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Golphin Family

Golphin Family

Alvid Golphin (View posts)
Posted: 958471668000
If there is anyone who has information on the
origin of the Golphin family name or is related
and would like to work on a Family tree please
email me.


California Golphins

Roderick (Rick) Golphin Sr. (View posts)
Posted: 962556748000
Greetings! From the little info that I have, it seems that my Great Grandfather Frank Golphin and his brother (unk) came to California late 1800's or early 1900's. My grandfather Elwyn Timethious Golphin (Deceased 1988) was born in 1906.

As far as I can tell, Augusta GA is the area(plantation?) they migrated from.. Some interesting Golphin History out there I guess..

I did find an article about a church founded by a Golphin surname, that church supposedly later relocated and became Morehouse U. I dont have any other insights, as far as our family, my father had no siblings, I have two sisters and I havent met or heard of any other Golphins on the West Coast...

If you can help.. I'd be interested in learning more also.. Thanks

Rick Golphin

Golphin Family

Alvid Golphin (View posts)
Posted: 962607070000
I'm in Georga today, July 3rd in the Richmond Hill
area. That not far from Savannah. My parent Albert
Golphin and Bertha Shellman Golphin are from here. I
plan on seeing some Golphin relative and will try to
find out what I can. Will write soon.



Eileen Golphin-Williams (View posts)
Posted: 967390439000
My name is Eileen and I am a descendants of the Golphin family. Presently I live in Atlanta, Georgia and I know that some of the original Golphin family member (s) live in Georgia and Philadelphia.


Eileen golphin-Williams (View posts)
Posted: 967393804000
Sending youy the correct mailing address.

Golphin relatives

Eileen Golphin Williams (View posts)
Posted: 967659344000
My names is Eillen Golphin-Williams. My father is on of the originals. I have some
information and background of the family.
Please email me soon so we can get to know each other. Eileen

Golphin relatives

Eileen Golphin Williams (View posts)
Posted: 967660102000
Hello! My names is Eileen Golphin-Williams.
I am the daughter if the late Leavitis Golphin. He was Born July 9, 1909 in Hinesville Ga. The last name speaks for itself, it is very unusual. Please email me back and compare family information.


More names

Rick Golphin Sr. (View posts)
Posted: 967751955000
My Grandfather also had two sister, Mamie, and Katherine(Barrel) I believe that there mothers last name was Tutt.

I havent checke the site in awhile. Glad to see that there is some interest. If anyone narrows down the orgins of "our" family :-)
let me know.

(alot of black folks are leaving Cali for Atlanta... must be something going on down there!!)

family facts

Rick Golphin (View posts)
Posted: 971975042000
I am Eileen Golphin Williams,
Its good to hear from someone else with this same puzzling last name. I don't think we will every find the origin of our family. I'm
trying to talk to some of the older family members to find more. I will keep the mail going. Hope that we can help eachother.


Golphin family

Kenneth J. Golphin (View posts)
Posted: 975171355000
I'm glad to find this message board. Over the past few years I have come upon a few people I don't know with this last name. Most have roots in South Carolina, around the Georgia border. To the best I've been able to find, the name came through the Carribian. Apparently driven out during some revolt and some one (race unknown) settled in the Carolinas. My grandfather was Willie Joe Golphin (1900-1976). When my father was young (Willie Cortez Golphin), my grandfather (we called him "Big Daddy") moved to Atlanta, where my dad was raised, and I was born. I currently live in Versailles, Ky, right outside Lexington. I am intrested if you have more.
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