in Quebec City that is still owned by the Helie family. They raise pork and run a sausage factory there. I talked to them in 1994 when my father died. Anyway, share this with your parents and see if any of the story rings any bells.
It is fun to try to reconstruct who your ansestors were and their lives, isn't it?
Thanks again for your answer.
PS My youngest son is 16 and his name is Nick.


Derek Helie (View posts)
Posted: 963588981000
Well so far all i know my great pepe was from Quebec. He had two brothers.That we know of. Their names were Maurice and Albrique. They moved to Chicopee Mass.Maurice was a shoemaker and Albrique and my great pepe George were cabinetmakers. George was the owner of Helie Cabinet Works until 1969.I will try to get more information for you from my pepe and dad. I know i have distance cousin i never met who live on Cape Cod Mass and Syracuse New York.Its not a common name so were probably related someway.I know were some how related to the Pratts and Gregoires. who are still in the Quebec area. Gregoires is my great meme maiden name.
Sincerely Derek


Michelle Duhaime-Sassin (View posts)
Posted: 964337223000
My great grandmother was Aurore Marie Helie b. 7-14-1898 in Quebec d. 4-4-1993 Detroit, Michigan and was married to Henri Paille.

Aurore's parents were Alphonse Helie and Azilda Duhaime. Aurore (my great grandmother) had a brother named O'Neil Helie but that's all I know on the Helie side. I have a picture of Azilda Duhaime and her children and husband on a farm in Quebec. If you would like to see it I can e-mail it to anyone who is interested.

Alphonse's Helie's parents

Michelle Duhaime-Sassin (View posts)
Posted: 964337547000
Alphonse Helie's parents were Godfroy Helie and Julie Plourde but do not have any other information on them.


Alphonse Helie siblings and descendants

Posted: 969056627000
Edited: 1159329180000

I recently discovered this Message board, and have some information that may help you.
It turns out that as far as I can tell, we are 3rd cousins, once removed. I
descend from Godefroi Helie and Julie Ploude through their daughter Virginie Helie,
who is Alphonse's sister. Here is what I have in my records:

1. Godefroi HÉLIE also known as: Godfroy (son of Jean HÉLIE and Angèlique TRUDEL) m. 7 Jan 1862, in St-Gregoire de Nicolet, QC, Julie PLOURDE, (daughter of Bonaventure PLOURDE and Julie CÔTÉ). found mention of Godefroi and Julie at Marriage date for Godefroy and Julie also in Juliette Landry's notes
2. i Virginie HÉLIE b. 1863.
3. ii Eugenie HÉLIE.
4. iii Théode HÉLIE.
5. iv Agnes HÉLIE.
6. v Alphonse HÉLIE.
vi Josephine HÉLIE m. Paul LAVOIE.
7. vii Joseph HÉLIE.
8. viii Ludger HÉLIE.
ix Louise HÉLIE m. Achille TOURIGNY.

