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Any others out there?

Any others out there?

Amanda Grimaldo (View posts)
Posted: 933498340000
Hey from the Grimaldos in Texas!!
Just posting a message in case anyone cares. email me and we'll chat.

Amanda Grimaldo

Grimaldo's from Fl. (View posts)
Posted: 962274308000
Dear Amanda,
My name is C.Grimaldo and I was interested
in finding Grimaldo's in the U.S. so that
I could figure out where our last name
originates. I am Mexican American but I
know that Grimaldo isn't a mexican name.
If you have any info. please share!!!!!

Looking for Grimaldo clan arround the world.

Posted: 965781724000
Hi there, this is MArlon Grimaldo, 24 yrs old, Filipino Citizen. I am presently working here in Saudi Arabia as Computer Programmer in Tokio MArine Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. I want to meet you all Grimaldo. do send email to my Add. Thanks and God Bless you all.

Marlon Grimaldo

C.Grimaldo (View posts)
Posted: 965815523000
Dear Marlon,

My name is C. Grimaldo and I live here in
Florida. I am not Filipino but am Mexican-
American. I was wondering if you knew where
our last name originates. If you have any info.
please share!!!


Message for Mr. C. Grimaldo

Posted: 965863145000
Mr. C GRimaldo You can send email to my private email address , if you wish to communciate longer to me. here hope to hear from you soon.
According to my dad he was originated in MArinduque, I got a pal here in Saudi Arabia his name is JEss Grimaldo, he's an Engineer in Riyadh. YOu know almost all Grimaldo's I knew in Philippines, are all professional, i am not carrying my chair but some people say's that all GRimaldo are intelligent.

God Bless you!

Marlon Grimaldo

Miss C. Grimaldo (View posts)
Posted: 965903683000
Dear Marlon,

I was very glad to hear from you !!! So you
have a friend named Jess Grimaldo? I looked
up our last name and it goes all the way back
to Italy. You say you are from the
Phillipines? That's very interesting. My
ethnic background is Mexican, Spanish, and
Native American, and I suppose Italian from
our last name. You know here in the U.S.,
I have rarely met anyone with the same last
name as our's. I am writing you from the
public library. I am 27 years old and I was
born here in Florida. As far as I know,
we don't have anyone that is Phillipino in
our family. Do you have any relatives that
are Hispanic in your family? Well, I will
continue to write you over the library
computer. Ask Jess Grimaldo what his
nationality is. Im just curious to find
out how many Grimaldo's are related!!!

Miss C.Grimaldo


C. Grimaldo (View posts)
Posted: 966039721000
Hi Miss C. Grimaldo,
Got your Email Just now. do you have any email Address which I can reach you out. Outside of this site. I am much very interesting to know you well and make some research for the origin of our surname.
if you will make some study/research in Philippines history. you will find out that the Island Philippines was colonised by the spaniard during 16th Century to 18th Century.
I have some relatives there in California, but they are all Filipino.
Talk you later!

Wish to hear you soon


Marlon Grimaldo

Miss C.Grimaldo (View posts)
Posted: 966070035000
Dear Marlon,

I do not have an e-mail address. I am
writing on a library computer. I was very
glad to hear from you. So the phillipines
was colonized in the 1700's by the spanish.
I know that here in Florida that we have
the oldest city in the United States!! It
was founded by the Spaniards in the 1500's.
My husband happens to be related to one of
the first spanish explorers in
St. Augustine, Florida!!! His great ances-
tors name was Pedro Menendez. Have you heard
about him in Florida history? Well I'll be
waiting to hear from you soon.



C. Grimaldo (View posts)
Posted: 966070776000
Got your Reply.Thanks very much!
I haven't heard the History of Florida yet.

my physical appearance was an ordinary Malay race. you know the typical Filipino look-like, I guess your familiar with asian race.
you know Before, i'm getting interested to know that there is a person here in Saudi arabia having same with my surname but now in US, it's cool right!

talk to you later. i have to go now.

marlon grimaldo

Marlon Grimaldo

C.Grimaldo (View posts)
Posted: 966332034000
Hey Marlon!!!

How are you doing? I am doing fine. So what
is is like over there? I bet it's really
hot!! I bet the culture is so different from
the USA. Anyway, it's nice to have sort of
like a pin pal over the computer!! I hope
you don't get too bored writing back and
forth. Tell me more about yourself if you
don't mind. I'll tell you about myself a-
little bit. Well I'll be 27 years old to-
marrow; I have one child, she's 5 years old
and I've been married for 61/2 years. I
have a good life and I hope yours is as good.
Well I guess it's time to go for now.

talk to you later!!
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