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Rene Guillot

Rene Guillot

John Guillote (View posts)
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This is what i have found on Rene. I would like know when and were he died.
RENE(dit L’Angevin)GUILLOT was born about 1695 in Doix, Diocese Angers, France. Dit L’Angevin is for somebody who came from the town of Angers or around Angers. This part of France is L'Anjou. A cousin Preston Guillote wrote the following about Rene Guillot in the Terrebonne Life Lines, Vol. 17 No. 2. " I have been unable to find the exact birthplace of Rene Guillot, my direct ancestor, born approximately 1695 in France. I have made two unsuccessful trips to France to find records of the exact community where the family originated. I have been to Doix, Diocese Angers France. That is located today in the department of Vendee, southwest of Poitier near the community of Pontenay Le Comte. It is northeast of La Rochelle. No records exist with him or his Brother, Henri's name. Although they gave Doix as the point of origin of their voyage upon arrival in Acadia, they may have lived there at the time they left for Acadia but were baptized in some other church in another community. A visit to Cherminac, a small community south of Saintes, France, also proved fruitless. This is one of the possible communities where the Guillot name could have originated. The church there was built in the 12th century, but their names again did not appear in the registers. The archives in the port city of La Rochelle gave me no information as to the ship that they might have sailed on to get to Acadia. This is the logical port to have sailed from as this was one of the main ports of they day when so many sailed to Acadia. It also is very close to the community of Doix. I would call this area of France "west central" as it is on the Atlantic side of the country and just north of Bordeaux. It is in the modern region of Poitou-Charentes. It is an agricultural region of wheat and rye. The coastal area is predominantly fishing communities. The landscape of the area is simply beautiful. Rolling hills of light greens to dark greens to bright yellow patches cover endlessly the farms as you drive down the highways. "'

The Guillot's arrival in Acadia shortly after the signing of the Treaty of Utecht in 1713 giving the English the whole Acadian Peninsula. RENE and HENRI first appeared in the records of Acadia in 1714. In the "History of the Acadians" by Bona Arsenault, Rene's family along with most of Cobequid and Pisiquid fled to the Isle Saint Jean (Prince Edward Island) around 1752 because of the war with the English over control of Acadia. Rene's family was deported to Saint Malo, France.

HENRI GUILLOT, RENE'S brother was born 1693 in France. In Sieur de la Roque 1752 Census for Prince Edward Island/Ile Saint Jean, Page 6 - Prince Edward Island: Herné Guillot, plough man, native of Doix, bishopric of Angers, aged 59 years. He has Marie Joseph Guillot, his daughter, aged 29 years and in stock, two cows and one calf. The land upon which they are settled was given to them verbally by Monsieur de Bonnaventure. On it they have made a clearing for the sowing of four bushels of wheat in the coming spring.

Rene Guillot is the brother in law of Charles Doiron according to the text of an action 24 May 1736 at the garrison of Annapolis Royal between Rene Guillot and Charles Duron (Nova Scotia Archives, page 346 "Minutes of H.M. Council 1720 - 1742"), "The plaintiff represents & sets forth that the defendant Charles Duron his brother in law has disturbed him in the possession of his inheritance left to his wife Margaret by her deceased father John Duron, & not only so, but that gave him a summons to appear before Gov & Council to have their difference decided he beat him with a stick & ca as upon file."

He was married to MARGUERITE DOIRON (daughter of JEAN BAPTISTE DOIRON (DOUARON) and MARIE ANNE de CANOL (DECANO)) about 1719 in Cobequid, Acadie. MARGUERITE DOIRON was born about 1699 in Cobequid, Acadie. She died on 13 FEB 1759 in Saint Malo, France. RENE (dit L’Angevin) GUILLOT and MARGUERITE DOIRON had the following children:



gloria guillote menard (View posts)
Posted: 947406533000
i am also looking for information on rene guillote. All of the geneology information I have pinpoints them living in Lafourch parish. I had sent you some information on Jean Guillote and Ovigina Sonnier by email did you receive it? Are you the brother of Antoine Guillote and Eraste
Guillote? If so I have a lot of information that I can send you.