Second Generation

2. Virginie HÉLIE b. 1863, m. 13 Nov 1883, in St.-Wenceslas de Nicolet, QC, Napoléon MARCOTTE, b. 1861, Nicolet, QC, (son of Leon MARCOTTE and Rose-de-Lima BOISCLAIR) d. 4 Nov 1918. Virginie died 13 May 1942, Nicolet, QC.
i Albina-Malvina MARCOTTE b. 3 Oct 1884, St. Jean-Baptiste, Nicolet, QC, m. 26 Apr 1909, in St. Jean-Baptiste, Nicolet, QC, Onile-Emil J. LAUZIERE, b. 9 Dec 1881, Ste. Monique, Nicolet, QC, (son of Joseph Octave LAUZIERE and Emerence MARCOTTE) d. 29 Jan 1968, Berlin, N.H. Albina-Malvina died 1977, Berlin, N.H.
ii Albert Antonio MARCOTTE b. 1884, d. 1905. died of drowning
iii Omer Domine MARCOTTE also known as: Domino, Joseph-Omer-Domine b. 30 May 1887, St. Jean-Baptiste, Nicolet, QC, m. 11 May 1915, in Ste. Anne-du-Sault, Nicolet, QC, Régina MERCIER. Omer died Apr 1932.
iv Marie-Hermine-Angelina MARCOTTE also known as: Angelina b. 1 Oct 1888, St. Jean Baptiste, Nicolet, QC, m. (1) ? BERGERON, m. (2) 18 Oct 1911, in Ste. Marie, Winchendon, MA, Joseph Louis-Grégoire FONTAINE, b. Ste. Brigitte, QC, d. by 1947. Marie-Hermine-Angelina died 5 Mar 1980.
v Elphège MARCOTTE also known as: Joseph-Elphege b. May 1890, P.Q., m. Anna LEBLANC, b. Dec 1896, d. 17 Nov 1957, Drummondville, QC. Elphège died 6 Aug 1941, Ste-Anne du Sault, QC.
vi Léda MARCOTTE also known as: Marie-Léda b. 1893, d. 1896. died by drowning
vii Emile Albani MARCOTTE b. 1894, Nicolet, QC, d. Jan 1946.
viii Bernadette MARCOTTE b. 7 Sep 1895, Nicolet, QC, m. 3 Jun 1917, in Berlin, NH, Georges BERGERON, b. 26 Mar 1896, Berlin, NH, d. 25 Mar 1975, Berlin, NH. Bernadette died 29 Dec 1996. address in 1947: 324 Champlain St., Berlin, NH
ix Eugenie Léda MARCOTTE also known as: Marie-Eugenie-Leda, Soeur Marie-Paul b. 7 Mar 1897, Nicolet, P.Q., occupation Nun, Soeur Marie-Paul, d. 14 Mar 1976, QC.
x Maria Helena MARCOTTE b. 28 Oct 1898, Nicolet, PC, m. 13 Jun 1927, in St. Anne's Church, Berlin, Coos Co., NH, Louis Philippe ROUSSEAU, b. 22 Sep 1895, St. Apollinaire, QC, (son of Louis Frezaire ROUSSEAU and Olivine C. FRÉCHETTE) occupation Auto mechanic, d. 21 Mar 1973, St. Petersberg, FL, buried: St. Joseph Cemetery, Biddeford, ME. Maria died 15 Jul 1968, Biddeford, ME, buried: St. Joseph Cemetery, Biddeford, ME. Louis: godparents: Lazare Rousseau, Delvina Frechette (married) SS# 003-14-5789
xi Albert Elzear MARCOTTE b. 14 Apr 1901, m. Marie-Marthe GAGNON, b. 1910.
xii Alphonse MARCOTTE also known as: Joseph-Alphonse b. 26 Nov 1903, m. Laura TOURIGNY.
xiii Rosa-Antoinette MARCOTTE also known as: Maria-Rosa-Antoinette b. 9 Nov 1905, Nicolet, QC, m. 2 Feb 1931, in Cathedrale de Nicolet, QC, Maurice THERRIEN, b. 10 Oct 1908, Ste-Monique, Nicolet, QC, (son of Hormidas THERRIEN and Flore DUVAL) d. 23 Aug 1994, Drummondville, QC. Maurice: notes from Julie Landry has year of birth as 1906, same date
xiv Rodolphe Antonio MARCOTTE also known as: Joseph-Rodolphe-Antonio b. 1907, d. 1936.

3. Eugenie HÉLIE m. Zephirin HÉROUX.
i Ovila HÉROUX m. Rose-Alba de la DURANTAYE.
ii Joseph HÉROUX m. Caroline PLOURDE.
iii Albert HÉROUX. twin of Omer died as infant (3 days old).
iv Omer HÉROUX. twin of Albert died as infant (3 months old).
v Arsène HÉROUX m. Florida COUTURE.
vi Henri HÉROUX. died accidentally at age of 3 "tue accidentellement d'une raude, a 3 ans"
vii Edmond HÉROUX m. (1) Blanche CORBEIL, m. (2) Corine CHAPUT.
viii Albert HÉROUX m. Antonia GOYER.
ix Alphonse HÉROUX m. Simone LEBLANC.
x Béatrice HÉROUX occupation Soeur Ephrem de Jésus. Soeur Ephrem de Jésus, F.C.S.P.
xi Albertine HÉROUX occupation Soeur Saint-Emmanuel ASV. Soeur de l'Assomption
xii Hertense HÉROUX occupation Soeur Sainte-Marianne ASV.
xiii Cécile HÉROUX m. J.-C. PLOURDE.
xiv Antoinette HÉROUX occupation Soeur Alphonse-Gabriel. Sr Alphonse-Gabriel, F.C.S.P.

