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gittelman tree

gittelman tree

marvin gittelman (View posts)
Posted: 927705648000
trying to locate background of family of samuel, son of baruch. baruch came to usa about 1902 from town called "turuv" or "turov" in czarist russia. ( believe was what we now know as ukraine.) had 2 sons at the time, samuel, and benjamin. sons and wife, bessie,(nee bachman) came about 2 years later. settled in brooklyn n.y. baruch was in the dairy business, died about 1923. samuel went into clothing manufacturing. married martha defen about 1924, had sons bernard, stanley, and marvin, and daughters sophie(passed away at age 2 in 1929, and adele.
was responsible for sponsoring many relatives to this country. one was mike gittelman who eventually settled in falls river, mass. any information towards the development of a family tree would be greatly appreciated.
believe that all spelling of gittelman as opposed to gittleman were related, but could be wrong.
heard of some gittelmans coming out of poland (via china) after WWII and was told that the town "turov" was destroyed by the russians.
there was a society in brooklyn at one time called the turov society comprising of former immigrants from that town, but do not know if it still exists.
thanks for any info you can supply!

Gittelman Family Tree

Linda Gittleman Feldhouse (View posts)
Posted: 931681018000
My grandfather was Sol Gittleman, at various
times his family spelled their name, Gittleman,
Gittelman, Gittel. Sol was born in Russia in
1880. He had 2 brothers and 1 sister. He came
to America betwen 1895 and 1905. The 3 brothers
came to US at the same time. Sol owned a small
farm in CT. He lived in NY for part of his life.
I know one of his brothers, Max Gittleman lived
in New Britain, CT most of his life.

I don't know if they are related at all, but I
don't know who the 3rd brother was and they
all did come from Russia.

Do you think there is any connection?? Plese
let me know.

gittleman family tree

Linda Gittleman Feldhouse (View posts)
Posted: 931868147000
I don't recognize the names Sol or Max. However, since I am the youngest son, I will confer with my oldest brother this weekend and get back to you in about 2 weeks. Thanks for your interest. Marvin Gittelman

Looking for Other Gittelmans

Neil J. Gittelman (View posts)
Posted: 931874532000
Father, William was born in 1895 in Mariupol in the Ukraine. Came to U.S. in 1911 with two sisters, Sophie and Minnie. Was in the dairy business and later became a clothing mfg. Returned to the retail dairy business during the depression. Lived mostly in Brooklyn, NY and Long Island. Died in 1969. I'm his son and am 67 years old; living in New Mexico. Glad to hear from other Gittelmans.

Neil Gittelman

marvin gittelman (View posts)
Posted: 933417874000
Hi,sorry I can't be of help to you. My father came from Belarus. I have tried to tie him into other Gittelmans, but without success. The only other one I know of is Mike who settled in Fall Rivers, Ma.
My father did live in Brooklyn all his life, and his Father was in the dairy business before becoming a clothing manufacturer. During the depression, my parents owned a grocery store but it failed because no one could pay them.
I have a brother 74, a brother 70, and I am 64. We lived in Brownsville while I was growing up, but my parents lived in Williamsburg before I was born.
My father's father had a home in Brownsville and thats where we lived when I was born.
I have been researching the name and I have found many Gittelmans from all over Eastern Europe. My son found two with his name. (Stuart). I am ready to give up. The name is not as unique as I thought it was and it doesn't seem to make any difference how it is spelled. Gittelman, Gittleman, Gitelman, etc.
My brother found one near him in New Jersey, and was told to "stop butting into his business".
Sorry I couldn't be of any assistance.


marvin gittelman (View posts)
Posted: 933418269000
I checked with my oldest brother in Las Vegas. He is unaware of the brothers you mentioned, but anything is possible.
However, I would think that if my Grandfather had brothers, we would have known since we did know my Grandmother's Brother. So, unfortunately I can't tell you anything new other than the fact that my father did have a cousin Mike Gittelman who was in the clothing manufacturing business in Fall Rivers, Mass.


Linda Gittleman Feldhouse (View posts)
Posted: 933438184000
Thanks for checking. I don't think they
would have been brothers - i just was
wondering if they were related at all
(maybe cousins). My grandfather and his
brothers lived in NY and 2 of them moved to
CT. It has been interesting.

just another fyi...
A girl I used to work (who was originally
from Russia) said her father was working for
the Saracuse Symphony in upstate NY
and the symphony director is named Gittleman
(she didn't tell me how he spelled his name-
so it could be either way).
I know he was from somewhere in Russia.

Good Luck


Michael Rosener (View posts)
Posted: 937175788000
My great grandfather, ABRAHAM GITTELMAN,came
from Russia around the turn of the century.
He married ANNA SILVERMAN in 1901 and was
naturalized in 1908. Does anyone have any more
info on him or his upline? Thanks.


Posted: 938694996000
Edited: 997987450000
I saw your message regarding Abraham Gittelman. It sounds as if he may be a first cousin, twice removed of mine.

Did he immigrate to Philadelphia. If so, then I have probably have a lot of useful information for you.


Michael Rosener (View posts)
Posted: 938724472000
I'm not sure, but I don't think so. I have
very little information because both my parents
are single children from broken marriages and
don't know much of their own histories. I do
know that Abraham's wife, Anna, died in 1969
in New Jersey. The marriage certificate I have for
Abraham and Anna show them both from Russia.
I have very little information than that. I'd
love to hear more from you, though. If you prefer,
email me @

Michael Rosener
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