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Anthony Gasior

Anthony Gasior

Liz Clark (View posts)
Posted: 930081232000
I am looking for info. on Anthony Gasior. Born in Austria/Poland 1882, married to Mary Babiasz in Johnstown Penn. in 1905 or 1906. Died in 1911 in Detroit Michigan. Looking for any information on him or family. Please E-mail. Thank you.

Gasior surname

Mark Walus (View posts)
Posted: 942279397000
Was interested in geneology and know that my grandfather was from Poland. He ended up in Chicago. I would be interested to find out if there was a line to Frank Gasior. I am really new to this, Thanks, Mark


Jenny Lane (View posts)
Posted: 949053681000
Hi Mark--my great-grandfather was Stanley Gasior, from the Zakopane area in Poland (we think). We know that when he arrived to the States back around 1900 or so he changed the family name from Gasior to Gasiorowski, but beyond that, we don't have much more info. If you find out anything more about Frank, do send the info my way. Thanks!

Stanley Gasior from Zakopane, Poland

Jenny Lane (View posts)
Posted: 949053833000
Hi Liz--my great-grandfather was Stanley Gasior, a potter from the Zakopane area in Poland (we think). We know that when he arrived to the States back around 1900 or so he changed the family name from Gasior to Gasiorowski, but beyond that, we don't have much more info. Good luck!

Info on Gasiors

Carinne Gee (View posts)
Posted: 962836522000
What do you know about the Gasiors in Poland. I am looking for information on some relatives that immigrated from Poland around 1881. It was our understanding that their name was Szonzor (It was changed to Sherin by immigration upon entering the country), however we cannot find anything on Szonzor and do not know the correct spelling. A Polish professor suggested that in Poland the name might have been spelled Gasior. What do you know. I am looking for anything to help my search. Thanks


Jenn Mattern (View posts)
Posted: 962870517000
Hi there--

I don't know anything about the Szonszor spelling, but it's true that the Polish pronunciation of "Gasior" is "GON-shore." Our Gasiors did a funny thing when they arrived in the U.S...they immediately tacked on an "-owski" so there would be no mistaking them as anything BUT Polish! We believe our Gasiors/Gasiorowskis came from Zakopane, and possibly not until 1890-1900. Their names were Stanley (Stanislaus) Gasior and wife Katarzyna Stasiowski Gasior. Good luck in your search, and do let me know if any of this sounds like a good lead for you. I can try to find more info if it seems helpful.


Carinne Gee (View posts)
Posted: 962872704000
Thanks for the info on the pronounciation. I have come to the belief that Szonzor was just a phonectic spelling passed down through family history. The story I've been told by my grandmother that their name was changed by immigration upon entering the country. They came from the area of Posen(Poznan) in Poland - which at the time was part of Germany/Prussia. We don't know the city in Poland that they came from. Does Poznan sound familiar?

Gasior Location in Poland

Elaine Mattern (View posts)
Posted: 962884414000
This is for Carinne Gee: I'm Jenn Mattern's mom - I seem to recall that our family of Gasiors came from an area in southern Poland with the names of Rzeszow, Kolaczyce, and Katowice - I think Katowice sits in the provine of Rzeszow - wow - hard to spell this stuff but this is pretty close to the Polish spellings . . . my grandfather was a Stanley/Stanislaw and his father was married twice - producing two other childred named Hannah and Leopold Gasior. All would have been born in the late 1800s. Grandfather Gasior was literate - so had gone to school in Poland as a child and also was a bit of an artist - a potter. He worked on the railroads and in the steel mills once he came to America. Handsome and congenial man - he had a cleft/dimple in his chin like the actor, Kirk Douglas. Do any of your old family photos show this kind of physical trait? That may be a way to make a connection. I never had any family members speak of the "Szonszor" name though. There are many funny stories about Ellis Island and our Polish relatives - you're right in knowing that many of the immigration officers just wrote out phonetically whatever these people were trying to say. See if you can determine if Poznan is near the Rzeszow-Katowice region - maybe we're related!! Good luck!


Julian Siminski (View posts)
Posted: 987655248000
Dear Carinne: My Great-grandparents Benjamin and Katarzina Gasior came from Ropczyce, Galicia. Ropczyce is next door to Rzeszow. It is a smaller town. They changed their name to Gasiorowski when they came to the U.S. in the 1890's. Benjamin's father was Jakob or Jacob Gasior. Their children were: Julia (born in Ropczyce); Antonina; and Antoni. They settled in Buffalo, NY.

Re: Gasior

Zofia Krause (View posts)
Posted: 1003754535000
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Hello Julian,
I believe we may have some links with your Katarzyna Gasior....I have a Katarzyna Gasior who married Gregory Chmura....their first son, Carl was born in Ropczyce in 1885. Katarzyna may be a cousin to yours.

Katarzyna's father was Joseph Gasior....there was also a sister called Helena. I haven't discovered other siblings yet.
Zofia Krause
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