4. Théode HÉLIE m. 9 Apr 1888, in St. Wenceslas, Nicolet, QC, Leontine BOUDREAU, (daughter of Charles BOUDREAU and Louise GIRARD).
i Léona HÉLIE m. Ernest BERUBÉ. Malenfant website ( has a Leona Helie married to an Ernest Brule (no parents for Ernest).
ii Angéline HÉLIE m. Wilfred NOURY.
iii Amanda HÉLIE m. Philippe ARSENAULT.
iv Antonio HÉLIE m. Clara PLOURDE. Found Antonio and Clara in Massicotte gedcom @
v Rose HÉLIE m. Joseph MOREL.
vi Bruno HÉLIE m. Rosalda DUHAIME.
vii Vitaline HÉLIE m. Lorenzo CLOUTIER.
viii Aurèle HÉLIE m. Lucile PLOURDE.

5. Agnes HÉLIE m. Abraham MÉTIVIER.
i Henri MÉTIVIER. died unmarried
ii Yvonne MÉTIVIER b. 1901, St-Celestin, Nicolet, QC, m. ? DAUVERNAY, also known as: DUVERNAY Yvonne died 5 Mar 1999, Manchester, NH. found line item of her death @
iii Antonio MÉTIVIER m. Aurore PROVENCHER.
iv Cécile MÉTIVIER m. Oscar PELLETIER.
vi Antoinette MÉTIVIER occupation Soeur Sainte-Madeleine.
vii Maurice MÉTIVIER m. Laurence BÉLIVEAU.

6. Alphonse HÉLIE m. 4 May 1896, in St-Wenceslas, QC, Asilda DUHAIME, also known as: Azilda b. 22 Jul 1871, St-Wenceslas, QC, 23 Jul 1871, St-Wenceslas, QC, (daughter of Narcisse DUHAIME and Célina DÉSILETS) d. 23 Dec 1938, Shawinigan Falls, QC.
i Aurore Marie HÉLIE b. 14 Jul 1898, Shawinigan Falls, QC, m. 3 Jun 1918, in Ste-Anne-du-Sault, Daveluyville, QC, Honoré Joseph PAILLÉ, b. 10 Jul 1886, St-Wenceslas, QC, d. 10 Oct 1957, Detroit, MI. Aurore died 4 Apr 1993, Detroit, MI.
ii Rosa HÉLIE. died as a young girl
iii Horace HÉLIE. bras coupé
iv Onil HÉLIE.
v Oscar HÉLIE.
vi Armand HÉLIE.

7. Joseph HÉLIE m. Malvina DUHAIME.
i Anna HÉLIE m. M. MARTEL.
ii Florida HÉLIE m. M. MARTEL.
iii Alma HÉLIE m. Bonaventure LEMAIRE.
iv Ovelina HÉLIE. died young
v Patrick HÉLIE.
vi Georges HÉLIE m. ? GRÉGOIRE. Contremaitre a menuiserie Helie
vii Roger HÉLIE. unmarried
viii Maurice HÉLIE.
ix Albérique HÉLIE.
x Philippe HÉLIE. unmarried

8. Ludger HÉLIE m. 14 Feb 1898, in Ste-Monique, Nicolet, QC, Amanda BOUDREAU, (daughter of Joseph BOUDREAU and Aurélie LEMIRE). address (1947): St-Raphael
i Arthur HÉLIE m. Charlotte LÉPINE.
ii Léda HÉLIE m. Wilfrid VEILLEUX.
iv Cécile HÉLIE m. Freddy LUPIEN.
v Wilfrid HÉLIE.
vi Alfred HÉLIE. never married
vii Lorette HÉLIE m. René MATTHIEU.
viii Jeannette HÉLIE. died young, aged 12 years old
ix Albert HÉLIE. never married (au chantier).
x Gertrude HÉLIE.