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Ambroise Guillot, son of Rene'Guillot and his wife Theotiste Daigle and children were residents of Point-au Boulleau on the Isle St.Jean. On Jan. 23, 1759, Ambroise Guillot and his family disembarked at St. Malo from one of the "Five ships." this family resided in the parish of Tigavou, 1759-1772.
Ambroise lived in "La Couiniere" in Bonneuil Matoues (Vienne, France) and later when the house of the Acadian colony of Archigny was built, he lived in houses No.9 and 11. The house No.9 was still standing near the Acadian museum of Archigny. It was not in very good condition, but still standing after all these years. House No.7 on the colony of archigny was attributed to Fabian Amateur Guillot, only son to come to America.

This letter is from the "Archives de la Marine"

Rene' Guillot

George J. Guillot Sr. (View posts)
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Rene' Guillot's oldest son Jean Baptiste Guillot is my ancestor in my family tree.
I do not show a daughter Marie Joseph for Rene Guillot,only Jaen,Rene'and Ambroise.
The information I have came from the library in Shreveport La. My daughter did the reserch so my info is second hand. I understand the family left Acadia and went back to France, then came to Louisiana.I do show Rene' married to Marguerite Doiron so I think we are talking about the same people.
I was told this goes back to 1695 but I was't sure if that was the date of birth or when they left Acadia. I was under the impression that my info stopped in Arcdia.
Enjoyed your information.I'll have to pick my daughters brain again.

Rene Guillot, born 1695

Nancy (Guillot) Rowland (View posts)
Posted: 979035288000
My dad just called me to tell me about the search you were doing, so I thought I would share with you what I have learned about Acadian history.
I have some pages photocopied from the ships passenger lists of those Acadians who were returned directly to France...
Jean Baptiste, son of Rene, died at sea along with 4 children. Jean's brothers, Rene and Ambroise are listed with their familes. However there is no mention of either Rene or Henri in any ships listing that I was able to locate.
Keep in mind that, by this time, Rene and Henri would have been in their mid to late 50's. Speculations are endless as to what may have happened to them: they may have been fighting and taken prisoner to be shipped to England; possibly died during the time that the family moved from Acadia to Ile St. John; possibly died in the fighting to be buried in an unmarked grave. The biggest difficulty to overcome is the fact that a lot of church records were destroyed by the English when they took over. Mind you, I'm not saying that it is impossible to find, just that it is unlikely that such a record would exist. If no one has tried the "prisoner of England" angle, that might be the next avenue to start down.
One other note: you have listed that Rene Guillot and Marguerite Doiron had a daughter, Marie Joseph. This is incorrect. Rene and Marguerite only had the three sons: Jean-Baptiste, born 1721; Rene, born 1726; Ambroise, born 1728. The only Marie Joseph listed among the family is the daughter of Jean-Baptiste, born in 1750, which was the year that the families went to Ile St. John as refuges.
I hope this has given you a bit more info to work from. If I can be of anymore help, feel free to e-mail me:

Nancy Colette (Guillot) Rowland

Rene Guillot

John Guillote (View posts)
Posted: 979235012000
I have used this site for some of the information on Rene:

Re: Rene Guillot, born 1695

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please get back in touch with me at

Re: Rene Guillot, born 1695

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Surnames: Guillot
I am doing research on the Guillots if you have any information on the can you please send it to my email at

Re: Fabian Amateur Guillot

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Surnames: Guillot
Nancy, thanks for the information you sent a while back. I would like to know if you have any information on Fabian Amateur Guillot, son of Ambroise Guillot and Theotiste Daigle? He was the first on my Mother's family line to come to America. He married Anna Giroir in 1797 in Plattenville, Assumption Parish,La. I just read some Guillot info. online that he was also married to a Theotiste Daigle first. The person that wrote the information said he thought she was probably French Creole and died shortly after she married because there were no children listed for Fabian and Theotiste. I did find a Fabian Guillot in the Diocese of Baton Rouge, La. Catholic Church Records that was married to a Theotiste Daigle in 1786 in Donaldsonville, Ascension Parish, La. They did not have any parents of either listed. I just find it a little strange that he was married the first time to someone that had the same maiden name as his Mother. Strange but not impossible! Any information on the first marriage (Theotiste Daigle) of Fabian Amateur Guillot, born 1763 in Trigavau, du Nord, France and died Oct. 16, 1834 in Plattenville, La. would be of great help and much appreciated.

Let me know if you live in Louisiana.

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