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Otto Emmendorfer, son of Frank

Otto Emmendorfer, son of Frank

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Seeking info on the parents and siblings of the parents of Otto Emmendorfer, St. Louis, Mo. who died in 1936, at the age of about 63. His mother was Victoria Neusel Emmendorfer.
Please email me if you are researching this family.

Anthony Emmendorfer could be related

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Anthony Emmendorfer was married 1880 in New York, to Matilda Freton. Their child Phillip Emmendorfer came to Michigan and raised several children, including my father in law, Cleo Emmendorfer. They could be related to your Emmendorfers, as New York was the starting point for may immigrents.

Otto Emmendorfer son of Frank

Neal (View posts)
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You might be looking for one of the Emmendorfers shown here. Most in the U.S. are from this group. Many of them went to the St Louis and Kansas aera.

The Emmendorfer Family

Michael Emmendorfer born 1790? in Bavaria, died ???. wife Eva Magin 1789 - 1891

Was a farmer and later operated a tavern in Funfstetten; he is descended from the “Von Emmendorf” family which had its origin in village of Emmendorf in northern Germany about the 16th century. Although five of his children came to the U.S., he stayed in Bavaria with his wife “Eva” and their remaining children Whose descendents probably live near there even today.

Children: (that came to the U.S.)

George born 1823 Funfstetten, Bavaria (sailed from Bremen aboard the “Minna” in 1852)
Wife: Mary Anne Duthorn born 1835 in Bavaria
Children: George, Anthony, Francis, Barbara, Mary, Katherinea (Kate),
Martin, Cunigunda, Joseph, Josephine, Margaret, Adam, Emil,
Jacob, Susan

Michael born 1824 Funfstetten, Bavaria (sailed from Bremen aboard the “Minna” in 1852)
Wife: Lucinda Grimmer born 1824 in Barvaria
6 Children:

Anthony born 1829 Funfstetten, Bavaria (sailed from Bremen aboard the “Minna” in 1852)

Franz born 1830 Funfstetten, Bavaria (sailed from Bremen aboard the “Minna” in 1852)

Augusta born 18__ Funfstetten, Bavaria (sailed from Bremen aboard the “Minna” in 1852)
Settled in Michigan


George Emmendorfer 05/01/1823 – 01/27/1909 born in Bavaria died in Pendleton, NY
On 01/27/1853 married Mary Anne Duthorn 02/22/1835 – 11/27/1919 born in Bavaria
Died in Pendleton, NY. Her parents were Conrad Duthorn and Josephine Lindner.


George 12/02/1853 – 07/21/1924 born Lockport, NY, died Pendleton, NY

Anthony 07/19/1855 – __/__/1918 born Lockport, NY, died Saginaw, MI
Married Mathilda Fritton

Francis 07/19/1855 – __/__/__ born Lockport, NY,

Barbara 07/13/1856 – __/__/__ born Lockport, NY,

Mary 07/__/1857 – 01/20/1925 born Lockport, NY, died Saginaw, MI

Katherine (Kate) 01/__/1859 - __/__/____ born Pendleton, NY

Martin 04/21/1861 – 06/25/1941 born Lockport, NY, died Maple Grove, MI
In 1889 married Elizabeth Schneider

Cunigunda 02/16/1862 – 06/14/1870 born Pendleton, NY., died Pendleton, NY.

Joseph 11/__/1864 - born Pendleton, NY., died New New Lothrup. MI
Married Caroline Schneider

Josephine __/__/1866 . Pendleton, NY. died Lockport, NY
Married Dennis Sonnenmeier

Margaret 01/18/1868 - __/__/1938 born Pendleton, NY., died Pendleton, NY
Married ? Mangold

Adam 10/29/1869 – 08/20/0903 born Pendleton, NY., died Pendleton, NY.

Emil 01/01/1871 - __/__/1940 born Pendleton, NY
Married Sarah Mann

Jacob 02/26/1876 - __/__/1950 born Pendleton, NY., died Pendleton, NY
Married Sarah Thuman.

