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Hagan Family

Hagan Family

P Hagan (View posts)
Posted: 924196653000
Am looking for any Hagan family members in
Washington or Oregon who are decendents of James and Ann Hagan of Canada


C Hagan (View posts)
Posted: 925075680000
I am from B.C. and was looking for some family history for myself. I know little about the Hagan family except my father's relatives lived back east.


Jerry Hagan (View posts)
Posted: 925971814000
I have done some research into the NC Hagans, don't know if you fit in there. Our great grandfather was Sebern Hagan from Madison County, NC. My Grandfather was Loran Vance Hagan, also from Madison County.

Let me know if this helps.

HAGANs in Canada

J. Patrick Hagan (View posts)
Posted: 926436132000
I have data on MANY HAGANs, all in PEI Canada.
P. Hagan refers to "James and Ann Hagan of Canada". I have at least 4 James Hagans.
C. Hagan, in BC, refers to "Hagans back East". Do you mean eastern Canada ??

Hagan in Ontario,Canada

Albert Hagan (View posts)
Posted: 927884061000
Need to know parents of William Hagan born 1843 in Ireland. Immigrated to Canada approx. 1848 as a child. He settled in the St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada area and worked as a teamster. He married Margaret Elizabeth Soper and they had 8 children. Their son Thomas, my grandfather, moved to Depew, NY and married Catherine Grant. I need to know the parents of William Hagan also his siblings.

John P. Hagan N.J. early 1900''s

S.D. (View posts)
Posted: 930913136000
I have been searching for information regarding my maternal grandfather for twenty-one years, so far I have no additional information. It occurred to me that perhaps the family migrated to N. New Jersey from Canada. I am grasping at straws, but do you have any information regarding a Hagan family that moved to Ringwood, Ridgewood, Totowa or Patterson, New Jersey? My grandfather's name was John P. Hagan, and he had a sister by the name of "Mamie" who later married a man with the surname "Nelson". An aunt/uncle MAY have been the Rose family (Thomas Rose), but other family info. said the Rose family was a neighbor (my grandfather and grandmother were ??given up/abandoned/orphaned/adopted by the Rose family). Thank you so much in advance, any information would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, S.D.

Hagan Family Reunion

Deborah (View posts)
Posted: 931290576000
I am not sure if this will help you, but we have a Hagan family reunion every year. They are descendents of Francis "Frank" Hagan and Cora Rosalia Wilson Shull Hagan. Frank came over from Ireland when he was a young man. My Aunt has more of the specifics with the Family book. The reunion next year 2000 has not been decided as far as the place it will occur. Every other year the families from Canada attend this reunion. The year 2000 will be one of them. Most of the families in the states reside in Nebraska. The reunion is usually the last weekend in April. Between Frank and Cora, they have 25 children. Thomas, Minor, Roy, Elmer, Francis, Floyd, and Arthur were Frank's boys - Etta, Mary, Henry, and Edith were Cora's when they married. Together they had Alfred, Rawlin, Harold, Virgil, Earl, Kenneth, Ellen, Clifford, Ruth, Verla, Velma (my mother), Gerald and Robert.

Cora passed away Dec 4, 1945 at the age of 55 at Kearney, NE (some argue it was Lexington, NE). Father Frank Hagan passed away on July 6, 1966, at the age of 95.

Hagans LA, N.J etc..

S.D. (View posts)
Posted: 931331743000
Thanks for the info. A few people are trying to tie together the "Southern Hagans" with the far we are not too successful. So, we have a Hagan cluster in Maryland, cluster in KY, a few in Louisiana, a few in N.J. and a group of Hagans in parts of Canada..hmmm....It would be great to attend the reunion, pls. keep us posted, would you?

Hagan Family Geneology

Thomas P. Hagan (View posts)
Posted: 934134882000
Hi! I have been researching my family's lineage for about 8 years and a lot of information on the the Hagan's or(O'Hagan) lineage.

please reply

Pat Hagan


Melissa Lee (View posts)
Posted: 935063685000
I am looking for Eltheridge Hagan/Hagin. he married Mary Townsend in 1804. Any help would be appreciated. You can email me at
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