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Inkelaar family

Inkelaar family

Jane white (View posts)
Posted: 933693518000
I am looking for Charles Ent that married Mary Austin


Lynn E. Applegate (View posts)
Posted: 941108124000
Do you have any dates and location?

Charles Inkelaar

Donna Inkelaar (View posts)
Posted: 942937540000
I might know who you are talking about if you can share with me why you are looking for him and if he ever lived in Kansas!

All of the Inkelaar's in the USA are related!

Ent Family

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I am researching the branch of the Ent family that descended from Johann Theobald
En(d)t of Germantown, Pa. From Germantown
they moved to Bulter Co., Oh and/or Hunter-
don Co., NJ and Fredricksburg, Md.

My grandfather was George W. Ent of Milan,
Ripley Co., In. He was a farmer and deputy sherrif. He was born in 1881 and died in
1967 in Milan. He married Clara B. William-
son and they had 5 sons - Russell, Harley,
Norman, Kenneth and William. If you have any information regarding this branch of the Ent family, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks, Donna Ent Coleman

Ent Family

Lynn E. Applegate (View posts)
Posted: 968861609000
I am descended from Theobald Ent of Germantown, PA. Theobald's grandson was Charles Ent who moved from Hunterdon County, NJ to Butler County, Ohio around 1818. Are you descended from Charles Ent?

Ent Family

Posted: 968941076000
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Great-grandfather - William Ent 1850-1918
Son of Samuel Ent Sarah Davis
Married Emma Raney - Aug. 28, 1877
Three children: Luther 1878-1938, George
1881-1967, and Nettie 1883-?

Grandfather: George W. Ent 1881-1967
Married Clara B. Williamson on June 4, 1904
Had 5 sons: Russell Leroy 1904-1969, Harley
1906-?, Norman 1911-1945, Kenneth 1913-1969 and William 1918-1968

My father was Norman. He was killed in action in the South Pacific during WWII. I was only 2 years old; therefore, I never knew my father.

All of the above were born and raised in Ripley Co., In. Hope this information is useful.

Donna Ent Coleman

Ent Family

Lynn E. Applegate (View posts)
Posted: 968995174000
I believe that you have a missing genertation. Samuel Ent was born on April 21, 1792 and married Sarah Davis. Samuel died on Octobert 17, 1839 in Ripley County, Indiana and Sarah died between 1870 and 1880. I do not have a William Ent as one of their sons. I do have a son, Samuel Ent who was born c1827. This Samuel may be the father of your William Ent. What do you think? Samuel Ent that one who married Sarah Davis was the son of Charles Ent and Mary Johnson.


Posted: 969748312000
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Hello as you see above I am an Ent desendent! One of the last on our side....My Grandfather was Harley E. Ent, son of George W. Ent Of Milan Indiana. My father's name is Robert W. Ent and His brother is George Ent both born on the same day Jan. 17th 7 years apart! This is sorta new to me and am learning all I can. Norman whom is my grandfather's brother had several children in the Ripley Co. area; A son named Norman also. If you go to you should be able to access information from there. I am actually looking into my mother's side of the family and was surfing. I hope this helps! Good Luck!

Ent Family

Posted: 970838013000
Edited: 1022119497000
Hello Jeni, I think you and I are related. My father was Norman Cecil Ent, son of George and Clara Ent of Milan, In. He had 4 brothers: Russel Leroy, Harley, Kenneth and William (Bill). My father was killed in action during WWII in the South Pacific. My cousins were Bob and George, sons of Harley, and Marjorie and Norman, children of Kenneth.
I was an only child.

I was born in Milan, where my father operated a meat market and slaughter house. After my father was killed, my mother and I moved to Lawrenceburg, In. where we lived with my grandparents. I was only 2 years old when my father died; so therefore, I never knew him.

After Grandma and Grandpa Ent passed away, I lost touch with the Ent side of my family. I believe that Bob was a lawyer in Cincinnati, but that is all I know.

I am married with 3 grown children and 7 small grandchildren. I was a teacher and am now retired. Since Ent is such an unusual name and I now have the time, I decided to do some research into the family history. I think that my children need to know aout their ancestors.

If you think that we are of the same family, I would enjoy hearing from you.

Sincerely, Donna Ent Coleman

Ent relations

Posted: 970864958000
Edited: 1058596360000
Hello there Donna! We are very related I am Bob's youngest daughter from Barb A. Ellington Ent. Bob is the eldest son of Harley, whom died when I was 3 years old. I barely remember him. My father bought a farm outside of Dillsboro before I was born and my middle sister Cheryl Ent Grote Dalton has lived there since her first marriage. Over twenty some odd years! That is how I have ended up here also ! Must be in the blood! My husband and I have been here for 16 years; moved here after we where married only 2 months. I started this crusade because I have a son whom is very into history and I don't know much about the Ent side also. I did notice that you don't mention William as one of the bothers. He epiletic and misdiagnosed, and was sent to a HOSPITAL. He was my father's favorite uncle and I remember many stories. and I remember feeling very tragic when the the stories were told. A very gentle soul whom loved the simple things in life. I will speak with my father to find out more.....Please check back
or e-mail at
Jeni Kisor
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