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garvie relatives

garvie relatives

betty (garvie)canning (View posts)
Posted: 936636869000
my father is donald ward garvie his father
was named george... our family is from the
santee sioux region of nebraska
also my grandmother was from the white earth reservation in minnesota.

re: garvie relatives

Angela (Garvie) Chaney (View posts)
Posted: 971105374000

I believe George to be my grandfather's brother. His name was Joseph; the youngest of 3. I have recently found quite a bit of information on the Garvie's in the Santee area. Would love to correspond...

You're not going to believe this...

Wendy (View posts)
Posted: 982971488000
My father was Donald Ward also. Your grandmother's name is Alice-my middle name is after her. I only can recall a few of my father's siblings-but I remember Aunt Goldie Aunt Mugs Uncle Dick Uncle Bud Uncle Fritz and some other names like Jimmy/James, and Roger.I'm listing off the names so you know I'm for real. I only know that my mother and him split up when I was 3. Our father grew up next door to the woman who did/does the enrollment at Cass Lake.-Please respond-I lost all ties to the family after my mother passed away.

re-gaurding george redwing garvie

wendy (View posts)
Posted: 982975077000
i envy you for talking to my new found grandfather was george red wing grandmother was where my middle name came from alice.i didn't get a chance to know my family but i know my father had a brother named dick,a sister named goldie,a sister named mugs(margaret),a brother nicknamed bud,a brother named fritz.i'm not sure and i hope you can help me with the names i'm about to give.james or jimmy,star,ricky,robert,and charles and roger are related somehow could you please help fill in some blanks if you can.could you also be a go between for betty and myself if need be thank you wendy (garvie)gryp.

I believe we're family!

Betty Canning (View posts)
Posted: 983081226000
Hi Wendy!
I do believe we are half sisters. How would you like to be contacted? I will include my e-mail and you can email me if you would like to exchange information. We have really never had much connection with our father's side of the family (some , but not alot)
Anyway, my email address is
Please feel free to contact me if you choose.
Bea (Betty)


Heidi (Garvie) Finn (View posts)
Posted: 983165338000
Hi Wendy,
I am another half-sister. It is so nice to hear from you. There are 4 of us. Heidi, Gloria, Betty and MaryLou. I live in Manassas, Virginia, 703/392-0539. There are lots of nieces and nephews. We knew you were born, but little else. I believe Donna spoke with you also at one time. Donna died two years ago of breast cancer, she was awsome, you would have liked her. Please contact any one of us, we would love to hear from you.
Thanks for your reply,


Heidi (Garvie) Finn (View posts)
Posted: 983193237000
Dear Wendy;
I cannot e-mail you from home, I just have an account at work. Only Bea has one set up at her house. We all live pretty much in the same area, however MaryLou (Angel is what we call her, but she's not:-) is in Tennessee. Uncle Jimmy stopped by to see her not too long ago, and we all had breakfast with him shortly after Donna died. We just kinda caught up on things, there just never seems to be enough time. We all get together the first weekend in June for the Race for the Cure run, Angel comes down from Tennesse and we have a wonderful visit in honor of Donna. You are certainly invited and you will always have a place to stay. Please feel free to call.

Garvie of Sissington Reservation

Posted: 991513114000
Edited: 994628736000
Some time ago I received a copy of a journal kept by a sister of my gg grandmother, Anna Bell Garvie. Anna's father was James Garvie of Archterarder Scotland - also of Wisconsin, Iowa and South Dakota. In this journal she talks of how her father, James Garvie, received a package addressed to him but obviously not meant for him. They discovered another James Garvie on the Sissington Reservation who was actually the son of James' brother Stewart Garvie. Stewart Garvie came to the US with James in about 1844 but went to New Ulm Minnestota where he kept a trading post. He was married to a Native American woman with whom he had one son - James. Stewart was killed in an Indian uprising in 1862. The story goes that James was given to a white family on the Sissington Reservation. I have no idea whether this is accurate - I have never checked out the facts. Is it possible these are part of your family? If so, I have other information on the Garvie family you may be interested in.
Barbara Bryant


Bea Canning (View posts)
Posted: 991584251000
This is surely a family connection. Thank you for the information. I would deeply appreciate any other information you may have.

James and Stewart Garvie

Posted: 991684340000
Edited: 994628736000
This is very interesting! I'm sorry I can't verify the validity of the information I have from the journal, but I suspect it is true - the dates etc. may be off.

I found the Garvie family on the LDS Scottish Church Records. I am almost certain this is the right family - dates match up with what I had before. Stewart was christened April 5, 1829 in Auchterarder, Perth, Scotland. Father is listed as James Garvie, Mother listed as Ann Graeme (Graham). There were unconfirmed reports that James, Stewart and a sister, Janet Burns Garvie emigrated to Hartford Connecticut and the parents and some siblings followed later. I have not confirmed this information. The family were Highlanders, reportedly distantly related to Robert Burns (what good Highlander family isn't!!).
I don't have access to the copies of the journal right now but will try to get them soon. If there is any further information in them I will pass it along.
Please let me know if you come up with anything which corroborates this information.
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