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Scott Face (View posts)
Posted: 937907408000
looking for face's in Ohio

Face Family

Posted: 961800069000
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Hi Scott~ Am wondering if you know of or have any info on a Douglas Face? Thanks!!


Dustin Face (View posts)
Posted: 969254232000
Im from Michigan, I know your looking for Faces in Ohio but I figured Id type you and tell you that Im finding that the Faces are all over. Im doing a class project on family history and I was wondering if maybe you could help me out. Im 17, My faters name is David W. Face, and his fathers name is Bill Face

Face family

Kelli Face (View posts)
Posted: 971450601000
Hi Dustin,

I can help you out. My name is Kelli L. Face and I live in the Potterville/Charlotte MI area. My father is Neil O. Face and he has created a family history book, which is stored at the State of Michigan Library in Lansing, MI. This book gives alot of information and is dated back to 1640. He had help from Alan Face which lives in SanBernardino, CA. If you would like a copy I am sure my dad will be willing to get you one. But dad says that this book cost $100.00 to be printed up.

Just a little bit more about my family. I have 2 brothers. Ty is 37 yrs old and Mark is 33 yrs. old. I also have a half brother and he lives in New York. I have never met Neil Thomas Face, but sure hope I will some day. My grandfather was Ivo Face and he lived in Albion. There are alot of Face's located around the Albion and Lansing area.

If you have any questions or just want to talk just send me an email.


Face Family

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Hi Kelli ~ You mentioned that you have a half-brother who lives in New York ~ I am looking for a Douglas Face from New York ~ Would you know of Douglas? Thank you for your help :) ~Maryann~

Douglas Face

Maryann Algren (View posts)
Posted: 974612565000
No, I am not sure of a Douglas Face, but I can check the Face Family history book that I have. The Face that I am looking for in New York, is a Neil Thomas Face, and the last I knew he was living in Bronyx.

Face Family

Posted: 974631712000
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Hi ~ I would really appreciate if you could check your Face Family Book for me!! Douglas would have been from the Catskills area ~ Thank you sooo much :) ~Maryann~

Re: Face Family

Posted: 1248423630000
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My name is Douglas Charles Face. My fathers name was Charles Douglas Face. I doubt that I am the one that you are looking for. I am 40 years old and I was born in Adrian Michigan. I have lived in Arkansas for the last 2 years.

I probably won't check this site again so if you want to contact me about the little bit that I know about the face family, my email is or you can read my blogs at

Re: Face family

Posted: 1292220056000
Classification: Query
Kelli, I would be interested in a copy of the book. Is it still able to be printed?
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