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Looking for information about my grandfather

Looking for information about my grandfather

Melody Ann Gumbus (View posts)
Posted: 982088336000
I am the daughter of Moses Gumbus Jr. (born in Darling, Mississippi 1944. I know very little about my grandfather, Moses Gumbus Sr,
except that he died when I was a small child. I believe he was born in either Memphis or Mississippi around early 1900's.

I would like to know who my grandfather's parents were, where he was born, and where did he die. I am also looking for other GUMBUS relatives that I may not be aware of. I have been collecting information for the past few years for a book on my family ancestry. If anyone has any information, please contact me at Any information at all would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

Re: Looking for information about my grandfather

Andy Gumbus (View posts)
Posted: 995638678000
Hello. I was looking around the website and noticed that my last name was on a message board. My grandfathers name was Frank Gumbus, and he passed away last March. His father came from Poland. What is your nationality? Possibly there is a connection.

Re: Looking for information about my grandfather

Melody Gumbus (View posts)
Posted: 995673860000
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Surnames: Gumbus
Hi Andy,
Thanks for your response. I am an African American woman, a descendant of at least three generations of Gumbuses that I know of. The only connection I can think of between your ancestors and mine is probably through slavery. I am working on a biographical novel about my ancestry and any information you may have in this respect would be greatly appreciated. Your great grandfather from Poland may have been a slave owner, passing on the name Gumbus. Anything you can find out about him would be helpful (i.e DOB, if/where he lived in USA, military service, occupation, etc.)

Re: Looking for information about my grandfather

Posted: 1076550471000
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Surnames: Mirell, Gumbus, DeVeau
Hi, I saw your post and wanted to reply.

My mother's maiden name is Gumbus. Her great uncle is Frank Gumbus, who's father, I believe was Joseph Gumbus. (Pop Joe to Mom) Frank's brother is Frederick Gumbus Sr. (my g-dad, mom's dad) I belive Joseph came from Poland as a newlywed. Frank and Frederick were born here on Long Island, and grew up in Stony Brook, NY. Frederick Sr married Geneva DeVeau and had 7 children, Fred Jr, Henry, Betty, Carol, John, Frank and Joseph Gumbus. Carol Gumbus is my mother.

Was that enough info for you? :-D

I don't think I'm related to Melody Ann tho.

Ps--there is also Russian in the family too. My GGGrandfather is from Russia. :-)

Kristina Mirell

Re: Looking for information about my grandfather

Arthur Gumbus (View posts)
Posted: 1115305902000
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My father was Frank Gumbus (Andy is my Son).
Frank Gumbus was born to Kaiser Gumbus.
Kaiser Gumbus was born in StoneyBrook Long Island, NY.
Kaiser is related to many of those mentioned earlier and his Father was Joesph Gumbus.

Kaiser had two sons...... Frank and Edward, both born in Bridgeport, CT.

Frank had a son Arthur and a daughter Marcelle (Gordon).

Edward had two daughters (Sandra and Valarie).

Frank and Edward are now passed on.

Family verbal history states that Joesph had a farm in Stoneybrook LI. Kaiser was very interested in automobiles and moved from Long Island to Bridgeport to be a mechanical engineer in the Locomobile Plant in the early 1900's. Kaiser eventually started a bus company via franchise of routes and buses in Bridgeport which covered the general area of Bridgeport, Stratford and Fairfield, CT.

Kaiser's family, (Frank and Ed) would often times go back to Long Island to visit their grandfather Joe and there are family pictures of the farm and my grandmother (Philis) sitting at a spinning wheel. Joe apparently raised pototatoes on the farm as memory serves.

Re: Looking for information about my grandfather

Kristina (View posts)
Posted: 1139465083000
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Hi Art....We've spoken and emailed before I believe.

I just came across your reply here, I was searching for my name again in Google when this thread popped up. I think I've read it before , but don't remember, lol.

I think we are related, being second cousins? or 3rd cousins. I don't remember.

I am starting to really consider trying to do a Gumbus Family tree. Do you know anyone that has tried or has done one? I always thought it would cost money to get info to figure it all out, so I never tried it.

If a Gumbus tree hasn't been done yet, and you would like to help me w/ it, I'll give it a go. I have always loved to know who's who! :)

Kristina Mirell

Re: Looking for information about my grandfather

Posted: 1184216430000
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Surnames: Gumbus, Crumb
Here I am again, revisiting the family tree again. :)

I just now figured out the correlation of you and I. I knew we were cousins but didn't realize how...

Here's what I have:
(carol is my mom, kristina is me, "pop joe" is my great grandfather)

KAISER IS GRANDPA'S(frederick gumbus) UNCLE

I mainly came here again, becuase I am looking for more info on the Crumb family. Anita (sp)Crumb (your great aunt) was married to Joe (Pop Joe) Gumbus of Stony Brook, LI. I posted in the Surname Crumb thread about her. Do you have any info about the Crumb family? Might be too far removed from you tho.

I'll figure this out one day! :-)

Hope things are going well.........


Re: Looking for information about my grandfather

Posted: 1184234872000
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Hi Kristina:
The only Crumb I know was Robert Crumb the famous 1960's-70's cartoonist that made the phrase "Keep On Truckin'" famous.

So no, I do not know of any Crumbs.

BTW, My Mom Angeline (Wife of Frank) passed on June 28th. She was 89.

Also, My Sister Marcelle (gumbus) Gordon passed on last year after a long fight with cancer.

She is survived by David Gordon and Karen Gordon.

Love and Best WIshes,
Arthur Frank Gumbus

Re: Looking for information about my grandfather

Posted: 1184271010000
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Surnames: Crumb, Gumbus
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your losses.. :0( {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}

Thanks so much for your info (or lack thereof..LOL.. JUST KIDDING...)

I'm on a quest! Thanks bunches!


Re: Looking for information about my grandfather

Posted: 1219046474000
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Hi Melody,
This is your cousin Catrina....My grandfather (Ananias) and your grandfather (Moses) were me at or did you ever move email me or numbers are still the same
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