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Anna Fiala

Anna Fiala

laurie (View posts)
Posted: 938709701000
My Great Grandmother, Anna Fiala, immigrated from
either the Czech or Sovak Republics and settled
in or around Chicago. She met and married, Jan Mraz
who had also immigrated from either the Czech
or Sovak Republics. They had 5 children, 2
girls (both died before they married) and 3
boys. I am told that many of her relatives
also immigrated but nothing is know about
them. Does anyone have any information on

Thanks much,

Anna Fiala

Maryanne Neumann Kelly (View posts)
Posted: 942349854000
My grandmother, Maria Francis Fiala, immigrated from
Czechoslovakia with her parents and siblings.
Her mother's (Frantiska Pavenka Fiala) sister was Anna
Fiala, who supposedly went to a convent. She had 8 brothers
and sisters; her mother was French and father
'Bohemian'. I don't know if she immigrated also,
nor if she is the same Anna.

Anna Fiala

Susan V. (Hines) Heriaud (View posts)
Posted: 947973789000
I also had a great-grandmother whose name was Anna Fiala. She married Laurence Chervenka in 1896. Anna had several brothers and sisters--John, Joseph, Charles, Fannie-more? Immigrated from Czech. and settled in Moberly or Kimberly Missouri. Move to Chicago. Maybe a relation?

Anna Fiala

Susan V. (Hines) Heriaud (View posts)
Posted: 947974332000
My great-grandmother was Anna Fiala Chervenka. She had several brothers sisters--Joseph, "Mary", Hermina, Fannie, Charlie (i'm sure more). Did Maria go by "Mary"? Anna immigrated from Czech-Bohemia and settled in Kimberly-Moberly Missouri and married Laurence Chervenka. Eventually moved to Chicago. Had three children--Hermina, Edward, Gladys (my grandmother-Gladys Anna Chervenka Swanson). Hermina died when she was 3 of measles. Possible relation?

Anna Fiala

Maryanne Kelly (View posts)
Posted: 948010367000
My grandmother Marie Fiala may have been known as Mary
when she lived in Chicago, but I'm not sure. There are
some references to this, but we knew her as Marie.
She was born April 27, 1885 in 'Bohemia', first born.
Next born was Agnes who died as a baby. Then twins
Anna and Antonia, who both died around 9 months old. The family
moved to Chicago to an Aunt Josephine, where the following
were born: Frank, John, Al, Joe, and Rose. Rose
also died as a baby. Frank died at age 4, so only
siblings surviving to adulthood were Marie, John, Al,
and Joe Fiala.

Anna Fiala

Susan V. (Hines) Heriaud (View posts)
Posted: 948026073000
I found more info on Anna Fiala's siblings. My grandmother, Gladys Anna Chervenka, wrote down this info for me several years before she died. Johann Fiala (father-born 2/11/1852, died 2/19/1900) Frantiska nee Huckle(?) Fiala (mother-born 6/22/1853, died 2/17/1933. Children: Joseph Fiala, Frantiska "Fannie" Fiala-Nevlida, Marie "Mary" Fiala-Mark, Jan "John" Fiala, Josefa "Josephine" or "Josie" Fiala, Karel "Charlie" Fiala, Hermina Fiala Tait, Ana "Annie" (my great-grandmother) Fiala Chervenka. I'm not sure if there were others, but I thought my grandmother told me that some had died in infancy. I have dates of birth and death for all of them. I have found that Mary's name was in fact Marie. Can you trace any relatives from Prague, Czechoslovakia? My grandmother believed that is where they came from. You can email me at
Posted: 987504502000
Edited: 994139095000
Hi don't know if there is any connections and don't know any more than this right now. My husbands GGrandmother was maried to a Jan or John Mraz her name was Marie. They are buried i Praha Tx Catholic Cemetery. Email me at if you think this is your line of Mrazs

Re: Anna Fiala

Posted: 1050689764000
Classification: Query
My paternal grandfather was Charles J. Fiala who lived in Chicago also.

He was in WW1 and was gassed by the Germans. He died a few years later in (I think) Great Lakes Navy hospital in Great Lakes, IL.

He married Leah Thyfault in Chicago in 1912.

Any info would be appreciated.

The name Fiala means "violet" in czech and the Fiala's were the goblet makers for the Czech royalty.

Diana Gambony

Re: Anna Fiala

Posted: 1077260209000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1085011353000
My Great Grandfather was Louis (Alois) Fiala b 5-02-1891 d 5-28-1965. His parents were Anton & Marie (Herbst) Fiala. Anton & Marie Fiala had at least 16 children. Marie, Karl, Wenceslaus (lived in Wisconsin or Minn), Caroline (Lepicek), Frances (married Franz Rubrecht), Anthony, Wilhelm, Beatrice (married Frank Koliba), Frank (who lived in Chicago), Julia (married Anthony Holub), Charles, Stephan, Rose, Greta, ALOIS (married Aloise Ustrnul), Anna (married John Yost). Reading through all the posts, on Anna & Marie Fiala, I noticed that an Aunt Josephine was mentioned. I know that my G-Grandfather Alois & his sister's Anna & Marie Fiala had an aunt Josephine who was married to J Brodacek. Josephine Fiala's parents were Wenceslaus & Caroline (Hertz) Fiala. (My g-g-g-grandparents). Not sure if any of this rings a bell to anyone, but I am trying to trace my Fiala family & not having much luck. I believe My g-grandfather (Alois) was born in Rozmital pod Tremsinem southwest of Prague. If anyone has any info please contact me. Thanks!

Re: Anna Fiala

Posted: 1087015167000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Fiala
Hello Diana,

I may be related to you. My grandfather on my mother’s side was Arthur Fiala, and I believe his father was your grandfather, Charles Fiala. My mother, Linda Fiala, remembers Uncle Charlie, whom I believe was your father. And I remember meeting Aunt “V” (Vivian, I presume) once or twice.

I am so happy to have come upon your postings. My Uncle, Larry Fiala, has been trying to find out where his grandfather was buried for a long time. If you still have a digital copy of the obituary, I would definitely appreciate if you could send it to me.

Work email:
Personal email:

I do not know how far you have gotten in your quest. I have barely begun. But I did find an online tree posted by Larry Desaire that includes some of the Fiala and Thyfault family if you’re interested. The link is My mother says she has some notes her dad had collected about the Thyfault family, but as-of-now they are still in paper format. I can certainly ask her to send this to you whenever she gets around to digitizing it, if it would be of interest.

Larry Desaire traces your grandfather’s paternal line back only 2 generations to Joseph FIALA, who was born in 1843 in Germany, and is listed as being a Cooper. His son, Joseph Jr. Fiala, is listed as being born in 1862 in Bohemia, Germany. My mother has always said she was Bohemian; but according to this info Bohemia was part of Germany then. The Thyfault trace goes back quite a bit further.

Anyway, hope this finds you well. And, again, I was very happy to stumble across your posts.

:) Wendy Olson
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