Best regards,
Mike Landry

Alphonse Helie's parents and ascendance

Posted: 969056823000
Edited: 1159329180000

Continuing on from the previous message, here is the direct ascendance
of Alphonse Helie to Jean Helie.

Descendants of: Jean HÉLIE

1 Jean HÉLIE
m. Jeanne MEUSNIER

2 Jean HÉLIE b. 1621 Menéac, Bretagne d. 16 Dec 1699 St-Jean, Ile d'Orleans, QC
m. Jaquette CHORET m. ca. 1650 Menéac, Bretagne
m. Jeanne LABBÉ m. 28 Nov 1669 Ste.-Famille, Ile d'Orleans, QC b. 1625 St-Leu-St-Gilles-de-Paris, Ile-de-France d. 1715
[daughter of Charles LABBÉ and Marie-Francoise MIRAN]
60 years old in 1681 census
Arrivée en 1669 avec des biens de 250 livres et un don du Roi de 50 livres.
40 years old in 1681 census (questionable year of birth)

3 Pierre HÉLIE b. 2 Feb 1676 Ste-Famille, Ile d'Orléans, QC d. 21 Nov 1760 St-Vallier, Bellechasse, QC
m. Marie-Rosalie PÉPIN m. 5 Jul 1700 Quebec, QC b. 3 Jun 1684 Quebec, QC d. 22 Oct 1721 St-Vallier, Bellechasse, QC
[daughter of Robert PÉPIN and Marie CRÊTE]
m. Marie-Helène GROMELIN m. 30 Jul 1722 Beaumont, QC
13 children with Rosalie Pepin
13 children with Marie-Helene GROMELIN has date of death
as 21 Oct 1741

4 Pierre HÉLIE b. 22 Apr 1701 St-Michel, Bellechasse, QC d. bef 8 Oct 1742
m. Marie-Louise-Thérèse LEFÈBVRE m. 29 Jan 1729 Berthier-sur-Mer, Bellechasse, QC b. 22 Aug 1706 St-Michel, Bellechasse, QC d. 15 Aug 1747 St-Michel, Bellechasse, QC
[daughter of Pierre LEFÈBVRE and Françoise dite Ambroise FOURNIER]

5 François HÉLIE b. 23 Aug 1733 St-Valliere, QC
m. Marie-Josephe DESROSIERS m. 1 Aug 1757 Trois-Rivieres, QC b. 10 Apr 1738 Trois-Rivières, QC
[daughter of Pierre DESROSIERS and Louise-Thérèse DUREAU]

6 François HÉLIE
m. Marie-Madeleine BELLIVEAU m. 29 Jan 1787 Nicolet, QC b. ca 1762 Massachusetts
[daughter of Jean-Baptiste BELLIVEAU and Marguerite MELANSON]

7 Jean HÉLIE
m. Angèlique TRUDEL m. 16 Aug 1819 St-Gregoire de Nicolet, QC
[daughter of Joseph-Eustache TRUDEL and Angèlique BERGERON]

8 Godefroi HÉLIE
m. Julie PLOURDE m. 7 Jan 1862 St-Gregoire de Nicolet, QC
[daughter of Bonaventure PLOURDE and Julie CÔTÉ]
found mention of Godefroi and Julie at
Marriage date for Godefroy and Julie also in Juliette Landry's notes

Hope this helps!!
Mike Landry

Re: Alphonse Helie siblings and descendants

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Classification: Query
Hi my grate grandfater was jospeph Lauziere. My grandfather was Arthur Lauziere,

Re: Searching for Helie's

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Surnames: Helie
Need information on Joseph Helie born Oct 3, 1913 died Jan 4 1983 Klamath Oregon, lived for a short time in Minnesota Was married to Jean Springer, Divorced, I think he was married again to Margaret. He left a family in MN. and I would like to find any information about him and his family.
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