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Gicker Surname

Gicker Surname

Peggy Duff Edwards (View posts)
Posted: 934550792000
Looking for information on the Gicker family Walt Gicker from Pennsylvania, Married Alice (maiden name not known) had two children Raymond Walter Gicker, Jr. and Dorothy Gicker, Dorothy married lived in St. Petersburg, FLA (deceased) Walt Gicker's father's name James Gicker deceased in St. Petersburg, FLA.

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Julie (View posts)
Posted: 935092386000
I also have Gicker's in my family from PA - do you have any dates - maybe we can see if they are related. My Gicker's are from Plowville/Reading area. Solomon Gicker B. July 10,1858


Peggy Gicker Edwards (View posts)
Posted: 935151756000
I do not have dates at work but at home will look them up and see what I can come up with and send them to you.

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Peggy Edwards (Gicker) (View posts)
Posted: 936012065000
I remember a Jonathan P. Gicker's service certificate when I was in PA many years ago. He fought in the war between the states. It was a very colorful discharge and very fancy back in those days. One of my husband's aunts had it under glass at the time. I was married to Raymond Walter Gicker, son of Walter Raymond Gicker, names were just switched, my Ray's gfather's name was James Gicker who moved to St. Petersburg, Fla and died, along with his son. There are a lot of Gicker's in Fla. as this is a very large family originally from PA. I believe they were from the Reading area originally.

Gicker Surname

Peggy (View posts)
Posted: 946540456000
We have a James Chester Harrison Gicker born 10 Apr 1888 in Chester, Delaware, PA and Jonathan Gicker mar. Rebecca Kissinger 23 Dec 1837. I located these descendents via the internet. James Gicker was my two sons' great grandfather and Jonathan Gicker was their gggrandfather. Jonathan mar Rebecca in Berks, PA. Wish I had pictures I would share them with you. My sons father
s name is Raymond Walter Gicker.

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nathaniel gicker (View posts)
Posted: 952063543000
peggy, hey I dont know if this matters much but my dad was Raymond Walter Gicker and I like to know something about my faimlies past and let you know that he died last October 25 1999. Well if you dont mind give me a reply thanks p.s if you can a.s.a.p Nathaniel Walter Gicker

Raymond Gicker

Peggy Gicker Edwards (View posts)
Posted: 952068257000
Can you say what was the cause of Ray's death? Does he have a headstone on the grave?

peggy answers to Raymonds death

nathanielgicker (View posts)
Posted: 952072183000
Hi again and no he dosent have a headstone yet but were getting one put there tommorow. I'd rather not talk about his death over this net till you can contact me over my email address. Nathaniel

E-mail Me

Peggy Gicker Edwards (View posts)
Posted: 952402062000
I sent you an e-mail earlier. Did you get it?
Please e-mail me as soon as you can ok? I'm sure there is a lot we can share about the family and your Dad. Raymond is married and has children, he has his own small business he runs. They are in their teens now. Eric is still with me. He has his own little place. Hope everything is well with you and yours. Peg

email reply

nathaniel (View posts)
Posted: 952408934000
Peggy, hi! Sorry I didn't reply sooner. Hackers must've messed up the sites last nte because I had a hard time getting through. Anyway, how has everyone been? All is good here. I would like to meet all of you. Especially Ray and Eric. I'd like to know when you all will visit. If you want you can email me and I can give my number. By the way where do you live? ....Let me tell you a little about the family....I'm the oldest at 21(will be in July). second is CLINT RANDALL(20 in July)Third is my sister TIA REGGIE(19 in Janurary) Fourth is CALEB MATTHEW(17 in April) Fifth is JOSHUA AARON(7 in March) and last of all JACOB MONTANA(5 in October). Tia has moved in with her boyfriend. Caleb has moved also. I live with my fiance and her two girls. Clint will be going to the Army in August. Joshua and Jacob are still at home, lol. Jacob starts school in August. I'm a grocery manager for BROOKSHIRE'S. Been there for three years. And the only bad thing is I work at night! Well I'm gonna go for now, have to get some sleep. I will check back about 5:30 P.M. Write soon! Nathaniel
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