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Looking for family members

Looking for family members

Carol Yennie (View posts)
Posted: 952113820000
Which Grabfelders are out there and which family are you from? My Great Grandmother was Rica Grabfelder (Friedman) who lived in New York City until her death in 1959 or 60; don't quite remember. She had seven children.


John P Grabfelder (View posts)
Posted: 957379175000
My Grandfather (Paulus) came over from Germany to U.S. about 1892. They settled in Cleveland, Ohio. He had 3 sons and 2 daughters (and baby that died early)...My father )one of his sons) had 2 sons - my self and my brother (Ray). I live in VA and my borther in Al.


Carol Yennie (View posts)
Posted: 957416229000
My G-Grandmother married a Samuel Grabfeler. It must have been around the early 1900s, I'm guessing. Her name was Rica. I have no idea at all where any other family members are from that particular Grabfelder family, other than their immediate family. They had seven children.

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John P(aul) Grabfelder (View posts)
Posted: 957465479000

I know that there were a "group" of Grabfelders who live in Louisville, Kentucky. When I was living in Tampa, Florida I was contacted by a (opps - forgot the man's first name) Grabfelder and his wife who sold realestate. He was an old "Kentucky Col" as I remember. In any event he told me about his father's brother who owned a distillery in the 1850's - 80's - S. Grabfelder Distilleries. I know this was true because my personnel manager at the time, who was an old bottle collector, brought me a pint bottle with the name S. Grabfelder Distilleries, 18__ on it [I use to remember that date! :-(] Our Grabfelders live in Cleveland area, Mobile, Al (brother) and I'm in VA. I contacted about 20 German Grabfelders, but they claim not to be conntect. My Uncle (before he died in late 70's) said his father, my grandfather had several brothers in Germany...but I believe the two Wars took them, although I have no way of tracing that (yet). I know there are a "group" of Grabfelders in Pennsylvania. Are they your kin? I also remember my father taking about Grabfelders in New York, but I don't know if they ever tried to contact them. My father's sister, who is about 94, lives in Las Vegas with her daughter...they are the only one's still alive in that lineage of Fathers, uncles, aunts. I am most anxious to continue this search effort. I can't imagine that Grabfelder was that much of a common nane. By the way, her are three interesting facts: there is a "county" in Germany called Grabfeld (about center of Germany near Bad Neustadt); and there is a soccer fan club in that area called "Der Grabfelder" supports the local "football" [soccer] team (can't find that name right now); and thridly, one of my uncles, Frank Grabfelder, played for the Cleveland Indians around 1923, but broke an ankle or some such thing...


Carol Yennie (View posts)
Posted: 957503386000
Sounds very interesting. Wish I knew as much about the Grabfelders as you do. My knowledge is limited to immediate family. No, I don't think we are related to the family in PA, but not sure.

I also have connections to another Grabfelder family in NJ but that is the only one that I know. My G-Grandmother supposedly came here in the 1800s and grew up in Virginia. They moved to New York, not sure when. She was a Friedman. Not sure where Samuel Grabfelder, (her husband) originated from. Family was not close.


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Barbara Grabfelder (View posts)
Posted: 976337815000
My father-in-law is Arthur Samuel Grabfelder. He was born/raised in the Phila., PA area. Siblings: George, AnnaMae, Henrietta, Josephine, Myrtle. His father was Fredrick Grabfelder. Does anyone have more information?

john grabfelder

dorothy davila (View posts)
Posted: 976443986000
he was my grandfather lived in absecon nj my mother never spoke or saw him he left her mother whene she was 16 she had two sister he married another womman who had 4 girls i no he was a great craftsmen but no nothing else


Sara Daggett (View posts)
Posted: 979068500000
My husband's grandmother, Margaret Morschauser Daggett said that she and her mother, Antonia Zimmer Morschauser often traveled to Ohio to visit Grabfelder relatives. I have a Christmas card photo of the Grabfelder family. Would the Grabfelders be related to the Morschausers or the Zimmers? Grandma couldn't remember.


John Grabfelder (View posts)
Posted: 979136705000
Hello!! Great to hear from you...the family is "associated" (not sure about related), to the Morschauser side. The folks they visited in Ohio were either my father or his father...I am not sure how far they go back. I don't remember the name Antonia...Did she have a knickname...I know we visited Maddison, Wisconsin to see them once in my memory bank (in the 50"s)...I remember as a little baby (I do remember this) that the one lady (think we called her Aunt) who visited us had a tip of one finger missing and I use to suck on it (or so the family story goes)...I would love to see a copy of the picture you mention...if it was my father mother, my brother was born in 1940 I was born in 1944, so we would be in the age ...I will call my brother to find out her name and see if he has some the way, there are some Grabfelder's on this side left in cousin, Roland Grabfelder whose father was George Grabfelder...


Sara Daggett (View posts)
Posted: 979471661000
Please send me your e-mail address so I can send the picture. I am
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