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William Ferebee

William Ferebee

Sheri L. Cook (View posts)
Posted: 927449059000
Looking for any knowledge or relatives of the Ferbee family that emigrated to the U.S. along the South Carolina Coast during the 19th century or later. Several years ago someone contacted a cousin who was stationed in England, if you have any knowledge please contact me.

Ferebee in South Carolina

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I, too, am looking for Ferebees in the Beaufort County area of South Carolina. I know that there was a place called Ferebeeville in that area near Ridgeland and Grahamville. I have a map with it on it, but have not been able to find any more information about the place or the people. What do you have?

Ferebees of South Carolina

Sheri Cook (View posts)
Posted: 960552125000
I have been to Ferbeeville (Switzerland) South Carolina. It is the family home of William and Florence Ferebee. They were my great grandparents. There is to be a family rreunion on July 15, 2000 in Ferebeeville.

Ferebee's of South Carolina

Sheri Cook (View posts)
Posted: 960553566000
I spoke with my mother. She said you were on the right track. Beaufort County was divided into two counties- Beaufort and Jasper. Ferebeesville is in Jasper County. Could you please share some names of those you are related to?

Ann Ferebee Preacher of Rigleland, Jasper, SC

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My father-in-law's grandmother, Ann Ferebee, born abt. 1832, married a Preacher man whose first name was unknown. She was buried in the Preacher family plot in Rigleland Cemetery. They had a daughter whose name is unknown, and a son named William Albert Preacher, MD. Any information relating to Ann would be appreciated.

Frances Mitchell Ferebee and descendants

Karen Henzl (View posts)
Posted: 971079136000
I am looking for any descendants of Frances (Fannie)Mitchell Ferebee and husband, John Wilson Ferebee. Frances was born May 14, 1861. She was born near Georgetown, SC. Her parent were Elizabeth Williams Mitchell and Rev. Thomas Mitchell. John Wilson Ferebee was born August 21, 1861. Frances died Feb. 16, 1950 and John died June 24, 1955. They lived in Jasper County, near Ridgeland, SC. They are both buried in Humbert Cemetery, also known as Ferebee Cemetery, near Ridgeland. Three of their children, Adeline Elizabeth Ferebee,1886-1887, Robbie Gertrude, 1891-1892, and Edgar, 1893-1906, are also buried in Humbert Cemetery. Frances's father, Rev. Thomas Mitchell, and her brother, Thomas Mitchell, Jr. are also buried at Humbert Cemetery. If any one has any knowlege of other descendants of this family, please let me know. Thank you.

The Ferebees of South Carolina

Dasham K. Brookins (View posts)
Posted: 978867632000
I am a descendant of a Ferebee. My grandmother is from Ridgeland i.e. Ferebeeville, SC. She and the other Ferebees still own property there. I am very much interested in any information on the Ferebees including the plantation owner. I am a descendant of one of the slave women. I will contact my grandmother this week and try to get more information. All I know for sure is that she is the daughter of one of the slave women that the plantation owner gave property to and his name obviously. Contact me as soon as possible.

Ferebees of Ridgeland, South Carolina

Dorothy L. Ferebee (View posts)
Posted: 981760480000

My father was born in Ridgeland, SC in 1912. His father was Albert Ferebee and his mother was Henrietta Brewin. My grandfather was bi-racial and I'm not sure why my grandmother was a Brewin. I have been to Ridgeland to check records, but didn't find anything at all. Any information you can share will be surely appreciated. Hope to here from you. My parents divorced when I was young, so I don't know anyone from my father's side of the family. He had a cousin Raymond, who lived here in Philadelphia. Raymond had a daughter whose name I can't remember--maybe Reds. I remember he was a fair complexioned man with fine,curly hair.


The Ferebees

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My grandmother is Lillian Ferebee (Brookins) and I used to go down to Ridgeland every summer when I was a child. I always found it interesting that she called Switzerland sometimes. Her sister is Emma Ferebee (maiden name) and she lives in Philadelphia. My grandmother was born in 1912 also. I'll ask her if she knows Albert. I should be going to visit her soon (the family moved to Brooklyn, NY) I would say circa WW2. I think she said her mother's name was Sarah and was a slave on the Ferebee plantation. I don't know if this information helps you but I will try on my end to get some more. My grandmother is up in age and I'd like to get as much info. as possible as I am trying to build a family tree.

Ferebee's of Ridgeland

Dorothy L. Ferebee (View posts)
Posted: 982880189000
Greetings Dasham,

Thanks for responding to my query. I can't begin to know who is related and who isn't. My parents divorced when I was very young and my mother broke ties with my father's side of the family. I'm up for continuing our conversation. We may figure something out. I found an interesting piece of info on the web that might be of value to you. Look up the name London R. Ferebee and you will find a slave narrative/book. It is quite interesting. Keep me posted on Miss Emma and the Brooklyn connection. I go to Brooklyn regularly. There are also a bunch of Ferebees in this area and in Glassboro, NJ. I'll share whatever I find with you and send a photo of me and my dad if you send me an email address. Maybe you will see a resemblence.

Best to you,

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