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T. A. Flemons

T. A. Flemons

Elaine Flemons (View posts)
Posted: 950527225000
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Surnames: FLEMONS
David John Flemons of Goldfield Gallery ,24 High Street , Old Portsmouth ,P01 2LS
England .
Grandson of T.A.Flemons a Royal Photographer
from Tonbridge Wells Kent England .Who had a
shop in the High Street Tonbrige Wells 1860.
My Fathers name was Ray and Grand Fathers name Sydney .I have a Gift Shop also an Art Gallery in the High Street ,Old Portsmouth
I paint oil and Watercolour and make and sell Model boats made plank on frame .
we also have a website
I would love to get in touch with my relitives please email if you can help.

Re: T. A. Flemons

Shenika Flemons (View posts)
Posted: 965611907000
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Surnames: FLEMONS
Hello, My name is Shenika Flemons and I live in Jefferson City, MO USA. I was just looking up my family last name and you popped up. Now I dont really know if we have family over there but could you please e-mail me back to let me know a little more about your family?

Flemons Family name

Elaine Flemons (View posts)
Posted: 965737785000
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Surnames: FLEMONS
Hello Shenika
thank you for your message .
We run an Art Gallery in Portsmouth England and make and sell Superb model Boats . The Artistic side of the Flemons clan seems to come out in every generation both Musical and through painting and photography we are short on time today but feel free to email me and I will give you some more information .
kind regards Elaine and David Flemons

search for family members

Jackie Flemons (View posts)
Posted: 965813546000
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Surnames: FLEMONS
I was looking up some of my long lost family members. Our family got separated in the early 1900's. My grandfather had about 5 brothers and 3 sisters. I really don't know much about our family lineage. If you know anything about John Flemons, Eva Flemons, Beverly Flemons, Ethel Flemons please write me. Thanks Jackie

searching for my FLEMONS family

Jackie Flemons (View posts)
Posted: 965813835000
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Surnames: FLEMONS
I am searching for my family. My grandfather's name was Beverly and my some of his brothers and sisters' names were Eva, John, Ethel Lee,Willie,and T.D. I can't recall anyone else right now. I don't know any of the Flemon's side of the family. Please let me know something about your family. There may be some relations. I don't know. Thanks


Elaine Flemons (View posts)
Posted: 965816352000
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Surnames: FLEMONS
Hello Jackie
My Husband had an uncle who went to live in Canada and had a chain of shops .
We dont know a lot about him but and we are trying to find out more about our family too.
email ellebee@talk21 to find out more I have left some messages on the board in the past but have only had one other answer .
kind regards Elaine

Re: family tree

Ruth Toliver Smith (View posts)
Posted: 1022551808000
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Surnames: FLEMENS
So you have Flemens in Arkansas? Mine spell it both ways
I have some in Pike Co, Ar and Serier Co. Let me know ok

Re: search for family members

Posted: 1046759924000
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Surnames: Flemons
Hello Jackie,

My name is Shenika Flemons, but I go by Kesha. I dont know if we are related or anything but i do have someone in my family named John Flemons, and I do have a aunt named Beverly. I do believe that my grandfather name was Rudolph Flemons. He died in the 80's. So I cant speak much on him. I know his mothers name but I cant seem to recall it right now. But I will get it and post it for you. I do know that we have a lot of family ( Flemons) in the Missouri, and Illinois and in Detioit. I sure hope we can be of some help to each other.

Re: T. A. Flemons

Posted: 1236084024000
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Hi David and Elaine -

Just surfing the net and found your entry. Had been wondering what had happened to you, as not long after finding you last time, you got married and then we seemed to lose married myself almost 6 years ago - George and I have been together 16 years now. I often think of the family parties, outings and meetings-up, and can still picture Titchfield and the family - the good old days, eh?

My Mum (Doreen) died late in 1999, so it's just me and Terry left now. He still stays in Bedhampton, and I'm still in Scotland.

Hope you are both well,

Love Christine x PS, As a twist in the tail, George is now a contributing editor for Contemporary, the worldwide arts magazine!

Re: T. A. Flemons

Posted: 1293287660000
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Hello just found your message We are living at the farm and have a family tree at
We would love to hear from you but have lost your contact details
Would love to get in touch
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