Susan 08/__/1878 – 05/07/1900 born Pendleton, NY., died Pendleton, NY.
Married Albert Stahley

Katherinea (Kate) 01/__/1859 - __/__/____ born Pendleton, NY


Anthony Emmendorfer 07/19/1855 – 06/02/1919 on 01/13/1880 married Mathilda Fritton
09/18/1859 – 05/31/1934 daughter of Silas Fritton and Mary Donner


William George born in Lockport, NY 12/08/1880 – 05/18/1922 married
Cynthia Hebeler

Edward James born in Lockport, NY 02/19/1882 – 01/10/1960 on 06/09/1914
married Atla E. Chase 01/02/1890 – 01/29/1915;
married Agnes King (divorced);
married Shara Willson 09/05/1893 – 07/13/1971

Elizabeth Mathilda born in Maple Grove, MI 02/16/1886 – 12/22/1968 Detroit, MI
on 04/16/1912 married Cornelius Joseph Angst 12/30/1886 – 01/19/1967

Adam Frank born in Maple Grove, MI 06/18/1887 – 05/14/1952
married Elizabeth Neudecker (who died 1924)
Married Marie Beck 09/17/1902 – 07/30/1953

Mary Susan born in Maple Grove, MI 09/08/1888 - 11/03/1981 Ferndale, MI
on 02/23/1911 married John Fehlner 02/23/1887 –12/18/1942

Anthony John born in Maple Grove, MI 01/02/1891 – 05/02/1965 Maple Grove, MI married Frances Beck 04/07/1901 – 11/24/1969

Emil Aloy born Maple Grove, MI 03/26/1892 – 11/16/1898 Maple Grove, MI

Philip born Maple Grove, MI 03/11/1893 – 06/30/1965 Maple Grove, MI
married Grace Irland 04/18/1898 – 04/05/1956

Dennis Emmendorfer

Eileen in SD (View posts)
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I'm very interested in further information on the Emmendorfer line posted by Neal and anyone working on related lines. Anton (aka Dennis and Dyonisius) Emmendorfer listed by Neal is my gggrandfather, but his parents were not Michael Emmendorfer and Eva Magin, but rather Dennis Emmendorfer and Crescentine Kassner. I know that Franz and John were brothers of Dennis and likely Michael as well, since Anton, Franz, and Michael are listed together on the ship log for the Minna. I don't know about George, but that is a fairly common name among Missouri Emmendorfers.

I'm very interested to know what records were used to make these family connections.



Eileen in SD

Neal (View posts)
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The date of entry to the U.S. I got from a cousin. George Emmendorfer b. 1823 was my great-grandfather. George remanined in NY although several of his children later located in MI. Michael b. 1824 also stayed in NY. Anthony b. 1829, Franz b. 1830, and Augusta moved from NY to MI. Anthony with a couple of partners started a business they called "Pontiac Buggy Company" in Pontiac, MI

The children from the above and there were many, did settle in NY,MI,MO. KS

Reply to Neal

Eileen in SD (View posts)
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Thanks for the reply, Neal. Based on what you've said about the Emmendorfers in Michigan, I wonder if your Emmendorfers were cousins of my Emmendorfers (Dennis, {aka Anton}, Franz, and John, whose parents were Dennis Emmendorfer and Crescentine Kassner.) One of our family stories is similar to yours, i.e., the family once being called von Emmendorfer and being from a town called Emmendorf. It would be nice to make a connection between the two families.

Emmendorfer Connection

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Neal and Eileen,
My name is Jim Birchmeier and live in Michigan. It sounds like Neal and I have connection. My gg Grandmother was Lucinda Emmendorfer (married Phillip Wendling). She moved from western NY state to Michigan at the same time three of here nephews (and families) moved.
I made contact with a (first name - can't remember right now?)Long who still lives near Buffalo, NY who is a descendant of some of the original Lockport, NY. Emmendorfers. I he had told me that one of his cousins, (one of Neal's and my distant cousins) moved to St. Louis, MO?
I can be reached at
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I saw arefernce from you to Kassner.

Do you have any more information on Kassner?


Jim Kassner

Emmendorfer in Michigan

Courtney Scholl (View posts)
Posted: 989671021000
It was actually Francis A. Emmendorfer who helped to start the Pontiac Buggy Company. There is a house in Oakland County with a historical marker, called The Emmendorfer House. You can visit for more information.


eileen (View posts)
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hi, my cousin and I are working on our tree..
I'm sure we"re all related ....some place along the way,,, where do you live ,what state? we're from Mi. hoping we can help
each other... another "emmendorfer"
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